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  1. So far found it very intuitive and adds significant visual punch. The live updating means you can quickly mod and see results after a live shader reload on most settings. Money well spent from this chair!
  2. Everyone keeps saying the PMDG taxis better. This may be true from a aircraft speed momentum view but the steering is completely broken and as was raised numerous times by real world pilots like myself the new steering model is simply terrible. The lack of response to steering commands above 12-14kts is simply inaccurate and very wrong compared to real jet handling. PMDG have become an increasingly frustrating company to me once a magic experience they have been left for dead by FSlabs and Leonardo and Majestic with superior functionality, realistic icing functionality, actual real life pilot experience much larger failure suites(PMDG's 777 only cover about 40-50% of available failures and is missing numerous big ticket failures), sounds that date from FSx and lacking core modern Boeing functionality. All we ever hear from Randazzo is "its being worked on". Its nice to see Ifly releasing a V5 dedicated version and ill grab it just to support a dev supporting my choice of simulator as opposed to the cash grab going on elsewhere.
  3. You think these clouds are no good? I really think you need to go flying a few times and surf along some cloud tops as these are the best clouds ie SC ive EVER seen in a flight sim. By that i mean realistic with correct structure and edges. Given SC is the predominent cloud type this is a great start to how good they can be made to look. The issues are the clouds still need work the stratus and prmarily the big CU and CB's. The very low res up close edges are still poor, the CB renditions although lit beautifully have poor structure etc. The Stratocumulus look fantastic though, unlike MSFS noise blobs these actually look like real clouds with soft edges. MSFS lighting makes its poor clouds look good which is very different from having good clouds. Im quite hopeful with the direction P3D is going as to what it will be capable of but there is a fair journey still ahead rebuidling the platform to a modernly lit sim with accurate looking clouds.
  4. 5.3 with all the hot fixes...
  5. No crashing here and been enjoying what is a massive airport that performs beautifully.
  6. Even the darkest of nights ie new moon which has set are not "pitch black". Once your eyes have adapted with panel lights down you can still see wings etc out the windows and a horizon even with no moon at all. With your panel lights up its more difficult but my point is its not "black" only a perception formed by having lights in the cockpit to bright. When it is "black" is below an overcast on a moonless night, that is black lol but its caused by the overcast. Quite surprising how much light stars give off once your eyes have adapted and to me at least P3D is pretty close on a moonless night to what your capable of seeing. If anything it could be a touch darker but not hugely..
  7. The CVX5410.bgl default file in the 601 folder is a LM file not an Orbx one thats why you have it. It is causing issues with stuttering and having just tested in the very area thats been causing stutters at Helsinki turning the default P3D file off ie cvx5410(along with the other two) immediately stopped all stutters. However that file controls the coastline generation around Helsinki so i am reinstalling vector to see if its file causes issues as well and to get the coastline back. If you have tuned off cvx5410.bgl and do not have Vector installed you will have no coastline south of Helsinki ask me how i know lol.hence why they are saying only turn it off "if you have vector installed" otherwise you will lose all coastline visuals. Given the bgl issue at Tampa and now this one im starting to think significant issues are being caused by default scenery files and maybe LM should be doing an audit on ALL the default scenery to rule out any issues like this. .PS Just done three tests and can confirm with vector installed and the default cvx5410.bgl disabled all stutters are gone and we have a coastline..lol
  8. Could be worse. You could be using a simulator which was designed by gamers with no thought of what aircraft fly like, what the sky looks like and two years later there still isn't one aircraft available thats close to the word simulation. I guess at some point of throwing darts at the flight model dart board it might even be a near approximation to flight then they can start working on the horrendous colour palette used in the clouds. Then they can start on the jet/turbine engine model. and then…. and then… and then…ad infinitum..
  9. Using my modified volumetric cloud cfg i am absolutely loving 5.3. They still need to bump the resolution on the cloud edges and random clouds or add some fade but the atmosphere of these clouds is unmatched in any sim ive used. If you have ever flown a real aircraft and been deep in a dark grey cloud then punched out the side with the light increasing then jumping to brilliant light with white clouds all around bathed in sunshine P3D gives you that sensation. Clouds are not perfect but the atmosphere is the thing. the cloud lighting is brilliant. The white tops of the passing showers/CB's that you can see through grey and sunlit sides is simply outstanding. Someone finally gets it. . If you have ever flown around heavy rainshowers.. As i was saying look at the white tops that transition to increasing yellow in lower levels and the grey non lit cloud sections. By messing with the worley noise to get rid of the waffle pattern at least on my system they substantially impacted performance. Clouds are always going to be a tight rope of detail and appearance versus performance..they need to work on cloud res or a way to lower the appearance of smaller lower res cloud sprites which look to prominent for there size.overall the atmosphere even now is quite awesome and giving you that feeling of yes thats what it feel like to blast out into the sun.
  10. So you can confirm then that the powers, pitches fuel flows all match up within reason? You can confirm if i use a poor start technique the engines will fail to start? I could go on but when your core aero and engine model used by the sim is simply broken and altered every month in what looks like desperation to somehow hit the target it becomes quite laughable. And after every change every MSFS only user cries "oh isnt it great" until the next huge aero update and then its "great" never realizing it was broken the entire time and still is. Its definitely "better" but better does not make it "good". Lets make this relative. Its taken Austin in xplane 25 years to get the xplane aero/tail dragger/piston/jet engine models to be where it is today and it still needs work. Asobo come in and in 16 months every MSFS guru thinks its gods gift to flight simulation..no. If its a turboprop then they are out as they entire MSFS turboprop model is a work of fiction plucked out of fresh air by some coder who has never even spent one minute in a real one. The jet engine model appears not much better. The behaviours of things like the PT6 is so broken i could write a 100 page thesis on how bad it is. The ground handling was written about months ago yet MSFS user after user defended how great it was then only a month ago it was totally changed. I guess it shows how much those guys know and its typical of the sequence. As for the DC-6 it doesnt even load the fuel correctly and PMDG altered the fuel burn sequence to make it "easier" for xbox gamer types to operate. Still it was a large step in the right direction but with the flight model now changed 3 times since its release exactly how accurate is it now? What alterations to reality will they need to make to the 737 to simplify it to the point 15 year olds will be able to operate a transport category aircraft? Hopefully none. MSFS users NEED to be more critical to get this thing fixed pouring praise will get nothing fixed. Even the fix process its utterly laughable. Lets see we have what say one real pilot for say every thousand users? make in 1 in 100. Then fixes are done off a popularity contest voted for so the people who know whats wrong can never get obvious problems to them fixed as the other 99 users only care about challenges etc. Asobo have a very thorough track record of ignoring professional advice something both LM and Austin do not do. With many new users filling the xplane forum making up for any who left and many of those have come back, P3D users returning to fly as well and P3D's main backing very secure in professional flight training devices neither are going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully Asobo see the light and help the community and developers as everyone wants to see MSFS improve.
  11. Except according to Flytampa in their forum all the scenery devs are massively disappointed with scenery sales being far far below expectations. Is it any wonder the DC-6 sold given there is no other aircraft in the entire sim worth flying? The flying under bridges crowd unsurprisingly have no desire to part with cash for high fidelity scenery is that really a surprise? Pmdg will sell a pile of 737's when they eventually release as desperate simmers clawing for something that flies and operates something like a real aeroplane. So with no useful turboprop engine model, aerodynamics that are fully revised every release in a continuous state of apparent dart board throws trying to hit the bullseye, clouds that still look like a martian sunrise the game continues to be an amusement rather than anything approaching a serious platform. How will PMDG hope to keep the 737 working with Asobo's incredibly porked update process? No thanks for the 1 hour a day the clouds do look great it aint worth ten times that every 4 weeks sorting out the debacle that MSFS updates have become. Uninstalled. PS Im thoroughly enthralled by people who think the P3D default aircraft are somehow worse than that of MSFS. So a fleet of default aircraft that have engines that work in physics defying style with no propeller theory and autopilots that still dont work properly is somehow "better". I guess it is better to know a little rather than a lot as the utter trash that we PAID for is simply that. The 787 remember we paid extra for it is still the biggest pile of ones and zero's ever inflicted on the simming community. Its an embarrassment to the name Boeing and nothing what soever like the aircraft i fly for a living. No make no mistake the "default" MSFS are the worst ever packaged in any simulator or game. Imagine if Assetto Corsa cars turned the wrong direction with a steering wheel input as thats EXACTLY what MSFS default and paid for addon aircraft did and in many cases still do. Far from acceptable yet the MSFS fan club lap it up and come back for more. Sadly pouring praise on mediocrity only leads to more mediocrity.
  12. There are quite a few screenshots of the Concorde in the Control center app startup pages...multiple. Given the highly competitive and these days cutthroat marketplace im not surprised they are not telling anyone anything until they are well and truly ready. Do you want to give any competitor information that can change dev plans or rates or targets? Why tell the community anything on development plans on a serious level? It makes zero difference on sales and only needs to satisfy curiosity and give away information that competitors can use against you. It really only takes 2-3 weeks of streaming to reach a huge level of pre release hype so why give away your plans for no return? The Airbus narrow body market has gone from no competition to plenty in only a few years. Now even though at the moment none get anywhere near the fidelity of systems accuracy or reproduction of what a pilot experiences in a day to day operation the FSlabs(i spent 16 years flying real A320/321/330 so very closely know its systems as a ground trainer) that means little with new competitors trying to get products working in msfs ie Fenix. With the Asobo debacle of msfs with constantly changing platform, flight model, visuals, now 64bit im glad im not a dev!
  13. Its the outstanding FlyJsim 737-200 in xplane mate a great addon aircraft if your into classics. Their 727 is phenomenal as well..
  14. No Orbx here mate this is all built in xplane with ortho4xp 1.3 it builds a more detailed mesh than Orbx does.
  15. Incredibly spectacular sector in one of the most incredible places on earth. Love the PW paint scheme it sets off fabulously against the scenery. Great to see a large improvement in Alaskan ortho.
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