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  1. Laurie... another outstanding video production. You exhibit a real talent there sir. In this day and age of editing that moves faster than a runaway freigh train it's "comforting" to watch a video that let's the old noodle absorb what is actually being seen before your brain has to do a backflip for the next set of pixels. I've tried to make it to the site three times over the past 10 years since being in the southeast, and each time "something" has popped up to derail the sidetrip on the way to somewhere else. I think I just need to make Kill Devil Hills THE destination and just do it! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers.
  2. I have embarked on my round the globe FSE trip with the PC-12. Over the past month I have flown 51 legs for a total of 13,398nm. I departed Perth Australia, flew across the south coast into Tasmania, back up to the north end of the Gold Coast, across to NZ via Lord Howe Island, down to Queensland NZ, back up and out to New Caledonia and am now as far as Jakarta. I’m of the opinion this is the perfect plane for this type of trip. Cruising at 250kts is “just about right” for this old pilot. Slow enough to enjoy the scenery and fast enough not to get boring. Of the 51 legs, I have had about five legs where the stuttering upon landing was quite noticeable, even at remote airports. I sport an Intel I7 cpu 2 years old and a 2080Ti 13g, 32MB memory. Twice the batteries have drained and avionics shut down. I most always have to apply significant trim up at takeoff and a few times had to literally fight the yoke to stay airborne. I tend to stay with and fly many hours in an aircraft I enjoy. I have 2500 hours logged in my DC3. I like this aircraft. It’s comfortable to fly. You have to learn it’s quirks, and there certainly are some. I’m still trying to get all the various VOR knobs and buttons sorted out to do old school VOR navigation. I have the TDS GTNXi installed on a second monitor by removing the Community Folder entry. I use a GoFlight MCP Pro. I get heading control with it. I DO NOT get altitude control. I get course control for the ILS green arrows, but not GPS blue. All AP buttons function. I can program a button on my TM MCD’s to get an altitude hold, VS ENG, via FSUIPC7, but I cannot find an event or an Lvar for the arm button. Is someone knows that offset, would appreciate a sharing. Also, no Inert Sep button. All lights, battery, gen and avionics switches program to buttons. De Icing is a mixed bag. One last item; I cannot get the GTN750 to see a flight plan from Simbrief. I point my downloader to what the manual told me down into the ProgramData folder. The files are there, yet the 750 catalog will not see them. Am I doing something wrong here? AM most definitely getting my 25 bucks worth. If SWS comes along and makes a much better one, I’ll be all cheered up. I’m learning Pilot 2 ATC with ATC Chatter and found it much easier to install and use that what I expected. REALLY makes a difference.
  3. What an absolute waste of time reading the last four pages of complaining, running down, criticizing, sniveling and arrogant pontificating. I've not seen a larger bunch of over privileged snowflakes gathered in one spot, ever I think you guys should get together, risk you futures and your capital and build your own software development company. I read his remarks as actually rounding the corner and seeing a fairly clear path ahead. Wow, what has this place has become.
  4. I'm not experiencing any of the issues you're referencing after a good forty hours of flight. I'm truly enjoying learning to fly this aircraft. $25 well spent. I had a girlfriend like that as a younger man. But wowww....was she good. After reading thousands of posts here over the years I have noticed a correlation between the amount of "fixed, tweaks, enhancements, useless community folder folders,add on helpers, utilities and ssouped up snake oil and user experiences. "Intervention" appears to be a high unknown variable in the equation.
  5. Steve has a copy of the 64bit GoFlight version 2.6 on hid Polypott site. I believe he does not charge for it. As far as I can tell Polypott GIT, FSUIPC and Spad.next all will assist in getting GoFlight modules talking to MS2020. All 3 have limitations I'm told and all 3 have significant learning curves. FSUIPC has an advanced guide and John does a great job of answering questions for those truly attempting to learn. I cannot speak at all to Spad.next. I see there Discord channel for GoFlight is empty. Don't know what, if any, support is offered for GoFlight at Spad.next. I'm of the opinion Pollypott GIT would be the way to go for a pre developed profile, mostly for PMDG aircraft. My observations see Steve at Pollypott developing virtual hardware, which he sells, that emulate the functions of our GoFlight hardware. I don't see a lot of development time and support going into his Detective tools which allow for detailed manipulations of LVAR's and Events which are the core of getting buttons, toggle switches and rotaries to work with GoFlight hardware. The really good news is the GoFlight hardware appears to be quite well built. If anyone has direct experience with Spzd.next and GoFlight it would be great to hear of it. I have read over the years the FSX solution works for some, but mostly not for others. I have 11 units and need to evaluate and decide which software vendor to dive down the rabbit hole with.
  6. I also have GoFlight modules. 11 of them. I also too believe they are very well built and will provide good hardware service for many years to come. Like Ray, I have also relied on Pollypott GIT software to keep them alive. Steve has done an outstanding job there. However, it appears to me that most of the GIT support will continue to come in Steve's downloadable premade profiles, most notably for PDMG aircraft. I'm faced with a decision as to the best path to take a "deep dive" to learn what is beyond the premade profiles. If anyone has ever read through the manuals for his Detective programming software or seen the video's for the same, you will soon learn the learning curve is not slight. I'm of the understanding that both FSUIPC and Spad.next also can be utilized to drive buttons, switches and rotaries between the GoFlight units and your flightsim platform. I'm hoping others will agree it would be very beneficial to have a thread here that all of us can share resources, experiences and ask questions. I'm hopeful Ray and the gang would agree. While Polypott is well supported and Steve provides support, going beyond the prebuilt profiles is pretty much a "you're on your own" effort. As Ray pointed out, Steve's focus is in another direction with his virtual hardware emulation.
  7. My home is just shy of 5 miles inland of Ft. Myers Beach. Two kids with grandkids within 2 miles. All of us are shaken, but well. House survived for the most part. New roll down shutters installed 5 months ago really helped. Some neighbors not so lucky, but all 84 homes in our circle held. I was impressed the power came back on in about 50 hours. Irma took 10 days. Have a good genset. The news, for whatever reason, is not really reporting the totality of the situation. I have a good friend thats a sherrif. They expect the death toll to exceed 500 on Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva and Pine Island. Dogs, gators, bugs and other animals beginning to feed on the dead. There are still hundreds on those islands who survived not off yet. The only bridge onto Pine Island in Matlache is down. KRSW is closed. I75 for 2 miles up on the Peace River north of us is under 4 feet of water and if the very stressed dike inland let's go it will be 15. All the hospitals in Lee County are closed due to flooding. Our house sits under helicopter route to beach. Twin bladed chinooks, about one an hour each way, 24 hours a day over the house. Looting has started. Most traffic lights not working and people are just jerks bumper to bumper rather than circle feed across the intersections. Ambulance sirens non stop 24 hours a day. Neighbors helping neighbors. After 3 days, at 67, I feel like I have been beaten about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat. No internet. I took today off from outside, came in and flew my fake plane around to just take my mind off things for a while. No gas. Stores closed, although a few are starting to open with line a block or two long at 7am. If you're so bent PLEASE say a prayer for both the victims, the completely clueless morons who would not follow evac orders, and the hero 1st responders. BTW, up until 33 hours before landfall we were told we were not in the cone and it was a Cat 3. Never seen so many six figure salaried "professionals get things so wrong. The very worst scenario unfolded. My cellphone teathering has been the only link to the outside.
  8. It does help a great deal. Thank you for the assistance. Greatly appreciated.
  9. I wish to log an around the world flight. I will only use an aircraft for that purpose, no other flights for that aircraft. I wish to log these flights cumulatively. Can I zero out the logbook and have it reset for all aircraft? I read chapter 23 of the manual and did not see this discussed. If I can't, I suppose I can export the CVS file when completed into Excel and calculate my trip stats. However, I don't believe I saw any date fields. It would be great to have the logbook keep trip stats and still fly other aircraft. I could add turn on/off logbook to my checklist. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. Thank You! Class Act videos. I also found the time to enjoy your other video's. Very well done. I will echo the other comments regarding reasonx for purchase and learning the PC-12. It's history, utility and challenge all combined. BTW... does anyone know if the SWS aircraft under development is this current "45" (I believe) or the newer glass office models. Thanks.
  11. Have the PC-12 configured and flying. Doing some touch and goes, tweaking viewsaand buttons with my Alpha yoke and feeling my away around the office. As one reviewer mentioned, it does feel like there is a BUNCH more mass under you than the TMB. A good thing for my tastes. Have the GTNXi installed. Nice that all my GoFlight and Pollypot software modules seem to function, especailly the MCP and radios. Nice! Two questions: Never mind..... RTFM. Took a bit to find the word not allowed thing hidden in my icon mess. Thanks!
  12. Would appreciate opinions on which GTN750 to place in the firewall. I have a premium Navigraph sub. I have a second monitor which I use for it and other goodies. Most of my flying for the forseeable future will be outside the US (that world tour). I remember reading that may be an issue with the GTNXi charts. I don't mind paying for the premium PMS50. i do know how to use one, flew with it regularly in my A2A Bonanza. Thoughts, opinions, bias or regrets? I'm leaning toward the premium PMS50, but want to get some feedback from experience.Thanks!
  13. Been thinking of purchasing this as a replacement for the TMB930 which I have spent considerable time with the past year. After reading the VERY informed opinions of those here, watching reviews and giving it serious consideration, I’m going to make the commitment. Like a few other pilots here, I wish to do an around the world tour. The TMB is a bit fast for low and slow sightseeing. I’m hoping the PC12 will fit the bill. My suspicion is that my expectations are not as high as many here. The price point, combined with the yet to be determined GTN750 choice is acceptable to me for the few negatives presented so far. Please don’t take this wrong, but I believe many compare this aircraft to the best in their hanger, which is only natural. When I look at the forest from within the trees the past two years, I am in utter amazement at where we are quality wise compared with two years ago. I have found MSFS2020 to be an outstanding earth simulator and, so far at least, a work in progress flight simulator. That’s OK for my time and money. The level of effort being put into both the simulator and aircraft are so far past what I would have guessed two years ago, I’m just extremely grateful for the toys I have here. It will take some time to get up the PC12 curve, but perhaps by the time the SWS study level comes out I will be able to appreciate the differences and just enjoy the flight seeing. Thank you to all the power users who take the time to give us casual users a path to follow. Much appreciated!
  14. Recently upgraded to P3Dv5. Everything went fine with the exception of the Majestic Q400. I have no less than six to eight hours into getting my favorite aircraft up and functioning in V5. Before I rub my neck and write a check to get a pro to get the aircraft functioning I thought I would ensure there are pilots out there flying the Q400 in P3Dv5.2. I have given up on Majestic support. Although brilliant dev’s and most likely very nice guys, IMHO they are simply burned out in the support area. They cite the changes LM have made as being the issues and have simply walked away from the issue. Thanks!
  15. I put it off until just recently. Just finishing it up the past few weeks. Just as much "stuff" as you listed. It went much smoother than I thought it would. Time consuming. A bit of time, but got through without major hangups. I like it. Pleased I did it.
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