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  1. F737NG

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    I don't think it's useful linking to discussions for which settings to use in FS9 and FSX. Having just repeatedly flown in v4.3 using the default settings, then trying again after changing TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT to various 'recommended' values, and finally again when using my choices of TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=150 and TextureMaxLoad=30, I still find that my combination *works best for me* in keeping black textures / slow loading autogen textures away. Anyone reading this is well able to do what I do when I see recommended tweaks - that is to try them and if they don't work, bin them.
  2. F737NG

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    From Avsim's very own P3D guide: So, in my case using TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=150, I follow the algorithm as follows: TextureMaxLoad = Max(6, (6*150)/30 [FPS value]), which gives me a TextureMaxLoad value of 30, whereas the default value is 6. Using 43 in Texture_Bandwidth_Mult causes a problem: 6*43 = 258, which requires FPS to be locked to 3 or 6 for there to be a TextureMaxLoad value that is divisible by 3. Using 57 in Texture_Bandwidth_Mult could be a problem: 6*57 = 342, which requires FPS to be locked to 3, 6, 9, 18, 57 for there to be a TextureMaxLoad value that is divisible by 3. Since most simmers like to have a FPS value that matches their monitor refresh rate, I found that on a 1070 card with monitors that can work at 30Hz and a CPU with 8 cores spreading the load, that I can lock at 30 FPS using the tweak values I wrote above to give me textures that load without delay and negligible stuttering. Using the default values delays textures from loading for me. As in all cases, YMMV!
  3. F737NG

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    IIRC, it's GPU dependent. Try adding the line TextureMaxLoad= under [DISPLAY] in your P3D.cfg file. Put a number there that is a multiple of 3. I use =30 with a GTX 1070 card and I rarely get slow loading textures / black textures. If putting that entry in doesn't work then your settings are too high for your GPU.
  4. F737NG

    MK Studios Tenerife

    My preference was to go for Digital Design's Tenerife South because of better texturing. I downloaded and use Air Hispania's freeware Canary Islands photo scenery to fill in the rest of the island. Fantastic combination!
  5. F737NG

    Blurry Texture P3D v4.3

    Yup. Since it comes up so often we should have one thread pinned on this forum with a stickied post saying "move your sliders to the left". 😄 That value needs to change. Mine is =150 for a GTX 1070 card like you and it works very well. Read this post by @lodestar https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/513405-prepar3d-v4-blurries/?do=findComment&comment=3653539
  6. F737NG

    25 hours an 47 minutes later...

    Uncheck that one immediately. It just eats FPS! You should have a smoother experience just by changing that one option.
  7. F737NG

    A cautionary AI tale......

    Yup, there is. Search for atco-repaints a320neo and it's the first livery on the page.
  8. F737NG

    25 hours an 47 minutes later...

    There is recent talk by JV on Orbx's TE England XP thread that they may look at making seasons available as optional extras. That would save users valuable SSD space if they so wish. It also opens up the potential for Orbx to monetise the extra seasons (though that has not been mentioned).
  9. I think your Portuguese is a little rusty! Surely, you meant to say PHM Atlântico (A140)? 😉 https://mobile.navaltoday.com/2018/06/11/ex-hms-ocean-receives-brazilian-pennant-number/
  10. F737NG

    Things I don't understand.................

    Agree with what @ErichB said when I first read that! The offside rule is very simple: 😵
  11. Take a chill pill yourself! The use of a winking emoticon was to show Henrik (and others) that my message is meant as a joke - something you did not understand. I understand that the package will be ready whenever it is ready. I will continue to wait eagerly for the update, because having seen all of the additional models previewed so far, it will be an amazing addition to what we already have. I highly appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this project to bring some much needed nautical realism into our sims.
  12. Bringing GSX Level 2 to market and resolving its 'anomalies' are likely to be taking up a fair bit of the developer's time... I still reckon Umberto will have KORD ready before the end of this year. Quote by Emilios (albeit back in late July) on FT's forum: FACT, KLAS and KORD are insta-buys for me.
  13. F737NG

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Oh please, you started this thread to b!tch and moan at the price of a significant upgrade. We can't all afford what we would like in life, we choose to buy the things that we think give us the most value or choose to spend a lot on something we really desire - it always comes down to a personal choice. Your choice is to not buy Level 2. A lot of work has gone into creating an add-on that has new features not seen before in P3D and is not just an extension of what was already in the base package, so your SODE analogy does not work. When I see some more favourable comments and fewer teething problems being discussed, I'll buy Level 2. My choice is to buy the upgrade at a later date when things are smoother because I feel it will then be of worth to me.
  14. F737NG


    Gerard, just a suggestion - have you used the NexusMods/Skyrim texture re-size tool on your BVAI models discussed here? https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/455265-vas-oom-and-textures/?page=1 After running the tool twice on the AI textures, my FLAi folder is 3Gb. Maybe a smaller texture file size per model will help you reduce the demand on your computer's resources and maybe slow / stop the 10% FPS drop? Let us know if you do and whether you see any benefit or not, please.
  15. Install a vanilla version of P3D on your laptop and run / test the routes when you're on board a flight - simples! 😉 If your seat neighbour asks you what you're doing, tell them you're working for the Coast Guard and that it's classified... Keep up the excellent work!