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  1. Thank you so much Buddy ! You saved my fs world after fiddling with this many hours ! Never thought it could be the Firewall. After enabling the incoming traffic as well all went fine. This shoud find the way in the AS manual ( or is it there yet ) ?)
  2. Yes I was thinking the same while enroute. Would be great to have the active runways (asn monitoring AI) at dep/des airports ! I think its an easy task for Hifi cause any atc app do it.
  3. Can confirm this, just standard KJFK, NGX, UTX(night lightning) and some traffic bangs me down to 15 fps occasionally ! And look my specs, not so bad my rig I think !
  4. Please report back, interesting to know if you get it stable @5Ghz with less than 1.50V.
  5. Ok, the next invest will be 2400 RAM, thank´s again, but is it better to buy 1 8Gb stick that would work in single channel mode or 2 4Gb´s in dual channel are faster ?
  6. Ahh, the RAM-Speed will be the limiting factor ? I have 1600-Corsair but in the benchmarks I get a (more or less) poor 12Gb/s.
  7. Thank you TechguyMaxC, did it with Coolaboratory, now I wish that my MSI Z77A G43 would give me more V´s, I could go higher than 4.8 Ghz (HT off) !
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