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  1. F737NG

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    1. Hong Kong - VHHH or VHHX FlyTampa throws in a lot of city scenery detail, add-in a respectable VHHH from Taxi2Gate and SODHK's Dragoneye HK scenery to give ortho plus extra POIs, and you get amazing views of the city on approach to 25L or 25R at Chek Lap Kok or the famous Kai Tak IGS13 checkerboard approach. 2. Paro - VQPR FSDG gives a recreation of the epic no-sight-of-the-runway-until-the-very-last-minute approaches. Turning this way and that, without being able to see your end point, all the while continuing to descend, is incredible! 3. Rio Santos-Dumont - SBRJ TropicalSim airport with Paulo Ricardo's Mega Rio city scenery. Approaching from the west or north means you get to overfly the city and the yachts by Botafogo, while aiming at the Sugarloaf Mountain, before circling to land on 02R. For pure eye candy in my personal P3D airport collection: Flightbeam's KSFO, FlyTampa's OMDB, Aerosoft's EDDF. All 3 have high quality textures and extra little details (like puddles, a dust storm, or movement with added vehicle traffic). These 3 feel 'alive' in the sim.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer Sean! For anyone else, opening the created zip folder in 7-zip showed all the data.
  3. Hi Oliver, I'm trying to create a backup for my scenery in v1.39 b06 (also tried in v1.38 b11) of P4AO. Every time I click on the button, it generates an empty zip folder. No scenery data has been saved. I've tried saving the backup folder in several different locations, on different drives, P4AO is run as administrator, P4AO is white-listed on Anti Virus program. Can you suggest what is causing me to have this problem please?
  4. F737NG

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    This thread is starting to looks like it might develop into another 'CTD over Newfoundland / Labrador' It's probably not ORBX, but possibly an underlying issue with how P3D looks-up scenery, causing the stuttery mess we experience in certain locations. ORBX could be exacerbating the problem by having their own lookup scripts run at the same time as P3D.
  5. F737NG

    SODE et FSX

    Bonjour Xavier, d'abord, bienvenue aux forums Avsim ! Est-ce que vous avez au moins la version 4.1 de P3D installé sur votre ordinateur ? Aussi, sont les bibliothèques VC++ au courant ? Vous avez besoin de VC++ 2005 SP1, VC++ 2013 et VC++ 2015. Vous pourriez les désinstaller et les résinstaller pour vérifier qu'elles marchent correctement. (Supprimé, hors sujet de FSX - désolé) Si vous continuez d'avoir des problèmes, vous pourriez toujours poser votre questions aux forums FSDreamTeam sous GSX. Normalement, il est préféré de parler en anglais sauf au forum francophone, ici - https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/270-forum-de-la-communauté-francophone-de-simulateur-de-vol/ F737NG Translation: Hi Xavier, first of all, welcome to the Avsim forums! Have you at least v4.1 of P3D installed on your PC? Also, are the VC++ libraries up to date? You need to have VC++ 2005 SP1, VC++ 2013 et VC++ 2015. You could have to uninstall and reinstall them to check that they work correctly. (Deleted, not relevant to FSX - sorry) If you continue to have problems, you could always ask in the FSDT forums under GSX. Usually, it is preferred to speak English, except on the Francophone forum, here ... @Jim, you got your post in before me. I hope you're ok with me leaving mine here, now that I've typed it all out.
  6. F737NG

    Photo Scenery in v4.4

    Colour me very impressed with v4.4! I followed Rob's advice here: Have a look at these 3 pictures showing the differences with photo scenery: P3D v4.3 (limited to 256) P3D v4.4 Texture_size_exp=9 (or 512) P3D v4.4 Texture_size_exp=10 (or 1024) I have highlighted the blurriness in the v4.3 picture at the top, though I did not notice any visual difference between exp=9 or exp=10 - see if you can find any differences. Additionally, I slewed at 4000kts across some photo scenery for about 30 seconds. In v4.3, I would have had a blurry mess on the landscape and it would have taken about the same amount of time (30 secs) if not longer, to get crisp textures back. In v4.4 at exp=10 (1024) I got those textures back in about 3 seconds without losing too much definition while slewing. I did lose 3-4 FPS around Heathrow, but that could be due to other settings I have used in P3D.cfg - I will have to test further. Otherwise, such an improvement!
  7. F737NG

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I think some people expect to see this: All without realising that we're actually not that far away from this. PBR is included in P3D now, with FSDT are showing the way. Plus the new EDDK by Jo Sund (Aerosoft) is spectacularly detailed.
  8. F737NG

    Crashed into ground at 50ft

    A few possible causes: Have you installed the 'Boston v4.1' scenery? If for some reason you have Boston v4.0 installer, you need to patch it with an update or download the Boston v4.1 installer from wherever you purchased the scenery. Ensure that there is no additional KBOS AFCAD file active (check ORBX AEC if you have Vector, check UT2 or MT6 traffic programs as they add their own additional AFCADs, or any other possible active AFCAD in Scenery/World/Scenery folder). Mesh resolution being too high or too low, try 5m. There was a patch for runway 27 (which is close to runway 33L threshold), look for the 'Rwy27_Platorm.BGL' patch on the 'Landing rwy 27' thread on the FlyTampa Boston forum. Hopefully, one of those turns out to be helpful.
  9. F737NG

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    PBR is even better than I imagined! Just look at how stealthy that fighter jet is now... 😉
  10. Doesn't sound unrealistic Windy.com shows *some* bad weather at FL390 https://www.windy.com/?200h,13.923,112.236,3 If you're sure that it doesn't match real world, then: Are you running live weather in Wx Control? No Custom Weather Areas active? Try a re-install of ActiveSky, if that doesn't work. But I really would check first to see if the real world weather is completely different from what you are seeing in your sim.
  11. F737NG

    PSXSeecon Traffic

    Nico has re-arranged his website, but it absolutely does still work. Search "Nico Kaan's applications for FSX, PSX and Prepar3D" on Google, it should be the first result there. His forum is here on Avsim https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/819-psxseecontraffic-for-fsx-p3d/ And yes, his work is brilliant!
  12. F737NG

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I'm on the fence about buying SkyForce 3D during the sale to add it to my Active Sky, ASCA and EnvTex arrangement. Do people think that the upcoming REX Environment Force is going to be a replacement of SF3D or will it be another of Rex's 'similar, but does something slightly different' product range? AS + SF users, do you see the downdrafts and other cloud model eye candy often? Basically, help please, should I go for SkyForce, wait for Environment Force, not bother? Thanks.
  13. Simmarket has MK Studios' Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife at 25% and Lisbon at 20% reductions. Check the versions carefully as some discounted items are P3D v4 only and some work for FSX and P3Dv3 and v4, but definitely nothing for XP11. https://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios.mhtml
  14. F737NG

    Dubin (EIDW) Airport + P3Dv4

    Already discussed here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/541130-aerosoftsimwings-dublin-airport/ New payware EIDW on the way from MK-Studios.
  15. F737NG

    Sad News......FlyBe Up For Sale

    Just talks, but an interesting development: Virgin Atlantic in surprise bid to take-off with Flybe I understand the rationale, VS use the carcass of Flybe for feed into LHR and possibly MAN. My concern for everyone involved is that we've seen how this will likely pan out with Virgin Little Red...