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  1. Te da algún error cuando se cierra? Una foto podría ayudarnos.
  2. Imagine what JetBlue is thinking right now. I can already see the first one being rolled out from Mobile with their colors in it. American has several MD80s to replace. This changes everything.
  3. I fear all we se going to see is a trade war. Which in the end will hurt consumers over this. If Trump can comprehend what he is actually doing. So far I've seen that he really doesn't know what he is doing and is just along for the ride. With out even a full cabinet and North Korea situation the plane might be the last of his issues to focus on. Which I don't believe he can do. So Boeing might be on there own on this one.
  4. Seems very interesting. Would really be interested to see what the final product is like. My main question is how are they going to ensure more coverage?
  5. Basically all Boeing prompted was for more jobs to be created in them US. So good for the USA. Boeing however should instead be focused on innovation and start getting busy with the MoM aircraft that will be its bread and butter and get it done soon. One has to wonder why it's so hard to get that program started even the 747 which we did not have CAD back then was done in record setting time. So. WTH really? Back to the current convo. Boeing should start talks with Embraer so they can create a rival small regional jet and offer them to build in Charleston. Get that aircraft to be a top niche aircraft. The C series has some really popular fans. JetBlue , Delta among others are ensuring that that program can and most likely will be profitable soon for Airbus.
  6. Ok. It's stupid that Boeing is playing that card after they sold the 787 to ANA below cost to get the sales started. Bombardier has every right to sell them at what ever price they want. Their profit and loss are their business not Boeings.
  7. Of course it isn't. But you have had situations like this happen in the past. I.E Activesky and their API for the weather development tool. TFDI themselves have used technology developed by Milviz for the cockpit lighting. i am not pretending to say I decide anything however in the end the consumers speak and the consumers will go to and ask for wishlist. How long till I.E a quality 737 comes out in XPlane that takes the market share from P3D or FSX with the really honestly superb visuals that sim is developing? If the developers want to maintain market share they must adapt and improve.
  8. Honestly this is IMO a must have for any airplane from this point forward and the older ones should be retrofitted. This is just too small of a feature to not have and it's too big of a immersion killer to over look. Like this comment if you agree. Let's show support to TFDI for taking on what everyone said was impossible.
  9. The have their hands full with the 787 and then the -10 variant. I wouldn't expect it for minimum another year.
  10. Will attempt this and report back. Thanks Kyle!
  11. To delete the shaders before installing new client?
  12. You look outside. If you feel it looks right then good to go. Unless you are this dog. This dog will always look good in any position in the flightdeck
  13. I tried reinstalling the default P3D shaders and it worked. I will note that it was basically using the scenario launching in night time. I have to test it to see if it will do the same thing again when I go from day to night.
  14. When I upgraded my shaders where untouched as they were the ones installed in the content installer for 4.1. The problem persisted on both occasions. I will try restoring my original P3D shaders on PTA and see if that fixes it.