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  1. davezissou

    Ezdok Help Please

    Yeah, you have to use the mouse zoom in order for it to save - won't save by using the +/- keys. Took me a few mins to figure out myself the other day!
  2. davezissou

    Captain Sim Sale!

    lol, I did the same thing with the 727 - they responded with an FSX link for me within a few hours - check your spam folder, though, if you don't see it; ended up in there for me for some reason.
  3. davezissou

    Captain Sim Sale!

  4. Nice! Sill no joy, though! Hopefully early this week!
  5. Captain Sim's response to a question on fb whether they would be having a sale this year: "Who knows. Please stay tuned for news." Hope that's a promising sign! Have the 727 in my sights!
  6. davezissou

    Flying Panamerican with an old DC-6

    Ahh, now that's the life!! Love the shots, specially approaching Caracas!
  7. Looking forward to Cielosim's Jacksonville, and Latinvfr's Raleigh. Definitely agree with New Orleans, and if ever SunSkyJet finished KDTW. Would also like to see a good rendition of Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.
  8. davezissou

    Seizing the Autumn

    Stunning work, Predrag!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. davezissou

    Learjet 35A

    This is my first Flysimware - I was a little concerned about the textures at first, from the initial FSW screenshots, but let me just say there was no need for concern! It looks sharp, both outside and in! I don't have that a high-end a system - an i5 3750k with a gtx 660, and 8gb ram - this plane runs smooth as anything for me (Mega airport Dublin, Paris, to name a couple of the heavy ones), and looks great both in daylight and in the dark! There are a couple of youtube videos out already, I'd say check them out, they look great in those as well - but it's a lot more enjoyable when you're the one flying her! =) Edit: I'm using FSX:SE
  10. davezissou

    Dassault Mercure Newsletter #4

    Wow!!! This is looking amazing! Hope to be able to fly it someday!
  11. davezissou

    Coolsky DC9

    Does anyone here have the steam edition hotfix on their computer they'd be willing to share? For some reason I am never able to get access to Flight 1 forums, and it's nothing but a weeklong ticketfest with their customer support before I wind up having to get a refund. I would really love to be able to fly this bird - but looks like my decision to move on to FSX SE after win 10 upgrade put me in a bad spot for this one.
  12. davezissou

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    Arghhh, now it's going to seem like such a long week waiting for release!
  13. davezissou

    Just Flight L1011 Professional

    The manual is 164 pages. It will get you flying the plane - you won't have to refer to it long, though, because it's pretty easy to start the plane up and get going. The manual covers all the panels, has a tutorial, explains the INS, has a checklist, and a couple of reference tables. It's not PMDG detailed, but it gets the job done.
  14. davezissou

    Just Flight L1011 Professional

    I also got it recently, and quite like it. I wish it were more complex, though. It can be started up and ready to go in a couple of minutes - so systems-wise it's not that deep. The VC looks great (wish the CLS DC-10 V1 looked that good), and the flight dynamics seem pretty good for the type of bird she is. I have a lot of fun on long hauls with this one - the steepest learning curve to it will be landing once the DLC (direct lift control) kicks in. I average about 250fpm even when struggling with DLC, average landing, but it looks pretty ugly. I've mainly used the FMS version for navigation, as the INS will take a little time to get familiar with if you haven't used it before, and it requires a good amount of attention, especially on a longer flight (which would be fun if you're able to sit in the cockpit the whole time). So, I like the combination of FMS for the haul, and more manual navigation for the approach phase of the flight(s). If you have Ernie Alston's ISG, then it will add a nice modern touch to it, and make it a lot easier on the navigation side of things. As far as FPS, I have no problems with it on a relatively decent system - taxes me about as much as the PMDG 777, which still runs pretty well for me, generally anywhere except UK2000's Heathrow. All in all, I find it to be a great addon. I would recommend picking it up when JF has a sale, though. It's great, but I'd rather get it on sale, to make room for another smaller scenery or something!
  15. davezissou

    V35 repaints

    Edit - disregard post, as it seems I can't delete it.