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  1. I don't use Vector in P3D its a real performance hit for me. But i use global as there is no performance hit and australia dost look like a Descartes lol.
  2. freequest

    QW757 P3D & SE good news

    Yep as long as they don't offer support i don't offer money. Common sense there.
  3. freequest

    DSR yes or no?

    O I see forgive me.
  4. freequest

    DSR yes or no?

    you spell it S N A K E O I L ... Infact you have spelled it correctly. And you in the wrong discussion as well you should be in a topic related to spelling not discussing DSR. I assume you are from a non English speaking country or it is not native to you since you have made such a error.
  5. freequest

    DSR yes or no?

    I used to use it. But not any-more as it wasn't making a difference in simulator performance. So i don't bother. P3D is a strange beast. Also used to use it in XPX but its no longer needed what ever they have done with XPX now requires no DSR . But this is my impression i suggest you just give it a go yourself.
  6. freequest

    Installing V 2.5?

    Generally what I do is uninstall what ever I installed into the old version then uninstall P3D itself and delete it from the HDD. I leave the stuff it puts in the Documents dir alone then I reinstall everything again that's all i do works well for me though it is time consuming.
  7. I am guessing here but maybe the GPU to CPU via the PCI bus is not as quick as the GPU to CPU via the CPU itself? Im sure someone out there is much smarter than me and can explain it all
  8. its on the list... I will eventually get to it (: love the older s
  9. freequest

    PMDG DC-6B on approach

    O yes that would be wonderful.
  10. freequest

    PMDG DC-6B on approach

    This is Perfect though I would have preferred a Super constellation a DC-6B is a worthier superstition..
  11. this is what I thought it is. +1 to me
  12. freequest

    10.35 is out

    No I thought he was announcing it to Tom ): O well
  13. freequest

    Problems purchasing Prepar3d

    If you were in australia id say get a prepaid credit card and try that.... not sure what you could do if that dost work.