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  1. Also, make sure you have the correct dead zones on your brakes. I had the same issue and I was like no way it takes this much to move it. Checked my settings and the rudder pedals I am using was actually applying slight breaking due to my dead zones on the toe brakes. Just a thought. (wasn't getting hot brakes probably due to short taxis)
  2. I'm not Infront of the computer to check ATM but YBBN might be a good option. Just checked it's pushing close to 4.
  3. Since I can remember Gulfstream has turned it's back to the fligntsim world. As much as I understand the legal and secret aspect it still ticks me off.
  4. Don’t know like you don’t know, how much was the Maddog compared to the p3d version? Still don’t get why people are defending a port over when other devs have done the build from scratch at low prices?
  5. Ok you’re looking way too deep into it. We choose to pay our money yes…. But flight simulation is a niche hobby right? If we chose not to buy a port over dash how long until we get one we like? We hold these devs to high regard, and we want to give them our money… but port over cmon.
  6. Tough crowd? Most other devs delivered… even ones we never heard of before. We’re paying money right?
  7. As tempting as it is I’m holding back on port overs. You can definitely see the difference and for the money we fork out we should have have something decent up to 2022 standards… Why you Maddog?
  8. I disabled hyperthreading on my old cpu, but I did go all out this time on a cpu because I'm doing some other things on this pc now. So for now ill leave it and try cure the high temps, its actually no throttling as of yet but jumping around and fluctuating. I'm suspecting because my h100x isn't made to sit on the LGA1700 mobos it could be seated poorly no matter how good its caught on. I could be wrong but lets see how the new AIO goes... I hear the 13900k runs hot as is.
  9. To me, sitting in a nice cabin during climb out or approach for a minuet or two is perfect. Its just that wow moment especially now in MSFS, the scenery is so good, we can see what a passenger would see out of places we most likely will never fly out of in real life... and simply the sim just looks good, the cabin and wing views just add to the immersion. Here's somewhere I fly out of often though... hey look I can see my apartment!
  10. This one and the Fenix do it for me, imo the Fenix slightly has the edge in the cabin....just something about it. It might be the AO or something cant pinpoint it... It also probably has something to do with the wing being much more detailed on the Fenix, so when looking outside it looks better too.
  11. I just put in the i9-13900K running with the 3080 and couldn't be happier. Runs hot though so do need to put a order for a bigger AIO. Keen on the 4xxx sometime next year.
  12. What’s your system specs? I’ve had no issues with it even when I had my 2080 now on 3080.
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