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  1. I also use Process Lasso. Process Lasso is the best way in my opinion as it's so flexible and so easy to use, no need to go into bios to turn HT on or off, you can choose to have HT on or off on a per Application basis, and once you have decided what cores and hyperthreading mode you would like an application to use, Process Lasso remembers your settings for that app and will automatically apply them when you boot up your desired program. I use it to allocate some of my e-cores on my 13600KF to run external apps like one e-core assigned to FS Realistic Pro, another e-core to run FSLTL, another e-core to run AnyoneFly etc etc. You can also tell Process Lasso to always run MSFS with High Priority all the time with one simple click, or instantly make MSFS use maximum performance CPU mode with one click etc. I would argue it's almost indispensable if you are running a 12/13/14 series intel. It's also handy for non MSFS related gaming stuff, a few examples: Star Wars Empire at War rts game. There are a load of great community mods for this old game, but it runs really poorly on my 13600KF as it was only really designed to run dual-core so you get about 10 frames a second. With Process Lasso I just set the game to use 2 cores and bang. 60fps smooth as silk. Fire and forget, I never have to bother setting the affinity for that game ever again whenever I run it. Assassins Creed Odyssey, When the game loads up under normal circumstances on my 13600KF, it doesn't appear to enable any of my e-cores. Now the game still runs great apart from randomly freezing for 5 seconds when you are playing. No rhyme or reason to it, just completely random. It never crashes just freezes for 5 seconds then carries on as normal. I use Process Lasso to enable all my cores for the game, and it now runs butter smooth all of the time. No more freezing.
  2. Yes, W11 is a lot better for HDR gaming, especially like you said, it now has a built in hdr calibration tool in the settings as default. The "halo" effect is normally due to the small amount of dimming zones on cheaper LED tv's and monitors. Oled displays don't suffer from this, and micro-led displays have enough dimming zones to pretty much negate this too. Unfortunately there currently isn't a "perfect" display solution in my opinion. I love my LG C1, but my Samsung Q95T can get twice as bright as my C1 using HDR and HDR looks sublime on it, but blacks aren't quite as good (although excellent), and it suffers with really bad elevated blacks with gysnc or freesync enabled, so there are no "perfect" displays in the market yet, they all suffer from one weakness in one way or another.
  3. Because not everybody has or can afford a monitor/tv that's has a native 10-bit supported panel. It's not like 10-bit panels are the norm, even now as we are about to enter 2023, TV's and monitors with 10-bit panels still cost a higher premium. I would personally be amazed if more than 20% of current flight sim users here are actually outputting to a proper native 10-bit panel like an LG C1/C2 etc. If you don't have a native 10-bit panel, or as I stated above an 8-bit+frc panel, then you shouldn't be selecting 10-bit full stop, not unless you want potential colour banding, crushed blacks, grey looking blacks etc. Also, if you have a monitor/tv that states that it supports HDR, unless your panel at a minimum can output at least 600 nits, then I personally would turn HDR off.
  4. There is zero additional PC load between 8 bit or 10 bit display output. Another thing is that unless you have a native 10 bit panel in your monitor/tv or at the very least a panel that supports 8 bit+frc, then deciding between 8 bit or 10 bit is a bit of a moot point in the first place.
  5. If you have a HDR display, a HDR capable GFX card plugged into it and select HDR "on" in MSFS settings it will automatically switch to 10-bit colour anyway regardless of what colour depth you select in that box.
  6. Yes, download the dolby access app from the Windows store. If you are outputting to an Atmos receiver, there is no cost to use it. You need to pay for the Dolby Atmos for headphones plug in, this goes on sale quite often. I think I paid less than £10 for it. The Headphones Atmos app can be used on 10 different devices once you have paid for it, so you can also use it on Series X at the same time if you have one using the same Microsoft account. ANY stereo headset can be used for simulating Atmos in a headset, although the better the quality headset, the better the results. You can also pay about £20 for DTS X headphones & the DTS X object based sound codec for speakers if your amp/soundbar also supports it and you want to have all options open for object based audio on your pc.
  7. Dolby Atmos is natively supported by MSFS. Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre is a free way to output audio in W10 and W11 if you have a compatible receiver or sound bar. You only have to pay a license fee of about £12 if you want to have access to Dolby Atmos for Headphones too. There aren't too many games that natively support Atmos, but MSFS is definitely one of them. Other games that natively support Atmos on pc are: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard and MWii. Forza Horizon 4 & 5, Forza Motorsport 7 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Atmos works flawlessly outputting from my 3070 and from my 6900XT. I advise to get a Display port to HDMI cable. I have my GPU plugged into my LG C1 oled via a HDMI cable and have display port to hdmi cable from a display port on my GPU to HDMI in on my Atmos receivers. This way, cuts out any audio lag from trying to use earc.
  8. Did you get the Flight Simulator liveries that are meant to be rolling out to everyone on a staggered release over the next few weeks maybe?
  9. If you are going to get an AVR then you will not need a soundcard. Windows 10 natively supports output to an AVR via Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre which is free (obviously as long as your AVR supports Atmos). As far as I'm aware, there are no PC sound cards that support Dolby Atmos. All soundcards and onboard Motherboard audio only output Dolby Digital live and DTS connect which is compressed audio.
  10. Microsoft Flight Simulator natively supports Dolby Atmos if you have the hardware for it. It sounds fantastic to me in Dolby Atmos with a 5.1.2 surround setup, but I did have to turn the ATC voices down a touch as they were REALLY loud. My setup is 2080 RTX HDMI in to Denon Atmos/DTS-X certified amp, outputting to 5 Surround Speakers, 1 Sub Woofer and 2 Dolby Atmos height speakers HDMI out from Denon to Samsung Qled 65" 4k TV.
  11. Have you read through this thread for your answer regarding MT6 and P3D v4 : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/515384-mytraffic-often-no-response-to-atc/? Some planes can't Taxi, take off / land if they can't hear the clearance from ATC. Cheers !
  12. This is how to solve the ATC problem. In fact, the following is what I have done to get mytraffic 6a working correctly in P3D v4. 200 hours of flying using this method all around the world with ZERO crashes and ATC working like it should (I use EditVoicePack XL for the record) From User @Penz : From the changelog: "No longer instantiating radios if they are not configured for an object". I spent a considerable amount of time wondering why AI didn't behave like it used to, but after the hotfix, any AI aircraft that doesn't have a [Radios] section in its "aircraft.cfg" will no longer respond to ATC, and thus not operate correctly. As an example, any AI aircraft without radios within the "bubble" will get stuck on "Clearance" before takeoff. I don't know about other AI packages, but I do know that a considerable number of aircraft from MT6 are missing that section. After I added radios, they now again behave like they used to. From User @jabloomf1230 : These are the Aircraft missing the [Radio] section in their aircraft.cfg. An12MX An24MX An26MX An30MX An32MX AS365MX ATPMX ATR42MX ATR72MX B717MX B721MX B722MX B732MX B733MX B734MX B735MX B736MX B737MX B738MX B739ERMX B739MX C130MX C172 CH47MX CH53MX Chall300MX Chall600MX Chall850MX CRJ10MX CRJ2MX CRJ7MX CRJ9MX CV440MX DC6MX DC91MX DC93MX DC94MX DC95MX DH6MX DH81MX DH83MX DH84MX DO328MX E2CMX Emb120MX EMB135MX EMB140MX Emb145MX Falcon50MX Fokker27MX Fokker50MX Global_ExpressMX Legacy600MX MD83MX MD87MX MD90MX MirageIIIMX P3MX Saab2000MX Saab340MX SH3MX TransallMX UH1MX UH60MX ViscountMX You need to manually open each folder listed above in your mytraffic 6 "AIRCRAFT" folder and add these lines into each aircraft.cfg file (I use Notepad++ for this). I added the following lines to the bottom of each aircraft.cfg file. [Radios] Audio.1 = 1 Com.1 = 1, 1 Com.2 = 1, 1 Nav.1 = 1, 1, 1 Nav.2 = 1, 1, 0 Adf.1 = 1, 1 Transponder.1 = 1 Marker.1 = 1 Your mytraffic 6 planes can now communicate correctly with ATC again. Last step from me : Look in your mytraffic 6 "AIRCRAFT" folder and DELETE the following folders : AS365MX B707MTM B742MTM B762MX B763MX BAe1461MX BAe1462MX BAe1463MX CRJ2MX CV440MX DC10MTM DC6MX DC8-50MX DC8-61MX DC8-62MX DC8-63MX DC91MX DC93MX DC95MX F14MX HarrierMX MD11MX SH3MX UH1MX UH60MX All of the above folders contain FS9 models, and can crash your sim, they don't work properly anyway, even if they don't cause a crash. The Harrier above for example is missing part of it's tail and all of it's undercarriage, The above also have black textures and other anomolies. By doing the above all mytraffic works perfectly for me in P3D v4, no crashes and ATC problems resolved - This includes using the militarytraffic.bgl Less than half hour of simple editing for proper working AI. Good Luck !
  13. Is it sad that I actually visited the Atlantic Bridge website and was disappointed that it's not linked to an Air Cargo company, lol.
  14. The GUI does show P3D v4 in the supported sim drop down box when you start a new company. It doesn't show if you already have a company started from the one of the earlier builds.
  15. Search avsim library for : atsp15.zip It was added a few days ago, I have downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. It contains soundcfg alias files for a lot of AI addons, including mytraffic. There is a YouTube video showing it in action :
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