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  1. D-ABLB should have the same config as D-ABLF, I guess.
  2. I'm still waiting for the Dash-8 Q200/300 they have on standby - those are more common around the world.
  3. Awesome! Can't wait till Orbx covers Norway.
  4. Ok I tried everything that was suggested and it didn't work. Looks like I have to stick to DX9 - frustrating.
  5. Ok, thaks for your help guys I'll try what some of you said. However, my card is indeed capable of DX10 - I have played several DX10 games on my laptop without any problems. But yeah, FSX is it's own thing... Let's see what happens, so stand by.
  6. Hey, I have an AMD radeon HD 7550M/7650M and can't force my AA on. I installed the DX10 fixer and did everything as told above but I don't seem to have ANY AA in FSX.
  7. I'm not flying anything else at the moment. :wink:
  8. Well, I love this years Weihnachtsflieger! I'm recreating it's RW flights almost daily. Here's the flight schedule for anyone who's interested: http://www.airberlin.com/de-DE/site/landingpages/schedule_abmc.php Would be great if you could add some more regs for the standard Airberlin lievery.
  9. There are a couple SAS flightdeck videos on YouTube, maybe you should contact the uploaders and hope they can provide you with the information you need.
  10. Yes, just copy the "PMDG_NGX_Main_Labels" file from any of his' Alaska repaints and paste them into the repaint folder of your desired repaint.
  11. What a tremendous new feature! Really adds the realism and makes you feel like you were "there". I can't wait to get fimiliar with the 777 and thank you for yet another update, Robert, much appreciated! Now, I feel rather dumb asking this but will I be able to open the cockpit windows in the 777?
  12. Ok, here's a rather unusual request for you guys. Is anyone able to send me the wingtextures from the PMDG 737-800 or -900 house livery but with the overwing-exit-markings of the 600/700 series? I really want those clean wing textures that can be seen on the PMDG-livery of the NGX base pack, which is the 800/900 series. All the -700 repaints I have, have rather dirty and worn wing textures, which I don't really like for the repaints I use, since those Airlines I fly keep their planes very clean. Would appreciate if anyone is willing to send me those kind of modified wing-textures.
  13. Nice job! Must have been a tremendous effort to get all those things together. Can't wait to take those for some spins around AMS.
  14. Thanks for that one Chris! She looks so clean, fresh and beautiful. ^_^
  15. WOW tremendous repaint! It looks exactly like the real thing.
  16. Nice job Christian! Is there any change of you doing the new AA livery? I could get you the yoke-checklist! ^_^
  17. Uhm Christian, is this repaint still in the works? Would be cool to have that one! Cheers
  18. Great shots! I took -MJ today from Munich to Hamburg, was a great and challenging flight!
  19. Christian, I'm speechless! Terrific job on that one! Brilliant! Can't wait to grab it. ^_^
  20. Great Shot! Love Sunexpress' livery! I always see them here in EDDF. :wink:
  21. I'd like to see a 777-200ER with both RR and PW engines. And YES I know how much effort it takes to add another engine optioin.
  22. And finally I can fly the long -900. Thanks again, Christian! ^_^
  23. Christian aka. mcnobody already did one, a Calima Aviation 737-800 with no winglets. Just check his files in the Avsim Library.
  24. WOW thank you Christian! I love those reapaints, first Norwegian followed by Ryanair and now Alaska! Outstanding work there, buddy! EDIT: By the way, Christian, are you using REX or Aktive Sky?
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