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  1. Guys, there have been several threads in this forum about v4.2 problems. I highly recommend reading some that have appeared in the last few days like the one below. One thing I noticed is that you haven't said whether you have reverted back to the previous version of FSUIPC (5.122) - the most recent one (5.123c) is broken.
  2. PMDG products should be fine, but there is an issue for some 4.2 users, see below. Fairly simple workaround, however.
  3. Precisely! These are 3 things that by spoiling the view or by introducing stutters result in immersion being lost. Improving what we have already is what I expect from a minor revision such as ver. 4.2. Other improvements such as sloping runways, new ATC engine or a new lighting model are major changes that should be kept for a major revision, e.g. ver. 5.
  4. +1 Such an easy way to work out what's happening at a busy multiple runway airport such as AMS or ORD. P.S. @YorkiesWorld. LGW is single runway ops, with usually 26L / 08R in use. 26R / 08L is often a taxiway, unless the 'main' runway is u/s for maintenance.
  5. Hi Arjen, I was about to do another round of inserting aircraft registrations for my AI models (adding AI never seems to end!) to make it more my PSXseeconTraffic experience more realistic, however when I navigate to ai-repaints.com it displays "Account Suspended". Will the site be back up and running anytime soon? Really miss having such a useful tool as other websites are not as user friendly. Thanks.
  6. KORD is being done by Stanislow (Drzewiecki Design), read all the comments he responded to below the picture on Facebook... KSEA is being developed and will be available later for an upgrade cost.
  7. Excited that a major Asian city is arriving on the destinations map, though I'm worried about buyer's remorse. This looks a decent scenery, but I think I'll wait for A_A scenery to release theirs before choosing between them. Let us know your thoughts 777200lrf.
  8. Most FSX add-ons, especially aircraft, won't work properly (or at all) in P3Dv4. However, the simplest way to see what works is to install your FSX addons one at a time and see what works. There are several threads on the forums here (the one below being the most relevant which discusses compatibility or upgrade processes.)
  9. I have missing default buildings, only the jetways and the additional Fly Delta Jets hangar that was named in the ReadMe file show up in my scenery. Does anyone have any ideas of what has gone wrong? (Screenshot of problem here: https://i.imgur.com/91K2mpY.png) Thanks.
  10. Really liked your v1 textures, specifically the dawn and dusk ones. Will give these v2 textures a try
  11. A2A AccuSim x64 Aerosoft Mega Airport Johannesburg (fingers firmly crossed that this project isn't dead) FlyTampa Hong Kong-Kai Tak optimised for P3D v4 ORBX OLC Africa and Middle East QualityWings Boeing 787 for P3Dv4 TFDi RealGlass and TrueLight appearing in other 3rd party aircraft (I'm aware of Aerosoft, would be nice to see others follow their lead) Lockheed Martin Must have: - A fix for P3D v4 that solves the autogen popping up in blocks! Would like: - Increased number of tasks from CPUs to GPUs All of which is reasonable and should be achievable.
  12. I have the Boston scenery (which is he most recent release of the series) and think it's excellent during daytime flying. I also have the older Chicago scenery, which is good, but doesn't feel quite as detailed. IMHO, if you have an ORBX full region, I wouldn't purchase a US city addon as the base photo scenery might not play nicely with the ORBX vector data and a more detailed than default cityscape is already provided by the ORBX product.
  13. Why?! If you are thinking of buying anyway, always try to buy direct from developers - they get more of the money you spend rather than give a large percentage to the re-seller shop.
  14. "Willie's willy wounded" will be the tabloid headline Please record this and post it for us all to see!
  15. At the bottom of the sales page, it reads "International customers please order via SWREG", which then leads you to the correct page for non-UK customers. Link for non-UK residents: http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page4.html