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  1. Not me either, I was setting up my controller in no time.. I also have them all, and belive me,MS and P3d sims had cost me10x more time to setup to get running smooth than I have used on X-plane. I find that comment from Jim strange actually... As a "new"simmer I also will recommend you to go for X-plane.. Lots of free stuff and lots of fun.. :-)

    With the lates version MCE dosent interact at all with GSX
  3. Hi, I also have the problems with the functions mention above. As for now MCE is more and less useless for the Dash. Will there be a patch for this ?
  4. Multi Crew Experience CRJ 700-900

    Amen! My best add on investment.. You guys are just amazing. Thanks.
  5. HELP!!! P3Dv4 not loading

    Remember to start with a default aircraft , and wait for the welcome splash screen to choose aircraft.
  6. PMDG 777 autobrakes problem

    The red text "BRAKES" will only show up when you apply manually breaking, Auto Break applies until you start manual breaking.
  7. HELP!!! P3Dv4 not loading

    Delete C:\Users\%YOUR_USER_ACCOUNT%\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg and see if that help
  8. I belive the OP is looking for some more flexibility , such as adding customised sounds files that suits his airliner. As far I know this is not possible in fs2crew due to hard coding. WELL, I belive YOU already was award of that.
  9. Global ATC Simulator vs Flight1's ATC Pro

    Need to chime in and say that ATCpro have been updated to version 1.20 and even for me with my bad Norwegian accent this sim works flawless. I will state that ATCpro is a ATC study simulator we never seen before and it give you so much fun when you start to master it. Check out this youtuber and you will understand what this is all about. https://www.atcprosim.com/ http://atcpro.flight1.net/forums/atc-pro-forums_forums_cat1.html
  10. Actually ,as a commuter for 30 years I never heard this announcement been done in Norwegian language, but it should be something like this; "Kabin personalet forbered kabinen for avgang"
  11. PMDG 738 NGX NAX SOP MCE script and checklist is now updated to V4.0 final release. If you have downloaded previous version I highly recommend you to download again. You will now find 2 main document that includes procedures and checklist where one is to be used during day time and the other is adjusted for night light. Dowload link is in previous post. Procedures/flow and checklist included in this version: • After de icing procedure • After landing clean up procedure • After start procedure • After takeoff procedure • Approach procedure • APU fire procedure • APU start procedure • Before start procedure • Before taxi procedure • De-icing procedure • Engine cross bleed start procedure • Engine one fire procedure • Engine shutdown procedures • Engine start procedure • Engine fire procedures • No engine bleed after takeoff procedure • No engine bleed takeoff procedure • Power up procedures • Pre-flight procedure • RVSM procedure • Runway entry procedure • Secure aircraft procedure
  12. Here is mine that work .. <SimBase.Document Type="SimConnect" version="1,0"> <Descr>SimConnect</Descr> <Filename>SimConnect.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>IPv4</Protocol> <Scope>global</Scope> <Address></Address> <MaxClients>64</MaxClients> <Port>500</Port> <MaxRecvSize>4096</MaxRecvSize> <DisableNagle>False</DisableNagle> </SimConnect.Comm> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>IPv4</Protocol> <Scope>global</Scope> <MaxClients>64</MaxClients> <Address></Address> <Port>29764</Port> <MaxRecvSize>8192</MaxRecvSize> <DisableNagle>False</DisableNagle> </SimConnect.Comm> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>Auto</Protocol> <Scope>local</Scope> </SimConnect.Comm> </SimBase.Document> *The last one is for PSXseeconTraffic