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  1. level_7

    FS Labs A320 Dev Update

    i agree completely, although the aerosoft isn't bug free, it is a well done product at this stage and completely usable and immersive. i like realism but i also really appreciate the checklist and co-pilot functions they have which make it easier to learn. at the 29.99 price pcaviator had it for, it was a no brainer for me.
  2. level_7

    Best C172 for FSX?

    ^^ what about the Flight1 T182T if you're into G1000's
  3. could i also get a link Jim please? thanks a lot
  4. looks like great work! any chance of having it uploaded to AVSIM or the Level-D form?
  5. hey thanks for the mini reviewcan this device be used without drivers?
  6. nice thanks for keeping the utilities around :)
  7. level_7

    757, soon?

    but there has been an update posted on the 757 post. seems like a lot of you haven't read it.http://leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16557&title=the-757-post
  8. level_7

    Uiver DC 2

    check out this video reviewhttp://screenshotartist.co.uk/uiver_dc2_review.htm