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  1. Fish are great pets for kids. Just had 1 commit suicide by jumping out of the tank. Flushed it and there was no crying.

  2. Stuck watching the kids tonight. Not the best start to my vacation.

  3. 1st day of vacation. This doesn't suck

  4. Enough with the political correctness. I hope everyone at the ACLU gets herpes. Liberal cuntbags. http://t.co/LobE39S

  5. I should have stayed in bed longer

  6. I am getting hooked on Criminal Minds

  7. Weekend. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! This was the longest week ever. I can't remember what I did Monday or Tuesday.

  8. YA Friday. I get to sleep in tomorrow

  9. Summer is definitely here. Everything on tv is reruns. UGH!

  10. Time for my once a month tweet. I suck at this. That is all. See ya in a month.

  11. What a == I am an idiot! == day. Its suppose to be like this all week. Just gotta make it to Thursday cuz Friday I am in Tampa!!!

  12. Yay! Opening day. 111th season opener for the Sox.

  13. Eat it frogs! No fines or suspension for Chara's hit.

  14. Charlie Sheen is killing the internets = not winning ( @charliesheen live at http://ustre.am/uZYP)

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