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  1. The PMDG 737 NGX will work as long as you are comfortable with making changes to your PC's registry. (Confirmed happy 737NGX and P3D v5 user). Here's a guide on how to get the NGX to work in P3Dv5:
  2. Just be aware that it's all nothing more than simple gambling. Prices are incredibly volatile compared to traditional currency fluctuations. I'm neither an evangelist, nor a doom-monger when it comes to cryptocurrencies. I bought some DOGE two weeks before Elon Musk's appearance on SNL. Despite the hype of getting the cryptocurrency 1=$1, his comment on the show crashed the price. I exited with a loss of over 25% down on my original bet, and the price continued to drop. I think it's done. The pump and dump has killed it for the foreseeable future, in my less than expert opinion. The next hyped crypto is SHIB Coin / Shiba Inu. N.B. it's already up 8-fold in just 4 days. There are gains to be had, but the 10,000%+ increases probably aren't. Of concern is that only 3 wallets hold 60% of the supply. Taking a risk that I can well afford to lose, I bought into it yesterday using the Binance platform. I like its low fees. Another benefit most people will like is that it has a simple mode for new traders. There are many reasons why I think cryptocurrencies are 'a thing' now. One / some / or all of the reasons why could include: - the allure of being part of a new concept - the creation of one's own wealth by mining - the hype generated about the asset class on social media - the breaking of the need to store value in the tangible (it's been acceptable in developed countries to hold cash, shares certificates, etc. in electronic form, and for a long time now) - the outsized gains that can be made from relatively small investments - the pricing out of the middle classes by 'Old', institutional and 'New' money of traditional asset classes - the chance to give the proverbial middle finger to the financial and political establishment. I think your last point is rather exaggerated. Governments tend to be rather good at extracting taxes from the less rich and less powerful. Despite cryptocurrencies providing anonymity, crypto exchanges are usually required by law to collect the personal information of their users in order to operate. As there is a push to make crypto legal worldwide, the most popular exchanges will comply with laws and regulations. It is a lot of work for most people to mine a cryptocurrency, then spend or convert it without using traditional banking, and of course traditional banking leaves a trail.
  3. 'Normal' is now expected to be 24 F-35Bs, but it's a lot more than just two helos - count 'em! 😉 Here's the official release regarding the upcoming Carrier Strike Group 21 deployment: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2021/april/26/210426-csg21-deployment The aircraft in the Carrier Group include: 8x F-35B (617 Sqdn) 10x F-35B (VMFA-211 from USMC) 3x Merlin Mk2 (820 NAS) fitted with the new 'Crowsnest' airborne surveillance and control capability 4x Merlin Mk4 (845 NAS) ^^All aboard HMS QE. 4x Wildcat (815 NAS). Two deployed on the two Type 23 Frigates and two deployed on the two Type 45 Destroyers for maritime attack. And here's the anticipated build-up to full operating capability:
  4. Move your Cloud Coverage Density slider to Medium. (Maximum setting will put a lot of stress on your GPU when cloudy). Tessellation Factor slider to High or Medium. Uncheck the Simulation Objects shadows option. In ActiveSky options, Cloud Options, Maximum Cloud Layers, move your slider from default value 5 to 4 or even 3 layers. Also, move the Maximum Cloud Draw Distance slider and Minimum Cloud Draw Distance slider both to 60. (You will get an error message from ActiveSky telling you that cloud coverage density in P3D settings should be set to maximum, you can ignore this message). If your monitor can handle it, limit your FPS externally. Either use Nvidia Control Panel and set 'Max Frame Rate' to 30 FPS or use RivaTuner Statistics Server to limit to 30 FPS. There are other threads on this forum that describe how to do this. These changes should bring some improvement to your performance. P.S. I don't know how much AI traffic you are using as you haven't shown that settings page. Limit the amount of AI aircraft to 50 aircraft (there are apps that can do that, e.g. the paid version of FSUIPC or the AI_Companion app available from the Alpha India Group forums), and in P3D put the boats, ships and road traffic sliders to zero.
  5. Tell me about it. Any criticism of MSFS is seen by some people like criticism of the mothers. I used Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals and now I'm using MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. I have the axes to 50% problem when pressing the ESC key. Unplugging the pedals before starting the sim means I no longer have the issue, but then I no longer have rudder control. Of course, like some smart word not allowed pointed out a couple of weeks ago, you shouldn't be using the pause function during flights to keep up the realism... 🙄 If only I could pause real life to have uninterrupted simulation flights!
  6. Source for this interesting info? Will either light a fire up LM's 'word not allowed' to retain a major client for P3D or with its loss to MS, cause P3D development to cease. [/hypothesis] DOD as a customer would mean some significant extra investment into MSFS as a platform, you would think.
  7. I gave my thoughts here: And here:
  8. I believe you have linked to a user profile on the MSFS forums rather than to a specific post.
  9. I feel the idea of streaming aerial data by default into P3D or XP is so hypothetical that it is not worthy of discussion. The question in your original post is an interesting one. *If* Bing data being streamed by thousands of MSFS simmers is putting strain on servers to the detriment of other MS services, what price level per user would be acceptable to MS to offset it? If other, vastly more popular, game titles like the next Battlefield or next COD integrate streamed data, there will be an opportunity cost to MS that may see MSFS' aerial imagery shut off in favour of more financially profitable game users. But then, I've ventured into hypothetical territory as well here. What the vast majority of people can agree on (rare on these forums, I know) is that MSFS is groundbreaking with the use of aerial imagery. That it is stored on the Cloud and streamed, plus the fact it uses AI to interpret the data to give realistic-looking buildings, has put MSFS way, way ahead in the scenery looks department. Even as heavy user of Ortho4XP, TrueEarth and MSE with over 2 TB of ortho and autogen saved to disk for P3D, I can admit that MSFS looks and performs better.
  10. Nothing. $0. I maintain my belief that the streaming of Bing imagery into MSFS is a technology demonstrator for more lucrative projects for MS. These projects will earn far in excess of whatever is the current cost of streamed of imagery data. If MS want more of my cash, they would be better off fixing the MSFS marketplace so that third party product updates are released in a more timely manner.
  11. Those numbers are not correct. There are 21 F-35B delivered to the UK (48 officially ordered to-date). https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/more-f-35-jets-being-delivered-to-the-uk/ It's a bit more difficult to ascertain the number of frontline helos, including the Commando Helicopter Force's three squadrons, without falling back on Wiki for details. Not to mention that there are numerous training aircraft, including Hawk T-1 jets. The F-35B is absolutely a FAA aircraft. It's just that Wiki is not a good resource for information. https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/the-equipment/aircraft/fixed-wing/f35-lightning
  12. I have a strong desire to remain anonymous online. If I were to reveal my real name, unlike someone called John Smith, it would be very easy to identify me. A quick Google reveals only 4 other people in the World who share my name and are searchable online. Posting in English makes it very obvious which of the 5 people who share my name that I am. I'm not famous, but I have clients/potential clients who look-up my name. Not all of them would be impressed by this hobby and could use it as a factor not to engage my firm. My real name online presence is part marketing, part CV. Using a made-up profile name allows me to enjoy posting on social media sites without fear of being judged and potentially losing work. Compelling me to use my real name for leisure/non-work related content is just too risky and means I won't use a site. Therefore, I fully understand the rationale of anyone who doesn't want to use (except for limited circumstances) their real name online.
  13. Lots and lots of POIs. But the rest of the city can be quite generic. Photogrammetry in the sim is a great concept, it just isn't ready for widespread use with current tech.
  14. Indeed. I recall that Craigeaglefire has 'prior form' when it comes to discussing AIG's AI traffic solutions here and elsewhere. That he isn't a fan of the program is fair enough. However, the conversation will go round and round in circles regarding AIG's programs nomenclature. AIG's AI traffic is great, IMO. It isn't as simple a setup as people may initially expect. But once everything is done correctly, the adding and removal of traffic packages (models, repaints and schedules) is a breath of fresh air compared to the freeware solutions of the past.
  15. In my case, neither driver 466.11 nor 465.89 worked for me. By rolling back to 457.30, the Scenario page can load without a CTD. Edit: Ah, it's a known issue.
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