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  1. Someone else mentioned earlier that clicking the flag in the cockpit turns the labels into English. This helped me a lot! Just thought I would mention it again for the people having trouble.
  2. I don’t see a problem with it... might be their hometown or might be their first scenery and I think it was from what I remember.
  3. All sorted, logged in and out of Xbox app. Mods can delete if need be
  4. Anyone else having troubles with the servers in MSFS? Can’t get online
  5. I rather a finished working product than a rushed broken one!
  6. It sounded like the sound did change when I opened and closed the canopy?
  7. Just flew this badboy in VR wow what an experience! Rift S pixel density at 1.3 and settings at pretty much medium, not bad. 2080 super i7-9700k no oc.
  8. The only company that can make fs2020 look like fsx again.
  9. The sim feels better than it did on launch but it definitely does not look good as it used to before... day and night. It’s a shame really. I had hopes it was only going to get better. I have the most respect for Asobo for taking on such a big task and continuing our hobby... but I’m starting to get this feeling they might need to call in some help from the Pros in flight simulators.
  10. Agreed that it was much better before. Then it started getting worse with these silly yellow glowing terrain, they fixed that but made other stuff worse off. Out of all sims, these guys were on the right track in regards to the night flying experience... don’t know why they dropped the ball.
  11. I think there was a guy who done some comparison shots on the MSFS forums, go check it out, from what I recall its one of the terrain light emission posts.
  12. I have to agree, the night lighting was wow in the first few alphas. Then it went bad. Now it seems they got rid of that ugly terrain glow, increased the intensity yet removed variation... also too many patches of nothing. Like mentioned it’s lost it’s unique look... my jaw dropped in the first alpha I got into... now it’s actually nothing special.
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