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  1. I have X56 Hotas and MSFF2, in P3D i use MSFF2 as a stick, its very old but still one of the best out there .. Not to mention flying chopper in DCS with a MSFFB2 is awesome..
  2. Have to revert on this, sometimes it start sometimes not. If it starts and after aircraft is ready and close MCE, its impossible to start again without restarting my pc. I have to do multiple click on the mce.exe to make it start.. Also tested the other *.exe files in Multi crew folder and everyone works expect from xpwiz.exe It turn up from a very short periode in task manager for then to disappear. Same result with antivirus turned off Edit: Installed Norton security and re install, now everything seem to work.. Svein T
  3. Thanks again for the continue updates and support for this amazing addon. - To get the auto brake to function it need to be changed to "auto-brake rto" (hyphen) - Sound function now add loop as default like this : [SCRIPT] left pack off right pack off SoundLoop=naxsafety.wav This make all added sound files to go in loop, change it to Sound=naxsafety.wav to make it stop at the end of each sound files. Also the sounds files play very low compare to previous version, is there a way to control the volume? Not a big issue, but I have a couple of thousand downloads for my script and its a bit confusing when script lines change and make them not to work properly. In advance thanks. regards Svein T
  4. Update! I got it to work again after i go into the folder options for C:\Program Files (x86)\multi crew and give change permission for all users.. Thanks
  5. I consider to be a donor to this site some time ago, but to quote Silicuse " It has changed a lot over the last few years.Plenty of oversensitive moderators and censorship going on." Its also impossible to discuss how to improve Avsim with the staff without been blocking or getting the post deleted. Now i'm only her to get support from some of my most used addons. Sadely I'm also not feeling home at avsim anymore..
  6. There is no mce.exe running as a background an there is nothing to kill (no multi crew is running) I use the latest version, installed in the default installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\multi crew.......
  7. This error has happen to me after the last windows update and I am now unable to use MCE. Sometimes i get it to run when i click the MCE.exe multiple times. Other times it say "copilot is already on board."... have try everything mention in this post with no luck.. Could it be a licence issue?
  8. Not me either, I was setting up my controller in no time.. I also have them all, and belive me,MS and P3d sims had cost me10x more time to setup to get running smooth than I have used on X-plane. I find that comment from Jim strange actually... As a "new"simmer I also will recommend you to go for X-plane.. Lots of free stuff and lots of fun.. :-)
  9. With the lates version MCE dosent interact at all with GSX
  10. Hi, I also have the problems with the functions mention above. As for now MCE is more and less useless for the Dash. Will there be a patch for this ?
  11. Amen! My best add on investment.. You guys are just amazing. Thanks.
  12. Remember to start with a default aircraft , and wait for the welcome splash screen to choose aircraft.
  13. The red text "BRAKES" will only show up when you apply manually breaking, Auto Break applies until you start manual breaking.
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