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  1. According to first hand witnesses flying at the airport, tower had cleared both for landing, one on left parallel runway and one on right parallel runway. Cirrus appears to have been going fast and overshot turn to final, running into the other final approach space. ATC records seem to corroborate. Of course, this is all opinion at this point until full investigation complete.
  2. My internet is on 12M cable modem. About 24 hours download to reinstall from scratch if I'm not using the internet for anything else. Your internet speed is all about your location, particularly in the rural United States.
  3. Just click the Twitch "ghost" and it will take you the recorded stream.
  4. And that is ok as long as I perpetuate a fantasy about saving humanity? Your argument is a classic "whataboutism". Musk, as an individual and a business, profits and spends capital taken from those that need immediate care. Including US income taxes and government subsidies. Again, in attempts to realize his fantasy about escaping the crumbling world that he is personally responsible for destroying. And, to your point, and to @birdguy's point, so are other elistists.
  5. Maybe we should ask the children dying in the Congo and Bolivia while mining cobalt and lithium about how concerned Musk is for the future of humanity?
  6. Noel, you are spot on and hint at the underlying hubris of certain Western thought habits. I suppose it stems from the Abrahamic traditions, this notion that humans are somehow beyond the natural world and are here to tame/modify/enslave all the survey. @Reader hints at this as well. Elon Musk is an archetype of this arrogance.
  7. "If you have the power to turn another planet into Earth, then you have the power to turn Earth back into Earth." Neil deGrasse Tyson
  8. Dr Joseph Tainter on quantifying and predicting technological innovation. Joseph Tainter | Sustainability: the fundamental question - YouTube
  9. @birdguy You may be interested in the research of Dr. Joseph Tainter.
  10. Nice. Been looking for this kind of capability. Just to double check.....you can take notes on a tablet that shows up in the sim VR?
  11. Any speculation about the relationship of the Optica to one that used to be seen at Sim-Outhouse or to the one that was briefly at flighsim.to?
  12. @Vapor if you are not already familiar with the site, join fsdeveloper.com. Lots of resources and knowledgeable people for 3d modeling.
  13. The best way I've found is to start with translucent white plastic or plexiglass. Cut to shape and paint one side with black paint. On the side with the paint use a laser engraver to create the labels, symbols, etc. The laser will cut away the black paint, allowing light from behind the panel to show thru. This is my pit. Night Lighting Oct 2019 - YouTube
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