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  1. I could never get it to work. Can someone walk through how they did it? This tutorial didn't work for me.
  2. Well... I've done all the fixes annnnd the freezing and 'weather' phenomenon seems fixed. Also running advanced system care and malwarebytes made my computer and fsx considerably faster sooo yeahhhh. Thanks (for now) everyone!
  3. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tomorrow I'll try everything out.
  4. Yeah, it's still the same with the freezing and VNAV thing just slightly higher fps when I'm not 'filming'... Yeah, I guess my response was pretty hostile. Didn't really mean that... I just typed what came to my head. And Claus, it's the default PMDG 777 sound. I think I still have the autosave from that flight, so I might try to reenact it this weekend. The longer I fly, the worse performance I get (obviously) and my computer was on pretty much that entire weekend running FSX so....yeahhh maybe that contributed to it. I run malwarebytes sometimes, and nothing really ever comes up .
  5. You can't be serious? Given the circumstances, most systems would run it as laggy as this. Everything I have is completely optimized... no ai. 1024 textures. 60nm cloud draw, cloud layers=4, vector disabled, other scenery disabled. I use a 3570k @4.2, 8 gigs of ddr3 gskill sniper series @1600 or so mhz idk off the top of my head...and a 1 gig 7850. It does just fine. Keep in mind that I was streaming and that dumbs down performance profoundly. It freezes like that regardless if I'm getting 45 or 5 fps and fsx never ooms either Here it's smooth with no freezing. Smooth with freeze: (ignore the guy talking) More smoothness:
  6. Okay thanks everyone. I'll try out the sound fix for the freezing. VAS isn't an issue for me. I'll reinstall ASN and the 777 too. Does anyone want to suggest what maximum updraft/downdraft and maximum cloud/wind turbulence they use? Mine is just maxed out. I'll report back on Friday. I use OBS to stream/capture which is on my other drive and it takes a lotttttt of bandwidth.
  7. Oh, I misread your post.. forget my balloon up comment.
  8. Well obviously, yeah. There is no way this is normal behavior, I was just trying to resolve the issue. It would balloon up, not down though. Everyone who I've talked to never said they had the problem. I'm using ASN SP2b or whatever the latest is called if that helps..
  9. Well it happens the moment after I put down flaps... so I was thinking it might have been caused by that.
  10. It's definitely something similar to that. Couldn't find another one diving, but it does happen quite frequently which is why I don't think it was an updraft. And here is another freeze. https://youtu.be/kSO5peHj9h8?t=1h57m34s
  11. I was just wondering if there are any ways to fix these issues for me. My affinity mask is 5... and load is I think only 100% on my first core when landing. The freezing happens in both the NGX and 777 but only in highly dense areas. Virtual Memory was at ~2.9GB, and it's version 1.10.6320 Pitch: The airspeed increases and it starts gaining altitude whilst pitching down to keep on path. Is it just me being a noob? Freeze:
  12. JustPlanes.com confirmed tomfoolery? ...kidding. Nice work!
  13. Buy Audio Environment. It helps, but doesn't really mitigate the issue. That's why I'm hear looking for an even better fix.
  14. Why wouldn't you pm me that? The thing is, I press post then have to wait a few minutes before it's actually posted so I make a new thread thinking that something went wrong. It's not a matter of editing, just a mistake.
  15. It works. Rebooting isn't necessary though. Vector doesn't conflict at all for me as long as I keep UTX on top. I just keep it off to save VAS. I'll investigate the other thing, but it's so minor. Thanks Mayun!
  16. How do I get rid of the encasements? This is UTX 2 on top of FTX PNW Hybrid with Vector disabled. Also, how do I get rid of the desert patches? I just re-installed UTX and don't remember ever having this problem
  17. SOLVED: Just uninstall UT1.... I reinstalled UT2 just to make sure. The default settings look freaking gorgeous. What you see above 'were' my own terrible settings ahah.
  18. U WUT M8? Seriously though. Do I need to uninstall UTX 1 USA since I use 2 now?
  19. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/385764-blobish-square-large-lights-at-night-with-utx/ Hmmm. Is it supposed to be removed?
  20. Sorry for bringing this up again, but the problem wasn't actually resolved. How do I remove these lights or at least mitigate the zoom/bloom effect? Vector lights are disabled, and so is vector. All of the non screwy lights are UTX 2.0 They get small when I zoom in. And big when I zoom out. Don't ban plis
  21. Thanks. I solved it in CCC. I use SweetFX without SMAA . I'll try that out.
  22. I can't get AA in windowed mode. Never could. I'm using latest drivers. RadeonPro crashes FSX... so I can't use that.
  23. Sooo does anyone know what addon those bright white and red street lights come from? I can't seem to disable them with UTX 2 lights and FTX vector/global lights.
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