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  1. Great little scenery they got it spot on..we visited Fairbanks a year ago they even put in the two mini boneyards...nice work!
  2. Technobrains haneda RJTT is out at SimMarket...working fine in V4 hope to see Kansai and Naha now!
  3. Freeze! Cold Weather Operations, Part 1

    Having experienced severe icing at -52C that required an immediate descent ie almost an inch of airframe ice in under 90 seconds i no longer use the industry ballpark numbers of +10C to -40. Nice article...

    No mention at all about how to update the database such an integral part of an addon aimed at more serious users. So how is it updated through the addon menu or via Navigraph or Aerosoft? A unit like this where the device cant be updated has a useful life of under 4 weeks so how about a guide on database updating the single reason I have not purchased a GTN?
  5. Maddog & MD Rotate worth?

    I think the plank wing of the Mad Dog in flight looks wrong in fact it even appears to have almost anhedral. the MD-80 family have a small amout of upward curve that looks particularly graceful and is totally missing from the P3D Md Dog. Other than frame rate its my biggest issue with the P3D version. The wing needs some bend or it looks just wrong. Wont effect anyone who doesnt use outside views though!
  6. Managed to track down FSUIPC 5.122a which works with 4.2 and Chaseplane is back to being smooth with no stutter issues.. Thanks for the pointer.
  7. Hi Kevin I actually havnt used Chaseplane for some weeks or any sim as i have been away on holidays for over a month. In short after updating to 4.2 FSUIPC caused issues so updated it and updated chaseplane etc. If i turn off chaseplane i have butter smooth panning using spacebar plus mouse. Turn Chaseplane on it pans but staggers and stops then moves again. Will try with FSUIPC removed...
  8. I am getting huge stutters with the latest version. Shut chaseplane down and all is smooth. Tried disabling advanced features no change still large stutters verging on pauses.
  9. Yep it was the ART setting that disables the flex..THANKS!
  10. Might be the ART checking now...
  11. no engine anti ice..
  12. It has dashes. My understanding is that with a flex temp dialled in the max EPR for that temperature should be displayed and if autothrust is used for take off the max thrust should be limited to that EPR value. At the moment with dashes displayed there is no limit and yes the engines overboost. Will check your refs thanks...
  13. Gday guys, Nice work on the Mad Dog. My question relates to the use of assumed temp. With TOGA selected the max EPR display is coming up with the correct max value say 1.94 for example. If i then hit the flex button and dial in a temp of say 50 the max EPR indication above the EPR gauges is going blank and on selection of autothrottle on and take off thrust is set the EPR is running way beyone to around 2.2 or so. On selecting the temp my understanding is it should display the corresponding EPR limit based off the dialed in temp and autothrust should limit take off thrust to this value. It appears unless i am doing something wrong when you select the Flex option on the thrust rating limit panel that the EPR limit is being removed and at take off you are just getting maximum thrust not TOGA or the Flex ie assumed limit. IE if TOGA is 1.94 then flex should be below that ie 1.85 at a guess. I have been using the ready to fly option and have not tested this from cold and dark. Ideas? Regrds Darren
  14. I have the flickering and high gpu usage with two 1080’s in SLI. Fps is great but big pauses ecery 10-25 seconds.
  15. I guess the difference is you assume that turning up with 30 minutes gas is ok because 95% of the time it all works out? What about the other 5% of the time? You missed the point of my post entirely as it was regarding turning up with 12 tonne of fuel...not 12 tonne plus an alternate plus contingency. So maybe tiger you should read my post again then reasses what your 12 tonne minus an alternate plus contingency equals... I find it hard to believe in an industry where we plan for the worst case your happy to assume everything will be fine when things start to go wrong. You assume airlines all carry alternates which in many countries they do not nor is there a requirement. So you do turn up with your 30 minutes plus whats left of your 5% or you have been planned to an alternate less than 5 minutes flying time away which would very easily be affected by unforcast conditions just as easily as your destination. Anchorage and Elmendorf immediately to mind. I think the hyd pump cooling has been covered nicely...thanks. Feel free to be comfortable turning up to an airport with 30 minutes plus 5 percent of your last critical etp so about another 7-12 minutes because you know you never get unforcast weather, you never get un unplanned runway closures, you never get unforcast weather, you never have to go around and you always get your optimum flight levels oh and apparantly you never hold and your aeroplane will never break...nice how did you organize that? Meanwhile in the real world i have had numerous unforcast weather events, runways close, alternates go down with weather, aircraft tech issues, non optimum levels resulting in increased burn and several diversions all of which where made far more comfortable by not planning to arrive with 30 minutes plus 5%. 14 diversions avoided in the last 12 months by carrying discressionary fuel of which 11 would of been overnights with accomadation for several hundred people plus the loss of an aircraft from a network for a minimum of 14-16 hours. Runway behind, altitude above and fuel in the bowser...maybe you havnt heard that one...