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  1. you know there is an up arrow "upvote" as well?
  2. Based on Asobo previous work with VR travel exploration and the current "world model" they are trying to create with MSFS, my bet is Microsoft is building a platform and SDK for any application to use. MS has always done their best work in creating extensible platforms. PS I'm crossing my fingers that Asobo gets VR "as real as it gets" for all this, and gets us out of the half baked, virtual kludge we currently "enjoy" in flightsim.
  3. search sim-outhouse for "pucara".
  4. There was a bit of concern at one of the other flightsim forums about the "panel" for this particular model. Not sure how it will shake out in the final product, but as it was explained by the developer, it will not have a full virtual cockpit. Probably still a 1st day purchase for me, just to see what it is.
  5. @Gibbage Kevin, Thanks so much for this gift to the community. I was happy to contribute to your cause. Good Luck in your endeavors!
  6. After you get Orbx Global Base, you can install their freeware airport package which updates couple hundred airports.
  7. Lionheart Gibbage Art Zenith 701...consider contributing as an appreciation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/flight-simmers-for-education
  8. maybe you were close to MTOW? the -200 is a bit underpowered compared to more modern variants.
  9. Thanks for helping out again @Lorby_SI!!! For the sound issues, I edited the appropriate panel.cfg and sound.ini entries with the corrected path. Thanks for the xml solution for the dll config!!
  10. The DRM that Carenado uses makes it difficult to convert them to addon.xml method. I have successfully done by first installing them using their installer into the P3D folder as default. Then moving the simobjects/gauges/etc out to addon.xml folders. Leaving the DRM files in the P3D folder. The installers also put entries in the dll.xml file so these have to be "respected" as well. It's not for the faint of heart/experience but it can be done. The good news is that for all the modern Carenado installers, the DRM files are all the same so after one plane is successfully moved, all the others should be much easier. I confess I'm not in the mood or have the patience to do any further explanation or any kind of tutorial. I will just say it can be done with some grunting and groaning. All the developers need to get on board with addon.xml for heavens sake.
  11. @Petspi77 I could not find the original image and the website is no longer available. Here is a version that show what needs to be done.
  12. @Petspi77 Yes, no problem. When I return from work this evening, I will find the picture.
  13. That my friend is a very bad and potentially condescending sentiment. But I will let it pass as an example of the echo chamber.
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