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  1. I have happy memories of being directed to obscure aerocaches by fellow players in the early months of Flight. Happy days.......... B)
  2. I haven't flown (any sim) since Christmas really. But I am hoping to set up the pedals and yoke in the next few weeks for a bit of practice. B)
  3. Remote gauges on my ipod or android tablet would certainly go a long way toward making the cockpit-less war-birds more usable for me. B)
  4. Very nice. :blush: love the carbon carbon cub B) . Thanks DXC
  5. I still have not visited even half the airstrips in Alaska. As an optimist I am still hopeful that somebody can eventually add more aircraft (with cockpits) and aerocaches.
  6. Awesome. B) It would be a shame to lose the ability to play the game completely, and to be honest I can't see any real reason for Microsoft to keep the servers up for longer than they have to, they cannot make any more money from Flight.
  7. Even I have upgraded to Windows 7, and I still listen to music on audio cassettes.........
  8. That gravel/sand is going to mess up the hull! :lol: Enjoy your peaceful beach, you picked a nice day for it. B)
  9. Shouldn't this be in the FSX section? Aces Studio closing had nothing to do with MS Flight.
  10. Now stuff like this is what I like. A little bit of background and historical info about the area I am flying in.
  11. The idea of having unlockable "rewards" sounds quite good to me. Some may regard it as to "gamey" for a proper sim, but I like it.
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