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  1. Sethos1988

    NVidia & HDR average 10% performance loss

    Has nothing to do with P3D's faux HDR implementation. That's for REAL HDR content.
  2. Generally it's not advised installing into the Program Files folders, due to admin rights issues and whatnot. Plus, you can't simply move an entire folder, as everything installed under Windows relies on registry entries for paths to the software, plus path data was written in various CFG files for P3D. You're best off removing it completely and installing it correctly, on the D drive.
  3. Sethos1988

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    But EnvShade and TomatoShade both modifies the same files, so are you saying you're trying to use both?
  4. Sethos1988

    Issue with Tomatoshade reflection

    If it was due to disabled reflections, it wouldn't be black nor do you have to put it on max. The lowest setting after "off" is enough.
  5. Sethos1988

    Issue with Tomatoshade reflection

    If you're running URP, you need to disable it.
  6. Don't use them, at least not yet. More performance intensive and they look awful. They have this colour that doesn't really seem to blend in with the terrain. Use either TerraFlora or OrbX's trees.
  7. Sethos1988

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    I believe it's because you disabled the HUD (or the other way around), then the Q400 uses another model, which the profile isn't compatible with. Just enable it again.
  8. Sethos1988

    TomatoShade Help

    Because if you don't want to use reflections, you need to untick them in the preset before applying the shader. You can't just turn off the setting in P3D.
  9. Sethos1988

    How do I uninstall TomatoShade?

    Head into TomatoShade -> Actions -> "Restore original shaders" and then just undo all the reflection profiles you've applied as well.
  10. Sethos1988

    Seems P3dv4..2 and 3 doesn't Shut Down

    Head into Windows' power options, click the "Choose what the power buttons do", click the "Change settings that are currently unavailable" and then untick "Turn on fast start-up". Microsoft just had a brainfart when they decided people wanted that on by default, restoring applications that weren't shut down when you boot back up. With the above option unticked, it should work as Windows always has.
  11. Sethos1988

    Effects Folder----Structure Question

    In my "Effects" folder, the only other folder is the "texture" folder, full of .bmp, plus one or two OrbX .fx files and a TFDi file. Rest is in the root of "Effects".
  12. Sethos1988

    fsl 319 released

    Most likely just a 'Hey the product is new, special reduction'. Seems fairly common.
  13. Sethos1988

    fsl 319 released

    What deal? It's an extension to the A320, like PMDG does it.
  14. Sethos1988

    REX SkyForce 3D with Tech Update 2

    It's really good, works well.
  15. Sethos1988

    P3D V4 Launches at Startup

    Awful feature. Can be turned off under power options, "Choose what the power buttons do" and then "change settings that are currently unavailable", then untick "Turn on fast start-up".