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  1. Thanks for sorting my problem out Kyle, I am now able enter winds even in mid flight. The problem I was I was saving my text file as ICAO1ICAO2.WX.TXT. When saving in notepad, you need to change the file type to all files not just txt, I had to use the pageup key top change it. Thanks ever so much, what a great feature Ceri
  2. This is a must have, can't wait. Bryan, any clues to what additional functionality might be planned? Would it for example be more features than your fantastic ngx product? Regards, Ceri
  3. I believe this part of the FMC only allows you to view other approaches but the destination itself has to be changed in the initialisation type page such as when you select the destination at takeoff. I think it refers to it in the FCOM although i have also failed to get it working (not tried that hard yet tho). Ceri
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