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  1. I guess the difference is you assume that turning up with 30 minutes gas is ok because 95% of the time it all works out? What about the other 5% of the time? You missed the point of my post entirely as it was regarding turning up with 12 tonne of fuel...not 12 tonne plus an alternate plus contingency. So maybe tiger you should read my post again then reasses what your 12 tonne minus an alternate plus contingency equals... I find it hard to believe in an industry where we plan for the worst case your happy to assume everything will be fine when things start to go wrong. You assume airlines all carry alternates which in many countries they do not nor is there a requirement. So you do turn up with your 30 minutes plus whats left of your 5% or you have been planned to an alternate less than 5 minutes flying time away which would very easily be affected by unforcast conditions just as easily as your destination. Anchorage and Elmendorf immediately to mind. I think the hyd pump cooling has been covered nicely...thanks. Feel free to be comfortable turning up to an airport with 30 minutes plus 5 percent of your last critical etp so about another 7-12 minutes because you know you never get unforcast weather, you never get un unplanned runway closures, you never get unforcast weather, you never have to go around and you always get your optimum flight levels oh and apparantly you never hold and your aeroplane will never break...nice how did you organize that? Meanwhile in the real world i have had numerous unforcast weather events, runways close, alternates go down with weather, aircraft tech issues, non optimum levels resulting in increased burn and several diversions all of which where made far more comfortable by not planning to arrive with 30 minutes plus 5%. 14 diversions avoided in the last 12 months by carrying discressionary fuel of which 11 would of been overnights with accomadation for several hundred people plus the loss of an aircraft from a network for a minimum of 14-16 hours. Runway behind, altitude above and fuel in the bowser...maybe you havnt heard that one...
  2. Wow an airline who plans to turn up anywhere with just enough gas to cover the hydraulic pumps..ouch. So on short final into JFK and the aircraft lined up has a tech issue around you go. In the A330 we plan on 3 tonnes for a full vector to land off a missed with CF6's so lets call it 6 tonnes in the jumbo. You plan on arriving with 13.8-12 tonnes and boom around you go and now your landing with 6-7 tonnes with the hyd pumps flat chat pulling flaps up and down plus the gear..just what you want minimum fuel hyd pumps overheating what an awesome situation to find yourself in. Not only do you barely have 30 minutes but you have ZERO time if anything tech happens to the aircraft in the subsequent circuit back to the ILS. Feel free to put the mayday mayday mayday fuel call in to get priority in the queue but the chief pilot will know by the time you have turned off the runway and your one way ticket to head office to explain what you where doing going into a busy airport minimum gas will be waiting And priority doesnt help cover the track miles to get back to the IAF to sttart the approach again. Just take a good packet of biscuits for the meeting ive heard it makes all the difference... We call them fuel tanks not air tanks...
  3. Oh feel free to use what ever sounds you like I was posting just to let you know what I think is realistic. God knows we all love great sounding engines and the BSS sounds do sound great. It just depends on if you are after realism or cool sounds and I am always happy to have a bit of both!! Especially JT8D's!!
  4. Having spent 7500 hours flying A320’s i cant see a single reason to change away from the default FS Labs IAE sounds. However i have never been outside my aeroplane at FL350 to compare so maybe you guys know something i The IAE flightdeck sounds are simply spot on. From what the CFM drivers have said the Fslabs are outstanding as well. I own BSS for my xplane setup when i used to use Jar(pre P3D) and they where nice and loud outside but not quite the flightdeck environment. Enjoy your BSS sounds but just posting this as right now the best ie realistic soundset for the IAE flightdeck is the Fslabs default sounds from the 4.1 update. Enjoy.
  5. Reading the manual it looks like a mahjor step up from AS. Hope the proof is in the pudding and it lives up to the screenshots and hype.
  6. Complete reinstalls fixed them...did i say i despise windows...if only P3D was on a Mac...
  7. No go here constant crashes.. If i could tell you how much i despise Microsoft it would go for pages... NOT RESOLVED.
  8. Are you also running ORBX Norway and if so any intergration issues?
  9. I solved numerous stutter and semi freezes easily. Orbx Socal uninstalled. Problems fixed...
  10. So how many people like me and quite a few others have hit the xml limit bug in V4? if you dont know there is a significant bug in V4 with a limit and if you have more xml addons than this variable user to user limit your aircraft models render black textures or entire missung sections depending on the model itself. i I hit it at about 80 or installed the excess user scenery.cfg method and problem solved. The other common traits to trigger this was GSX and/Or FSDT Louisville. LM are working on trying to find the problem and even with only 70 addons i have black textures in GSX on pushback tugs...disable another 30 addons textures are back. Hopefully they find a solution if not ill be dumping xml on all my scenery except those that have security tied to it like FSDT and putting them all in via scenery.cfg to this issue. So if you find your aircraft rendered in black carbon fibre like textures or missing external and internal textures its an easy fix to at least get your aircraft flyable again.
  11. Having used Orbx's KSAN a bit and compared it to MisterX's free San Diego in xplane i must say Orbx rendition is very average. Poor rendition of the ships particularly the docked carrier and the rest of thecboats left me clearly preferring the Freeware xplane version. Looking at the photos of the new mesh and the revamped detail in the LVFR version im off to buy it now. Orbx has a huge load of followers and they do so,e staggeringly great airports. However of there big ones the only one i like is LOWI. Brisbane is a huge performance hog, Ksan the airport is nice but the surrounds are to my eye lacking and combined with Socal it has significant performance issues. I could go on about the cumulative performance loss that has lead me to drop all the regions except those i use for light aircraft flying PNW, AK etc. I love there smaller airports which are simply incredible but ill be going LVFR for KSAN.
  12. Well its been over 6 months since xplane 11 was released and we have heard only the slightest murmor of if/when an update might occur. It took only weeks to get recoded 64bit 747's, 737's and 777's yet its been over 6 months to get no news on the xp11 update for the 6. So Pmdg do you have any news or information as to when or if its being updated? Flying her it in P3D just highlights the deficincies of P3D's flight modelling and the experience is SO much better in xplane that i can live with the graphical anomalies, overly reflective instruments, lack of PBR etc in preference to the P3D aero model. So help us xplane lovers/preferrers and let us know whats happening.
  13. If you have addon scenery added the old method you need to backup your scenery.cfg file as well. This update process dropped on us by LM is pretty average at best. Completely forgetting that older addons exist and function well leave US to write XML code to enable them and god knows what happens with files inserted in scenery folders etc. While LM marches on leaving developers and the community behind. Thanks for nothing LM. Meanwhile over in Xplane land 11.10 Beta updated pushing ONE button.
  14. x-plane 11

    Agree. Xplane update equals one button. P3d means mutiple back ups, etc etc etc... Xplanes aero model is far ahead particularly the turbulence modelling and the 747 would be welcomed with open arms and wallets. Having just gone to 4.1 i cannot believe LM thinks this is an "Easy" way to update. As time goes on xplane becomes a better and better option. Better aero model, easy updates, very open developement process, huge freeware content, easy to add photo scenery. Xplane seems to be the future and P3D a look at the past.
  15. Lockheed Martin really have a lot to answer for in inflicting this system on people who are actually paying them. A system where you have no control over layering and causes so much confusion especially with complex cenery which adds textures etc to base folders. Do they have any idea about how there product is used or do they just blindly change things without consulting anyone. Guys having to be able to write in XML to add scenery so it is safe when updated is becoming beyond laughable when i can simply hit the update button in Xplane and its done perfectly. LM need to get back to reality not everyone has years of PC experience who is using there product. A high unacceptable way of running there product.