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  1. After you've built your flight, go to the "Route" section in Simbrief and click on FlightAware. You'll see both a route analysis summary as well as real world flights. Find your route in the itemized list and see what FL real world airlines are flying (at least for US flights). Go back and plug that FL into your flight selections for a more realistic flight. Otherwise as noted, you'll just get the max cruising level which is often impossible to fly on short routes.
  2. Outstanding, glad your issue got fixed! Never thought of the downloader as a solution, but its a great app. I use it / update from it practically daily. I actually have the download files pointed to my MSFS Addon Linker. That way I can keep everything up to date, but only choose right before a flight what addons I want to use. That keeps the Community Folder from getting bloated and causing excess loading times in the game. Happy flying!
  3. Have you tried going into settings and seeing if there are any other conflicting battery/avionics mappings? Wondering since it’s happening to you on more than one plane - whether you have a “cross-map” ? And thanks for the avatar shout-out. I’ve loved that movie since I was a little kid. Was dialing channels the other day, and it happened to be on! Let us know if you have any success with the detective work!
  4. For me, I've found that I need to make sure my Honeycomb Yoke Master Battery and Avionic switches are all "on" as I've have those mapped. If I leave them off, the screen will stay blank (power off) as you described. One of my favorites to fly as well.
  5. That's what I was afraid of as well. Really appreciate all the feedback on this forum though.
  6. Have a question I've been wanting to ask. I have one eye that's 20-20 vision ... and the other, not so good. Not really correctable and and see mostly blurry. So, is VR possible with just one eye?
  7. They've already sold their integrity, why not sell the domain name too
  8. So, is the Black Friday sale for the "complete package" for $59 a good deal - or just the standard pricing they've been offering?
  9. Ray, Sorry to hear of your health issues, hope you are on the mend. Totally agree with Waldo Pepper. This mod is great for all the WT updates, makes it super easy to keep up with them and ensure you always have the most current versions - and you can even add to it if you like. https://flightsim.to/file/15569/msfs-community-downloader They even update the linker on a regular basis too. Best!
  10. Not only hidden, but you can’t get permission to “use it” for things like anti-virus exclusion.
  11. Pull the trigger and buy 2020. You won't be disappointed and you won't look back.
  12. My guess is that the "expansion" will have the cockpit of a Long Easy, and the "freighter" will have the cockpit of a Cessna Caravan.
  13. Clear demonstration that this garbage product is motivated by nothing but greed.
  14. FBW A32NXC is also an outstanding aircraft. Great example of what can be accomplished in this sim. (and at least so far ... its free)
  15. Ummm .... slapping a 747 cockpit inside a 777 airplane ... yeah, quality was certainly no consideration here. Like you said, pricing wasn't about the work here - it was nothing but a cash grab. They should be ashamed for even putting this on the market. I feel bad for the unsuspecting buyers.
  16. I remember reading the CRJ Aerosoft forum, pre-release just for the entertainment value. It was literally years of ... “The release date is just around the corner!” Literally many years worth.
  17. Completely agree. If you look at the last release of the CRJ...it was a 6 year cycle of ‘almost here”
  18. Ummmm...didn’t it take Aerosoft/Hans, like 6 years to produce the CRJ? Even then at launch it was hugely buggy. I can’t see how this is going to get to the msfs platform so quickly, without issues or major compromises. That said, hope I’m wrong.
  19. It's much the same for me. I use Navigraph to ensure I've got a detailed flight plan, then like Mr. Fuzzy select IFR - Low Altitude. I plug in any missing away points from Navigraph - and away you go. Overall can't say I've had a bad experience yet.
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