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  1. yurei

    Emiliano Sala Simulation?

    At the beginning of the video, it says XPlane 11
  2. yurei

    Has Orbx abandonded FSX and P3Dv3?

    I believe you will start to see the aircraft developers begin to differentiate their models. A well known company that has spent some years developing one of the most complex aircraft for P3D has hinted this model will be more feature rich in v4 (64 bit). For the FSX/P3Dv3 version, some sacrifices to 32 bit will likely need to be made.
  3. Why don't you use SimStarter NG?
  4. Best to post at VRS forum, if you haven't already.
  5. Definitely following this thread. I'm a hardware pit flyer who does weird things like write down ATC clearances. VR, in it's current incarnation, degraded my overall experience to the point of being just a video game. I looked at 3Dvision and saw that it was not compatible in the past. Good to hear that P3Dv4.4 supports it. Looking forward to developing this topic more. Thanks.
  6. Blurries are not about number of cores. Search "blurries Rob Ainscough" for a description of why "blurries" are created and how to solve them in P3D v4.3 and v4.4. The overgeneralized bottom line...turn down your scenery settings and double the VRAM on your GPU. 🙂
  7. yurei

    Stearman biplane is a hoot!

    I love this one too.
  8. yurei

    freeware aircraft performance issues

    Sounds like there is an issue in your throttle mapping. Most likely prop pitch and/or beta/reverser.
  9. yurei

    BAe T2 Hawk Model

    I believe that Iris Simulations was working on the Aussie version of T2 but that scuttlebutt is a couple years old. Try contacting them via website or FaceBook. Let us know the results....would like to have a T2 in P3D.
  10. yurei

    Aerial Refueling

    hope nobody saw the coffee coming out of my nose.
  11. yurei

    Aerial Refueling

    Navy pilots hate refueling from a KC-135. The boom that Air Force pilots love so well creates turbulent air that is constantly and erratically moving the drogue around. BTW, Air Force airplanes are female and Navy airplanes are males...if you know what I mean.
  12. REDACTED as potentially irrelevant (sorry for the post)
  13. Haseen, You already have the best of breed for many of the categories! Very hard to improve on the planes you are already flying. One to look out for: the Milviz B350i. It has been in the works for a very long time but is in the final stages of development. I have flown it since the first alpha build and the flight model is excellent. The avionics programming will likely be the best of the best when done. Check out their Facebook page for progress reports (the latest from yesterday shows integration of Navigraph charts into the cockpit displays). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful in your quest. Good luck with all your endeavors in the new year.