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  1. Being an Aussie im really hyped up for Syd and other places coming with photogrammetry, but what im really impressed with is the prop simulation they showed.
  2. Live weather is down for an hour everyday , usually around this time. That’s probably why
  3. I have to agree. It’s been a long time since release and we don’t have any well known dev airliners out yet.
  4. I have to say it’s looking much less bland and I think the nighttime environment might even surpass the msfs one.
  5. Look, I don't have an issue with Asobo, Im grateful for the sim they have given us.. and that its constantly evolving. However this isn't the first time PMDG or other Devs have pointed out the time it take between communication and resolution of a certain issue. I also have big respect for you fellas over at FBW, but you have to understand that PMDG has a huge customer base and reputation its built over many years....PMDG is trying to get out a product that most people are waiting for.. they both should work a little closer together.
  6. That definitely is not a good sign. Asobo needs to pull their heads out of their you know what.
  7. They’ve never been good in the texture department. Actually below the normal standard, even in p3d looks like fs9 stuff.
  8. Not at all, with the latest update, its better than ever. I pretty much fly the Kodiak and FBWA320.
  9. Cant wait, these guys really did set the bar.
  10. Yes thats the one NZQN. I hardly fly out of Australia but the Kodiak has me exploring new places 🤣. I didn't save the flight I just landed and took a break, so I wouldn't know how well the save flight function works with this bird, I haven't really used the save function in the sim to be honest.
  11. I agree with you 100%. Since I purchased it, I haven't stopped flying it. Its one of them addons that sets the bar. If its a GA addon and its not like this one, I wont buy it. The sounds, the feel, the modeling its all one great package. The sounds and especially the change in airflow sounds when the flaps come down, just makes it feel like a living breathing aircraft and really immerses you. Works great with the Bravo throttle and Thrustmaster pedals, just waiting on the new Alpha yoke to come out next year and I'm set. I would recommend everyone do a flight from NZQA to NZAA. Its a big flight and I did take break along the way on a random airstrip somewhere in New Zealand but it was a great flight with great scenery. I would recommend Flightbeams NZAA to fly into and find a nice parking at the GA area.
  12. That'll do it!. I have my HOTAS hooked up for the joystick because I'm waiting for the new Honeycomb yoke to come out next year. So the HOTAS throttle that is attached to the joystick was interfering with the Bravo. Just created a new controller profile with the throttle axis deleted on the hotas and all is well. Should've known... been simming long enough. Thank you!
  13. Anyone else having problems while in cruise with the throttle coming back to idle? It happens randomly. Might be my bravo throttle... however everything seems to be in order with the throttle. It keeps happening while the planes cruising, the throttle comes back to idle then I yank the power lever on the bravo quadrant and it goes back up. Am I doing something wrong?
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