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  1. F737NG

    GSX question

    Have used both the Bob Scott and Dave Romford sounds for US and UK voice sets and they are infinitely more realistic than the default GSX. Just discovered the Nick Kidd sound pack in that list, it comes with a different UK voice and a Dutch voice set too - increases the immersion level at Schiphol!
  2. F737NG

    GSX question

    Avsim Library search is your friend: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=replacement+gsx+voice&CatID=root&Go=Search
  3. I imagine that people are desperate for anything above default scenery for an iconic location. Like you, I wouldn't touch NMG stuff with a bargepole. So that's FSDG and new developer South World Scenery both working on Cape Town. Very glad to see yet more scenery developed for Africa and be able to have a choice.
  4. F737NG

    REX Environment Force

    That might all be true, yet what is telling is that many posters on here, who are customers of Rex products, are sharing very similar complaints. Rex would do well to listen to these and do something to rectify the poor image that they have created in the eyes of the consumer.
  5. F737NG

    Are there any 787 profiles for PFPX/TOPCAT?

    Profiles under 'Aircraft Types' on Airlinerperformance.net?
  6. F737NG

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Emmanuel, I imagine a lot of people will be keeping an eye on your work - it looks a million times better than what is currently available!
  7. To me it appears to be a small, but quite vocal minority who cannot appear to get good performance for whatever reason. Shame really, as it's my best performing 'top developer' scenery.
  8. F737NG

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Polite speak for: 'There's **** all there!' (In the sim. Not a Trump-ism about 's**thole countries') 😅 It needs another developer who isn't as demanding as Aerosoft with sight lines, etc. to give it a bash. Surely one of them can get an idea of what the modelling and texturing requirements are using photos off the internet.
  9. Good call on Aerosoft's EDDF. The amount of action on display (apron vehicles, cars/lorries on the Autobahn, aircraft movements on all 3 parallel runways) makes it feel like the most 'alive' airport in the sim for me. Visually, FlyTampa's KBOS is stunning (especially with Aerosoft's US Cities - Boston add-on during the daytime). Looking forward, finger's crossed that FSDT's KORD is as good as it promises. If it is, I think it’s going to set the new benchmark and force all the top developers to catch-up.
  10. F737NG

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    This is a nice little scenery and for under €10. What a bargain! FSDG seem to like their 'obscure' airports (from a simming point of view) with GOBD now joining Djerba, Marsa Alam and Sharm El-Sheikh in their catalogue. Other notable quality payware sceneries include Kilimanjaro and Banjul. Very slowly the list is growing. I reckon once OLC Africa (incl. Middle East) is released will see a more consistent flow of African airports being developed. You never know, we might see one of the big 5 from FAOR, HECA, FACT, GMMN, or DNMM in time for P3Dv5.
  11. Yet larger than the similarly priced Bristol, Southend, Humberside, Norwich, Exeter, etc.
  12. Surely this is the ultimate pax bus / jetway design. https://www.flickr.com/photos/joshuamarks/6101073338 Used at Dulles.
  13. Gary's UK2000 airports have been excellent in that nearly every UK airport is available in FSX with the P3D, and now, the XP product range being brought up to speed. The fact that the country is so well covered, with many regional airfields present is great for us UK-based simmers. Where I disagree is with the price/quality argument is when you compare the once leading texturing of his products to moderately-priced products from other developers. Take FSDG's Heraklion scenery from 2015 for €18. Alternatively, see Digital Design's recent Tenerife South release, available for €19. These two developers are pricing in the same range as UK2000, and for me, there is no comparison. The texture work of these two is of a much higher standard and with no noticeable performance difference. I hope that now FS9 compatibility has been dropped from future products, Gary can at the very least make his products competitive, otherwise I have bought my last scenery from him.
  14. F737NG

    Mettar Simulations and ProjectFly

    This should be titled 'One developer gets upset over another developer producing similar product.' The flight sim community is small and because of that, there are plenty of egos. What we should remember is that our favourite developers are still businesses making money from us, the simmer. We are supporting their commercial enterprises by purchasing the products we like. If I have a choice than that's excellent news and I will buy the one I like the most. All the rest is just melodrama.
  15. F737NG

    Couatl crashes

    Would you mind describing what steps you took with Microsoft's help to resolve your problems please? I've had issues with Couatl since the Windows 1803 update.