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  1. It appears that some people are quick to defend the word not allowed status quo of how things are done. Lots of people (me included) are quite aware of how ADE works and use it often. Despite what was alledged, I'm not going to sit here and wait for someone else to do the work for me. I'm just highlighting how being required to manually add exclusions to each AFD file is a poor use of everyone's time. Simple fact is, no end user should have to download a separate app, read a 309-page manual and manually exclude default scenery on a one-by-one basis just to prevent it from bleeding through the add-on stuff we actually want to see. This is an issue with the way P3D is designed. Simply setting any type of scenery at a higher priority level is not sufficient to exclude the lower priority ones at the same location. No doubt the apologists will make the typical claims at how it's a user problem. I don't understand why they are happy for many thousands of hours to be wasted by us collectively on something that could and should have been addressed at the source by LM a long time ago.
  2. Correct, but completely misses the point. I don't want to have to create individual exclusion rectangles for all 150+ add-on sceneries that I own. It's already taking me long enough to install v5 scenery, aeroplane add-ons and utilities as it is.
  3. Once the initial faff is done, it is just one click to install an airline. Admittedly the name creates the wrong first impression. Yes, but not 'no traffic' 😄 Some interesting flights around. Flights by airlines you don't normally see and originating from places you wouldn't expect https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/w8985#248e55b2
  4. As Biggles pointed out, there's some confusion on which version is being discussed in this thread. The version on sale is v2. The most recent version is v3. v3 has PBR and other improved visuals, but still has enough complaints that prevented me from buying as an upgrade (see the comments below the FSElite articles on release and SP1). v2 is on sale and is a touched-up port. It has issues with the modelling of the cockpit layout, dynamic lighting floods in at night and the textures are very FSX. Systems-wise it's rather good for the price. Can I recommend v2 though? No.
  5. No point with live traffic at the moment. It's almost as quiet as when Eyjafjallajokull erupted 10 years ago. Great to hear that there's a freeware data source though.
  6. For MSFS, Orbx's efforts are likely to be focussed on GA airfields and mid-sized airports. There's an outside chance that we may see CityScenes of non-US cities not covered by photogrammetry in Bing maps / Windows Maps app. In a few years' time, if there is no further development of offline landclass mode by Asobo, we may see a return of the type of ground products that served Orbx so well with FSX and P3D. Speaking of which, there will still be a market (albeit smaller) for simmers who do not move from XP or P3D.
  7. No complaints on Orbx's forum about morphing textures around the city. My guess it that it is TE Washington's photo tiles clashing with Drzewiecki's Seattle.
  8. VHHH I have thrown everything at making Hong Kong as realistic as possible. - FT's Kai Tak - T2G's VHHH - SOD's Dragoneye Hong Kong - Gibson Sceneries China high-level ortho Only going to get better as I replace T2G's with WFSS' up-coming VHHH.
  9. There's not much other than FSDreamteam's CYVR at the moment. However, FSimStudios is currently working on Vancouver city + airports (CYVR, CYHC, CAM9). Looks like that will finally replace the ancient FSAddons Vancouver+ that Bert mentioned. In the meantime, if you like GA flying, Orbx has some great floatplane freeware with: CAC8 - Nanaimo water aerodrome, CAE3 - Campbell River water aerodrome, CAG8 - Pender Harbour seaplane base and CAX6 - Ganges water aerodrome. There is a very basic CYYJ - Victoria freeware scenery at stuff4fs.com For payware aerodromes, a little further away Orbx has: CYSE - Squamish, 7WA3 - West Wind, KORS - Orcas Island. FSimStudios have available CYLW, CYEG and CYYC (though a v2 update of this is on the way).
  10. Something wrong with your installation or you have your settings too low. You're missing both CenturyLink Field and T-Mobile Park stadiums and lots of other POI buildings such as the Space Needle and The Seattle Great Wheel in your Orbx video. Try re-installing TE Washington, verifying that your TE WA scenery has an appropriate priority in your scenery library and that you have correctly deactivated DD Seattle.
  11. You're doing it wrong 🙂 Use Simbrief instead. - Create account - Create a new route (using a variety of options and lots of flexibility) - Export it to your aircraft's FMS *and* P3D (.rte .pln .flp .mdr .fpr .gfp .kml .txt .pdf .xml and more) - Go fly. Ditched PFPX about 9 months ago. Haven't looked back.
  12. So you have a nice system that will allow you to run any complex payware airliner add-on at high settings. Only thing to watch out for is VRAM maxing out on the GPU while we await another hot fix for v5. Aircraft - One of: PMDG 737NGXu, PMDG 747, FSLabs A320 or for something slightly different, the Majestic Dash 8-Q400, depending on what floats your boat. You'll have a lot of fun (re-)learning to operate any of these. Tools - If you have peripherals, the payware version of FSUIPC6 to improve joystick / yoke calibration (among many, many other things that the add-on offers). Lorby-SI add-on organiser. A powerful freeware tool to organise your additional scenery and create backups of P3D's most important files. Alpha India Group AI Manager One-Click Installer (AIG AIM-OCI). All the freeware AI aircraft you could ever dream of having. Weather engine - ActiveSky by HiFi SimTech. New version currently in beta. Majority of people already own the previous version 'ASP4' and have availed of the time-limited free update. No brainer. Replacement ground textures - Most people flying IFR go for some of Orbx's landclass products. I'd wait for a sale though, they normally come around every couple of months at the moment. If you're into photoscenery textures, there is Orbx's TrueEarth series. Very nice and certainly more realistic than landclass, but does affect the sim's performance when in an airliner and takes up a chunk of disk space. Freeware photoscenery options: italyphotoreal weebly airhispania forum 'escenario fotográfico gratuito de España' Blue Sky Scenery for about a dozen of the western states of the USA. Not as pretty as TrueEarth, but the prices are excellent. Payware airports - FlyTampa and Flightbeam Studios make the absolute best airport scenery out there. You cannot go wrong with any of the 'more recent' releases. Honourable mentions go to FSDreamteam's Chicago and Orbx's Innsbruck. Both also stunning. One final thing - Complex flight planning (if you're interested) can be done for free through the SimBrief website, which can export a generated flightplan in different formats to P3D's own map and also to your chosen airliner's FMC. Apologies for the thesis and welcome back!
  13. I'm very much looking forward to CYVR + ortho + city, and CYYC v2, which was also originally stated to be made with a cityscape alongside (hope that's still the case). Western Canada is incredible.
  14. Es war zu einfach zu raten! EDDK - Cologne/Bonn, EDDS - Stuttgart, EDDF - Frankfurt/Main and finally, EDDN - Nuremberg. Make it harder next time 🙂 Nice set of pics.
  15. Wow, so much wrong in this thread. We don't know what type of flying the OP is looking to simulate, where his favourite part of the World is, what his PC setup is, nor what is his budget is for add-ons. And yet several people have listed a copious amount of pricey add-ons, suggesting that they are essentials. @benwbriscoe let us know what it is you are looking to do with your flying. Tell us what PC specs you are running (that will affect which add-ons are recommended to you) and may be also let us know what sort of budget you have (you can easily end-up spending several hundred £/€/$s). However, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a good experience. A few well-considered purchases can make a lot of difference. N.B. The more you add, the better it *can* look, but the more things that *could* clash and/or eat performance.
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