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  1. You're both right, an opinion does not convey carte blanche protection from criticism. My point stems from the fact that in this thread of 15 pages, the last 6 of them have been about mocking someone who hasn't posted on the Avsim forums in nearly 6 weeks, whose opinions aren't exactly widely held, nor get a lot of traction. He's hardly a prolific influencer on YouTube/Twitch, either. Banter is fine. Responding to a post made here would also be fair. But this is a pile-on for someone having the 'wrong' opinions on a completely different website. There's someone currently over on a thread in the XP sub-forums here telling people that a real world 737 pilot's YouTube comments that they like the Zibo mod flight model over the PMDG 737 one in MSFS is also wrong, because the Fenix A320 is about to arrive on the scene. How that's relevant, I just don't know. Perhaps a downvote button would be better. That way at least we may stay on topic better rather than have to read 10+ subsequent posts of all-out defence of MSFS every time someone posts something less than 100% praise for it. Think I'll take a break from the forums until after the Fenix launches...
  2. True. Some people (though not that many, it seems) are caught in the middle. To them the older flight sim platforms 'look dated' / 'need tonnes of add-ons' / 'don't perform well' and MSFS isn't ready for them either. I'm lucky that my P3D, with all the bells and whistles I have thrown at it, has kept my entertained for as long as it has. The upcoming arrival of the Fenix A320 will get me back into MSFS. The SU10 improvements are very likely to keep me in it.
  3. Did he post on this MSFS sub-forum or on a completely different site? And I'm well aware that I'm on a MSFS sub-forum, thank you. You don't need to slyly try and tar me with the same brush. Anyone can see my own views on MSFS in my posting history.
  4. So what? He's 'preaching to the choir' on a completely different forum. How does that really affect anyone here? The last 5 pages (1/3 of this entire thread) since the first link to the other site, is nothing more than a pile-on.
  5. Two ways to do this: Download and install Process Lasso. You can set the affinity in the program for each AI app task to specific threads on your CPU. Open Windows Task Manager. On the details tab, when both AI apps are running, you can set the affinity for each task to certain threads on your CPU. Unlike Process Lasso, the processor affinity setting is not remembered after you shut down your PC. The only way to make it remember (until you install an MS Windows update) is to download and use Prio – Process Priority Saver. It doesn't run as a program like Process Lasso, rather it just remembers your processor affinity setting in Windows. Process Lasso was great, but after I upgraded to my previous Ryzen 3700X CPU, it kept crashing my PC. Test to see which works best for you.
  6. This thread is just as bad as the one linked on the FSL forums. The level of Evangelicalism displayed by some long-standing forumers on here in defence of MSFS is, quite frankly, appalling. While I strongly suspect some of the accounts that were created since 2020 that are posting in a very partisan way are linked to the success of MSFS, others who have a long history of flight simming should really take a hard look at themselves for some of the unedifying behaviour that they have displayed for a long time now to anyone not sharing their views. In the same way that a lot of you don't like the other flight sim platforms because they are missing key features for you, there is a sizeable (albeit smaller) number of people who feel likewise about the current state of MSFS. Opinions are not facts, nor can they be wrong. I want to read multipage threads about the stuff that makes MSFS great / will make it even better. Go post on Reddit if you want to word not allowed about how unenlightened other XP/P3D/FSX/FS9/Aerofly flight simmers are.
  7. Not really. Everyone has a list of features that make or break a flight simulator platform for them. Whether that's realistic ATC, a good AI aircraft engine, high-quality orthographic ground textures, building modelling, aircraft handling, weather, seasons, terrain mesh resolution, price of add-ons, price of platform, frequency of updates, sim stability, a strong freeware community, peripheral compatibility, hardware requirements..., the list is nearly endless. It's a Venn diagram of user wants and needs - if enough of the user requirement circles overlap, then MSFS is fantastic. Yet, for other people, incomplete or missing features can make MSFS an absolute no-go. Given the OP didn't make a comparison with other flight sim platforms and the fact that MSFS is most definitely still a work in progress, I think their question is very valid. The recent appearance of study-level third party airliners doesn't make any difference to the state of the base simulator. Even per Asobo's Development Updates, the sim has a number of important outstanding elements and customer requests to be worked on.
  8. No, this is a different set of programs to the one you are thinking. Set-and-forget for all airports. Worth putting both programs onto non-critical CPU cores, as they can take up a bit of processing power if you have serious amounts of AI aircraft active. I put both AIFlow and AIGround on the final two of my 16-thread CPU and limit the number of AI in holds to 10 in the AIFlow.ini file.
  9. Download and run AIFlow and AIGround: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=aiflow&CatID=root In the .ini files you can change parameters to affect the AI spacing in the air, put some AI into holding patterns, increase/decrease the AI braking scalar, etc. Works in v4 and v5.
  10. Statistics can mean anything. Have all users had their time recorded correctly? What percentage of total MSFS flight simmers use Steam? etc. To be honest, this is just going to descend into another 'my sim is better than your sim'. Much better to discuss how to make our P3D experiences better and what add-on products (payware and freeware) are under development, IMO.
  11. This is key. On one of the real-world 737 pilots' twitch streams linked in one of the multitude of PMDG 737 threads on here last week, he noted that the ground friction was not realistic and made for some odd landings. It's also one of the original complaints not fixed since launch. Same. Though given the complexity, the amount of developer hours that can be sunk into trying to improve the logic and the long list of other outstanding issues for the Asobo team, I see this being left to a 3rd party add-on like Flight 1's FSHud. True. But then there's the introduction of significant new problems. The FPS drop at the crucial phase of landing for many simmers following SU9, is a show-stopping event. There's so much to like in MSFS, and yet, so much left to improve.
  12. So, we were all waiting for Chewwy to return from his holiday in order to have the NDA lifted?! That's some influence he has. Maybe he knows some dark secrets about the Fenix team! 😆 I'm excited to watch the streams later.
  13. Bringing the detail level and quality of A2A's Accu-sim to MSFS. In over 25 years of flight simming, I've only ever bought three add-ons of propeller-driven GA aircraft. This is nailed-on to become number four. Simbol is one of the developers that I'm very happy to support.
  14. Price released: US$61.30 all in. Sounds like an absolute bargain to me!
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