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  1. Yes, its always been Tuesdays isnot it ? So 26th is likely candidate if its June. Regards Prayog
  2. One downside is, AITTP seems to be changing speed for all AI vehicles, so the other vehicles are racing across the airport now. Very rash driving :p This is the reason I was asking if there are specific types where we increase taxi and roll-out speeds for AI planes. Regards Prayog
  3. AITTP 1.3 works fantastically well, Thanks for the help. Situation looks far better than it was. Regards Prayog
  4. The files in avsim library probably caters the requirement for P3D 4.1 I had tried it before posting this thread and P3D 4.2 CTDs at start which means it is not working for 4.2 Besides I see the file was touched by LM in 4.2 release as there is size difference in 4.1 and 4.2 file. Further, some other material on LM forum suggest that there might be 4 different taxi speed such as push back, normal taxing, turning, roll-out etc. If all these are found, those can be assigned precise values for best results. Thanks to all for help. Regards Prayog
  5. Hello gurus, looking for P3D V4.2 ai_player.dll taxi speed offset. AI is rolling out sluggishly. Every single time I have to go-around as AI slowly moves to next "exit" :( If anybody knows, please enlighten me. Thanks. Regards Prayog
  6. Prayog

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

    😄 Sure, they have to run the department there.. Just thinking it from features point of view. Considering all the add-ons available around, what is that LM would bring in in 5.0 (that they cannot/wouldnot in 4.x), definitely nothing that hurt any of add-on manufacturers.. Regards
  7. Prayog

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

    May be a dumb question, why do LM need to release v 5.0 ? What are good reasons ? Regards
  8. I am not FSX -SE user anymore nor sure whether UT2 installation in first place should do this or not (I am not UT2 user either) but try renaming worldtraffic.bgl file in scenery-->world-->Scenery to worldtraffic.bgl.OFF or something. This should switch off default traffic. Regards Prayog
  9. Prayog

    Aerosoft CRJ current status?

    I also do not have any LNAV issues nor CTDs honestly. After last update LNAV was far better. Regarding the straight line flying which might be related to LNAV fixes done, winds do play a lot of part. Significant lateral winds would definitely result in LNAV line not remaining straight. Regards Prayog
  10. Prayog

    White smoke below the 777

    Why? Its bug. You might have been on wet runway when you took off. This can be eliminated by renaming a fx file, I forgot the name sorry but you can google that. The effect is anyway not so great looking on the wet runway, so better to get rid of it. Regards
  11. Prayog

    Prepar3D v4 was made for PMDG

    Its understood that some products are simply fantastic in flight simulation. But at times fans get carried away and take it to different level.... Regards
  12. Prayog

    Prepar3d disappears

    I will suggest you to simply first reinstall fsuipc and check. If above doesnot work, search on google and you will find another avsim thread by Elaine to step by step solve this. Regards Prayog
  13. Prayog

    AS16+ASCA SP1

    Any performance improvements?
  14. Wow! I have a problem with dropbox. Is it possible to upload 0.95 on avsim or somewhere else please? (Sorry for trouble.) If you have purposely discontinued it, in light of version 1.0 then OK, please do not get bothered with my request. Regards Prayog
  15. Thank you Simmerhead. Understood. Can somebody confirm if the link on first post is still working ? I am not able to download, might be issue with my firewall or av. Regards Prayog