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  1. Honestly I'm sure the systems modelling is great and justifies the price (if we're comparing to other full fidelity sim aircraft). Coming out with a product only compatible with 32bit in 2019? with MSFS 2020 around the corner? and not being compatible with Navigraph? Those are the dealbreakers.
  2. Should just clarify the complaint here isn't that you guys are charging for navdata, it's that you aren't compatible with navigraph data like everyone else is, and that the data is only updated quarterly and not every 28 days like Navigraph do.
  3. After a long hiatus Eaglesoft have finally released a new product, a Citation XLS+. http://www.eaglesoftdg.com/xlsplusG3.htm Obviously this would normally be very exciting, but for two caveats: It's only for 32bit platforms (P3D v3, FSX, FSX:SE). Given that even PMDG realize P3D V4 may not be long for this world, the idea of releasing something for v3 and FSX seems crazy. On top of this, it doesn't support Navigraph navdata and instead you have to use Eaglesoft's own navdata which is $40 a year and only updated quarterly. Genuinely do not understand how anyone came to the conclusion this is anything people wanted, even as desperate as we are for a proper business jet.
  4. You're on a flight simulation forum so... this is the place where people care! 😛
  5. They won't do 5ghz. Der8auer said he was only sometimes able to achieve 5ghz on liquid nitrogen. Don't expect more than 4.4-4.5ghz manually overclocked on the new Ryzen chips. Also in response to some others - posting Cinebench scores is absolutely pointless for flight sim comparisons. it's a highly multithreaded workload that tells you almost nothing about how it will perform in P3D and X-Plane. Also, Ryzen chips lose performance in single-threaded workloads very quickly as you move down the lineup, whereas the Intel chips maintain about the same single-threaded performance. The 9600K, 9700K, and 9900K will perform identically in P3D and X-Plane, and most other games.
  6. I agree though not for the same reasons. If you want pure P3D performance, an overclocked 9600K will be within 1-2% of the 9900K for less than half the price, and should still beat the 3900X as well. Also, it's pretty much impossible to be GPU-bound in P3D at this pricepoint. It just does not run fast enough to outmatch a GPU capable of 60FPS at 4K.
  7. Honestly it's a good thing it didn't survive as a Terminal - the World Port was so awful by the end that even I was happy to see it torn down and replaced.
  8. Can't be too hard since we also have the Intrepid museum here.
  9. I can never get over the size of the airports on this side of the world, and Guangzhou has to be one of the most impressive.
  10. Sure, just need to wait for a real one to be painted.
  11. Working on painting United's new livery on the old NGX and couldn't resist sharing these shots:
  12. For me the airports I fly to the most are: Flightbeam SFO - best major hub airport you can get, period. FlyTampa Kai Tak - nostalgic and beautiful and a lot of fun Taxi2gate CDG - Just a cool airport, really well done
  13. In response the the earlier question, a 5.2ghz 8core processor will absolutely crush a 4.4ghz 16 core in P3D. All that matters for CPU performance in P3D, and frankly XP, is single core clock speeds. Since basically all modern processors now have at least 4 cores, Flight sims aren’t going to make use of more than that, and the clock speed is what really makes the difference. this is why Ryzen, despite its great value proposition for basically everything else, is still not recommended over Intel for flight sim. Intel still hold the clock speed gauntlet, and for flight sim that really is the only number that matters. in fact, core count matters so little that many people have reported a performance boost when disabling hyperthreading in P3D, since the chip will run cooler and possibly sustain a higher over lock at the expense of thread count.
  14. The 2070 and 2080 are plenty in that case, you do not need the 2080ti for 1440p, it's really meant for 4K or 1440p ultrawide. I personally have a 2080 and a 4k monitor and the sim runs like a dream, I think there's no reason to go for the ti in your case.
  15. If you have a 1080p screen, the 1080/RTX 2070 should be more than enough for anything P3D can throw at them. At 1440p/4k you'll want to look into the RTX 2080, if not the 2080ti. I think finding Pascal cards is getting quite hard now, amazon's stock of 1080tis is quite low.
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