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  1. Id live to know what settings you guys are trying to run V5 at. i was running a 1080 6Gb Vram with mid settings and never saw above 4.8Gb Vram usage with any aircraft except Maddog. Upgraded to a 2080TI 11Gb and Maddog blows out well above any other aircraft including at least two In RC status. The Maddog needs a massive revamp with optimization. Minimum 8Gb is outrageous im sorry. Even with 8 people everywhere are throwing their hands in the air with Vram crashes. It seems to have gone from the top of the performance pile to the bottom. I dont care if it runs at 80fps if it crashes once an hour because its Vram isnt optimized. Anyone saying it uses 4K textures etc misses the point. It doesnt look any better and makes the sim completely unstable. It needs fixing.
  2. The essential items you speak of are not what anyone ever regarded as essential including many real world pilots me included. Essential..no. In short these characteristics where added to show the nuances of exactly how an A320 family aircraft flies. These tiny characteristic changes in multiple areas are what where added. Minor changes in tiny regions of the flight envelope that are distinctly there for "character". Something not modelled by any other manufacturer of aircraft for P3D. To do this the Elac programming was i believe entirely re-written to accomodate numerous changes that as pilots we asked for to take the flight model to a point so far beyond any other aircraft ever in P3D. Using a normal flight model this is completely impossible in P3D hence only two manufacturers use to my knowledge external flight model stuff, Majestic with their wonderful dash and FSL. You wont hear the devs sprooking it because its just the way they are. They want the most accurate aircraft in the sim and thats exactly what it is right now not because it as you say “essential items where way off” but because the pilots on the team and the devs wanted the little things that truly make it have the tiny characteristics of the real aircraft that make it unique. Every step needed tweaking and rewriting from sidestick to elac to flight model so as to accomodate these minor changes that set this aircraft up on a pedestal as easily the most complex and accurate ever released. When pilots go looking through flight modelling for minor handling nuances that make an aircraft unique and a dev spends months rewriting the essential code to meet those requests is the perfect example of why its on such a pedestal. Essential? Certainly not, but the unique minor handling characteristics is something pilots like me wanted to show off that sets this Airbus at the top of the addon heap by some margin. I am 777/787 type rated these days full time left seat 787 after 15 years on Airbus and no other software provider gets close to the accuracy of this addon. This is for both handling and basing pre flight setup( not pushing buttons but load data entry, loading, payload adjustments etc), handling, actual de-icing with accurate flight dynamic effects if you dont yes including far higher stall epeeds and accuracy on what really happens on a narrow body flight deck. Anyone who thinks a 737 or A320 loads and boards at flight planned weights and loads has no idea what happens every flight in the real world. Other devs have never tried to model what its like to not only fly but “operate” a narrow body jet..ever. No other dev has tried anything so ambitious in any sim..ever. Thats why i got involved with them they want accuracy and reality. Something forgotten but primarily simply not known is how integrated Airbus systems are compared to most Boeings. Computers talk to one another and directly effect what others do. Aircon needs cooler air to respond to a temp selection change so Aircon packs need more air on the ground so they send a signal to the Fadecs to bump up engine idle speed so more air can be ducted off so now rpm increases causing taxi speed to change. Thats what happens in reality, thats what happens in FSLabs and why consider it easily and clearly the best addon ever released..bar none.
  3. I have the same issue in both xplane and p3d after friver update. it happens in both seperate window and in panel versions.
  4. Grabbed the Saab and to me out of the box the best carenado aircraft in xplane. Very impressed and have flown nothing but it for the last few days. They are getting their act together.. I have the LES Saab as well and with the Gtn in the Carenado working seamlessly its a joy to fly.
  5. Disregard found it jut copying the panel cfg file worked...
  6. G'day Picked up the most excellent GTN750 from RXP but i for the life of me cant find install instructions for it anywhere. There are numerous files for the panel mentioning Reality750 cfg etc and xml files but i cannot find any mention of exactly how to use them? Am i just going blind?? Anyhelp would be great there is no mention of various panel setups in the console etc there is a GPS button but does nothing when clicked.. The GTN instructions on the FSW page are oly for the Flight 1 version. Thanks Darren
  7. Im quite surprised that anyone who is a hard core simmer could possibly go past the TBM900 for xplane. Its G1000 is the best in any sim period and to boit you get the best turboprop GA aircraft ever done. I picked up the Vertex Diamond to compare it to the Aerobask one and i do prefer it... But if your after a great G1000 aircraft there is only one choice. Hot Start TBM 900...if you fly both sims its an absolute must have if there is any better GA aircraft let me know...and i already have A2A etc... Vertex Diamond is a nice little go go buggy though!
  8. Well Tooting better not fly in Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, cChina etc etc etc. Use of native language is common and widespread by pilots, ATC, ground movements,cars trucks,tugs you name it and almost anyone who doesnt speak English. So its drawing a pretty long bow to say an A330 crash is related to speaking French... BTW an American Airlines crew crashed a 757 into a mountain being off course because of ill disciplined FMC usage and then a go around with speedbrakes deployed....would that imply all English speaking crews are as bad?? Racial profiling has been covered i think....
  9. Airbus have had dual input warning functionality on ALL aircraft since the near disaster at Sydney back in the early 90's. The incident took place in 91 not long after the A320's entry into service. Airbus responded quite quickly i believe after a dual input in an attempted non cross confirmed go around lead to an A320 flying close to the ground for an extended period just missing a Thai MD-11 that failed to hold short of a runway. Thats the thing with new technology you just dont know what you dont know...
  10. I grabbed it and other than navdata which you can fix it appears to be working ok!
  11. How did you find it working in V4. From here it all looks great. Thinking about picking it up.. Cheers Darren
  12. The reason many airlines refuse to use derate as opposed to flex/Atm is the somewhat ambiguous legal grounds. Under FAA rules the max flex you can use is to be no more than 25% off the original max rated thrust. So for instand you could not use a flex temp that would reduce a 50000Lb thrust engine to less than 37500Lb’s thrust. Now if you derate to 42000Lbs thrust then flex down to 25% off that so max thrust 31500Lb’s which is way less than the rated 50000 less 25% ie 37500Lbs then depending on who you work for and there outlook on what the rated thrust of the engine is ie 50K or 42K it gets very grey. Hence many of the worlds airlines refuse to use anything other than flex. Lawyers would have a field day..
  13. As i detailed in the other post you can just use the EFB with your actual take off weight guestimating temperatures until you find the highest temperature you can depart at without a exceeded max warning... Then use that temp as your ATM/Flex value...
  14. I just put up a quick how to in the post in the 747 forum...
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