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  1. uragano

    Newbie questions

    I have a similare proble, CP is working fine, but there is no way to use key or button on order to select the cameras, seems that CP doen not recognize the jeybord or joy input.
  2. Dears I have fixed the problem this morning, Now i have all FIP working under P3D 2.4 and in the II° PC as well the solution is easy, download the right simconnect here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B21...ew?usp=sharing and install it. BE SURE SAIFLIGHTSIMX and DIRECTOUT SERVICE ARE RUNNING AND CHECK VISUAL C++ YOU HAVE INSTALLED When P3D is working push a side menu on FIP to wake up !!
  3. uragano

    Installation question

    Seems that You can not install only for P3D 2.4, in order to have the "INSTALL" you must switch on the migration tool and flag the rain effect in FSX side...... now I would like to know if it is normal or not???
  4. uragano

    Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread...

    very very nice thx 4 all Steve!