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  1. Have you read through this thread for your answer regarding MT6 and P3D v4 : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/515384-mytraffic-often-no-response-to-atc/? Some planes can't Taxi, take off / land if they can't hear the clearance from ATC. Cheers !
  2. This is how to solve the ATC problem. In fact, the following is what I have done to get mytraffic 6a working correctly in P3D v4. 200 hours of flying using this method all around the world with ZERO crashes and ATC working like it should (I use EditVoicePack XL for the record) From User @Penz : From the changelog: "No longer instantiating radios if they are not configured for an object". I spent a considerable amount of time wondering why AI didn't behave like it used to, but after the hotfix, any AI aircraft that doesn't have a [Radios] section in its "aircraft.cfg" will no longer respond to ATC, and thus not operate correctly. As an example, any AI aircraft without radios within the "bubble" will get stuck on "Clearance" before takeoff. I don't know about other AI packages, but I do know that a considerable number of aircraft from MT6 are missing that section. After I added radios, they now again behave like they used to. From User @jabloomf1230 : These are the Aircraft missing the [Radio] section in their aircraft.cfg. An12MX An24MX An26MX An30MX An32MX AS365MX ATPMX ATR42MX ATR72MX B717MX B721MX B722MX B732MX B733MX B734MX B735MX B736MX B737MX B738MX B739ERMX B739MX C130MX C172 CH47MX CH53MX Chall300MX Chall600MX Chall850MX CRJ10MX CRJ2MX CRJ7MX CRJ9MX CV440MX DC6MX DC91MX DC93MX DC94MX DC95MX DH6MX DH81MX DH83MX DH84MX DO328MX E2CMX Emb120MX EMB135MX EMB140MX Emb145MX Falcon50MX Fokker27MX Fokker50MX Global_ExpressMX Legacy600MX MD83MX MD87MX MD90MX MirageIIIMX P3MX Saab2000MX Saab340MX SH3MX TransallMX UH1MX UH60MX ViscountMX You need to manually open each folder listed above in your mytraffic 6 "AIRCRAFT" folder and add these lines into each aircraft.cfg file (I use Notepad++ for this). I added the following lines to the bottom of each aircraft.cfg file. [Radios] Audio.1 = 1 Com.1 = 1, 1 Com.2 = 1, 1 Nav.1 = 1, 1, 1 Nav.2 = 1, 1, 0 Adf.1 = 1, 1 Transponder.1 = 1 Marker.1 = 1 Your mytraffic 6 planes can now communicate correctly with ATC again. Last step from me : Look in your mytraffic 6 "AIRCRAFT" folder and DELETE the following folders : AS365MX B707MTM B742MTM B762MX B763MX BAe1461MX BAe1462MX BAe1463MX CRJ2MX CV440MX DC10MTM DC6MX DC8-50MX DC8-61MX DC8-62MX DC8-63MX DC91MX DC93MX DC95MX F14MX HarrierMX MD11MX SH3MX UH1MX UH60MX All of the above folders contain FS9 models, and can crash your sim, they don't work properly anyway, even if they don't cause a crash. The Harrier above for example is missing part of it's tail and all of it's undercarriage, The above also have black textures and other anomolies. By doing the above all mytraffic works perfectly for me in P3D v4, no crashes and ATC problems resolved - This includes using the militarytraffic.bgl Less than half hour of simple editing for proper working AI. Good Luck !
  3. Is it sad that I actually visited the Atlantic Bridge website and was disappointed that it's not linked to an Air Cargo company, lol.
  4. The GUI does show P3D v4 in the supported sim drop down box when you start a new company. It doesn't show if you already have a company started from the one of the earlier builds.
  5. Search avsim library for : atsp15.zip It was added a few days ago, I have downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. It contains soundcfg alias files for a lot of AI addons, including mytraffic. There is a YouTube video showing it in action :
  6. Hi there everyone. While waiting for addon aircraft to become available for P3Dv4, I copied and pasted the CRJ700 from FSX into P3D and it worked great, but the textures leave a lot to be desired, Panel text being extremely difficult to read on a night flight, so I have started to retexture the VC night lighting, all text and panels with double the texture resolution from scratch as seen below. Typically, I have just bought the Virtualcol CRJ pack, so may not need to use these much anymore, lol, but someone may like them? I have also started to remake MyTraffic 6 liveries to their newer updated versions, so far done some Airbus : Mexicana, China Eastern, Canada Air, Iberia if anyone would be interested in these? Cheers ! :
  7. Maybe it's me being stupid (probably), but is there anyway to turn off the dome light/spotlight yet still have the panel lights on? I've tried flicking every light switch I can find, but they seem to be tied to each other. Maybe that's how it works in the real aircraft, but it's killing night flying when flying through clouds and the clouds in front of you are lit up super bright, then trying to look out of your left hand window through a break in the cloud to get your bearings and it's really hard to make anything out. It's really annoying. Any help appreciated thanks!
  8. I have been using this in P3d V4 for last few days. as far I can see everything works as it should, runways, markers, buildings, fuel trucks etc are all retextured properly, but obviously YMMV. On the flight simulator location page when you open the program, I just directed p3d V3 location to P3d v4 folder instead. As it's only a texture replacer, I can't see any problems with it, and textures appear to be working fine. Make a backup in the program first though, just in case ! Don't blame me if it messes up your install though, use at your own risk ! Good Luck!
  9. Windows 7 doesn't have full support for DX11.1 for a start off. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj863687.aspx One example : When the Special edition of Skyrim came out, people were obviously trying mods from the old 32bit original Skyrim in the new engine. A lot of fantastic oldrim texture mods worked like a charm on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, but crashed the game on Windows 7 machines because they didn't fully support the way some of the textures had been compressed in newer .dds formats as Windows 7 only has partial 11.1 support. Obviously if you own a DX12 capable graphics card then you have 0 support on Windows 7.
  10. Heathrow has been my go to airport for sim testing since the day FSX came out, my reasoning being that if I can get acceptable frames here, then the rest of my flying should be nice and smooth anywhere else. It's by far and away ( for me anyway being from UK ), the heaviest to run airport that I use a lot. At least a 1000 times I have sat on the runway with 9 frames a second in the rain, tweaking this and tweaking that to eek an extra few frames here and there, spending £600+ every 2 years or so for the last 10 years on new graphics cards to see 2 frames a second each time improvement ( That's not even a joke, as I'm sure a lot of you are equally as sad as me :P ) With mytraffic 6 at 20% , Active sky & Asca, stock scenery on a i5 4690k w/c to 4.2Ghz, 16gb ram and a MSI overclocked 970, not even installed on an ssd, it's installed on a Toshiba 4TB 128mb cache enterprise drive, I'm getting roughly 10 frames MORE than I ever have done in FSX, FSX SE or any P3D before v4. This is with the settings I always use, but I have bumped my Autogen Buildings and Vegetation up from Dense to very Dense - triple bufferered frames locked to 30, so I am actually happy with performance. (26-28 frames on runway, almost instant 30 as soon as I leave the tarmac). Fly following the Thames into central London is also a massive frame killer and OOM hotspot in the past, and while we won't be getting OOM anymore from the move to 64bit, The sim is still essentially doing what it has done since FSX came out, Hammer 1 core, unload some processes to core 2 and every other core in use (regardless of how many cores you have got, if I remember correctly, Pete from ACES said in an interview about 10 years ago that FSX could use a maximum of 255 cores), but all the cores bar the first 2 are schedulers used to load scenery, thats it. Whether LM has magically managed to make the engine spread processing of AI traffic etc onto the extra cores I don't know, but the move to 64bit isn't going to instantly give people quadruple framerates over what they had before I'm afraid.
  11. Taken from the support forum : 1) EditVoicepack XL will support Prepar3D v4. 2) There will be no additional charge for the update with Prepar3D v4 support. Then the not so good news: As usual Lockheed Martin completely forgot to ask me if there release date was convenient for me... so: 3) I cannot commit to a date for delivery - but I do expect the timeframe is counted in weeks, not months.
  12. Notepad ++ is a free open source text editor, use it to edit your cfg files, download and install it from here : https://notepad-plus-plus.org
  13. Aren't Saitek owned by Mad Catz now? Mad Catz reduced their workforce by 37% in February, due to terrible sales of the Instruments they made for Rock Band 4. I wonder if this has had a knock-on effect? http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2016/02/rock-band-4-cant-save-a-struggling-mad-catz/
  14. My name is 4L0M, and I have a problem. Sunday, British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen did a great overtake on Nico Rosberg and I was too busy looking at the clouds over Silverstone. I then turned over to the Wimbledon final and when the camera panned out to the arena shots of the majestic looking Centre Court........ I was looking at the bloody clouds! Lol. I think I may need professional help.
  15. You do have the Steam client installed on the pc in question, and are not visiting steam through chrome or Firefox etc? You need to download the steam client to your pc, install it. Run it, login using your steam name and password, then click on the "Library" tab, and all games that you have ever purchased through steam will be shown there. Games that are currently installed on your pc show up in white, and games that you have purchased, but have not installed show up in grey.
  16. Download onto your laptop via steam. As stated above, steam installs the game automatically,but once you have an install on your laptop, right click on fsx : se edition in your steam library, choose "Backup game files", choose "custom size" and make the custom size a couple of m/bytes bigger than your FSX se folder (sorry, but I can't remember how big it is off the top of my head), and choose where you want to back it up (you could back it up to a 32gb memory stick for example) or onto multiple dvd's. You can then pop the memory stick into your sim rig at home and there will be an installer.exe in the backup folder that you can run to install it onto your sim rig without ever having to download it ever again.
  17. I don't know what shader mods you have used before for this to happen, but I use reshade/sweetfx 2.0 in FSX, and all it does is add a .Dll file (in my case it adds dxgi.Dll) to your main FSX directory and a folder called sweetfx which contains your shader settings. If you want to get rid of shader mod, you just have to delete the dxgi.dll file. That's it. Nothing else is touched.
  18. My findings above were with 4xSGAA. Performance seems slightly smoother than ASN with same settings.
  19. Jim, I took the screen shots in question, not this npole guy. The shots are totally unedited. As stated above, I also posted shots in this thread that look great. Due to the nature of ASCA being dynamic, sometimes it's going to look great, sometimes not so much. As I spent over £80 this morning on upgrades for FSX and P3D, and ASCA I personally would love it be the greatest thing ever. If I'm brutally honest, I think the price is too expensive as it is, I also think that making FSX and P3d versions separate is also wrong. At the very least I personally think it would have been fairer to the community to have offered a bundle deal for a slightly lower price if you wanted to buy all 3 products at the same time, but as I wouldn't have had half the enjoyment flying without their weather engines over the years, hifi are probably the one company that I would have shelled out this much price wise. It's only day 1, I'm sure hifi will tweak it and make it better over the coming months like they normally do with their products. The actual AS16 itself is excellent.
  20. AS16 so far appears to be very good. Performance (only tried in FSX so far, but I did also buy it for P3d), compared to ASN seems to be better, it's definitely no worse, but I do feel it runs weather depiction, especially in rain and stormy weather smoother.
  21. I took the screenshots in question, there was Nothing "wrong" about them. I DO use sweetfx, but they looked equally hideous without sweetfx, as I also disabled it to test. Now, I also posted a few shots in this thread that DO look good. The nature of "dynamic" texture generation leads to the fact that sometimes ASCA will look awful, sometimes it's going to look spectacular. My mine gripe is more with the sky textures, some of them are plain odd, but the sky texture generation can be turned off, but you can still have the clouds change dynamically, so that's not too much of a problem. The cloud sets maybe better if they were labelled into areas, such as a Europe set, Caribbean set etc, as the "wrong" shots in question were taken over Heathrow and the sky certainly didn't look anything like that in the UK today, it was far more grey than those super white fluffy clouds depict. The actual AS16 itself is excellent, performance is really good, even compared to ASN. One question, is there any way to stop ASCA loading up automatically everytime I run AS16? Regards!
  22. Have you updated your graphics card drivers recently? After a Nvidia driver update, your graphics card output will always default itself to "Limited" dynamic output range, this definitely makes the colours more "muted" than normal. You have to manually go into Nvidia control panel and turn the "Output Dynamic Range" setting back to "FULL".
  23. AS16 ASCA : AS16 & Rex Soft Clouds : Started flight with AS16 & Rex Installed, took shots, paused flight, started ASCA which then injected texture set into same flight. To be fair, I don't think ASCA looks too bad on these, but I still prefer Rex personally. The actual AS16 weather engine itself seems be be pretty good in itself, but whether its a $29.99 worth of Upgrade is debatable.
  24. I bought for FSX, P3D and the Active Sky Cloud Art as upgrades to ASN, cost me over £80, which in my opinion is a complete joke. So far only tested in FSX. Pro's : Easy to setup, Performance seems ever so slightly better than Active Sky Next, definitely no worse. Didn't need to uninstall ASN, this made the upgrade process easier as AS16 automatically found my ASN key when installing. Only tried the "Global" configuration so far, where AS16 uses ASCA to inject texures on the fly. Cons : Clouds so far, look pretty unnatural to me, they look, too clean possibly? If that makes sense. I do use sweetfx if that has any bearing, although sweetfx looks great with Rex Clouds. Another BIG con so far. My FSX has crashed to desktop twice this morning, once when I was going into cloud and the cloud textures started to flow over the front of the Aircraft ( which did look pretty cool ) and once on runway a second after ASCA had finished injecting textures. My FSX has NEVER ever crashed since it has been installed for months with ASN and REX soft Clouds, yet 2 crashes in the space of an hour this morning after installing AS16 and ASCA. Shots in FSX, Haven't had time to install into P3D yet. Regards ! EDIT : For clarification, FSX was set to Max cloud coverage, 90N/M, AS16 settings were all default and I HAVE installed the additional 1GB+ HD Texture pack.
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