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  1. I was having the lackadaisical power trouble of the G36. I tried the mod and it was better, but the numbers only got better when leaning from the get go, to avoid the engine from dying, as it’s a known issue with the mod. So that got me thinking, maybe reducing drag etc. helps, but the real issue is that the mixture is not well calibrated. I tried a little experiment: 1. I Removed the mod 2. Loaded up the G36 and leaned it to about 75% on the ground as with the mod. I was then getting similar numbers to the mod at take off and once in the air leaned from that 75% and had good climb power and faster cruise speeds. So maybe, the power issue is just the mixture not matching the lever position? Where ~75% is closer to full rich and that’s why you have to go down to 10-12% (which is too low in real life) to get a proper lean at altitude? I’m just speculating on my observation and I don’t have the know how to adjust it to correct it, but maybe someone with the knowledge could check it out. Maybe the mod needed is only a number (scalar) tweak?
  2. I always start up the sim by right clicking and running as an administrator, maybe something to try?
  3. I’m not seeing this behavior. Did a flight Tampa (KVDF) to Sarasota (KSRQ). Different ATIS and weather matched view outside...
  4. Just be happy for the OP, why the need to be “right”?
  5. Does Steam running in the background have any effect on performance? With MS Store you can disable the game bar for better performance. I know Steam can’t be disabled the same way, thoughts?
  6. Hello to everyone! I’ve been using X-Box Gamepass on my old gaming laptop pending receipt of my new desktop. No issues with MS Store thus far. I’m planning on buying the Deluxe version when the rig arrives and unsubscribing from Gamepass. So should I buy from MS Store or go with Steam? What are the Pros and Cons of each?
  7. Great to know! I just got an email that my new rig is arriving next week, very similar specs to yours. Can’t wait! 😀 Edit: And congrats 🎈 enjoy!!!
  8. No. I haven’t seen this behavior. Flying around the perimeter of the Gulf of Mexico, clockwise, in the TBM and have done 6 or 7 flights since starting in St. Petersburg, Florida on Friday, with a divert to Mexico City from Veracruz, and landed tonight in Harlingen, Texas with no issues.
  9. You have to place the contents in the Package folder into the Community Folder not the whole folder itself
  10. That’s the life right there... and he seems so down to earth and cool too. I’m in Tampa and recreate his real world flights off of FlightAware every once in a while.
  11. The DA40NG since it’s fadec controlled and mixture and prop don’t have to be controlled is a good one and the TBM, since I mostly start from the runway and don’t care about starting from cold and dark...
  12. ALT is an altitude hold function. It doesn’t work like it did in FSX default aircraft. You have to select an altitude and the us VS or FLC setting a feet per minute climb or speed to climb at, respectively. Then when the aircraft reaches that altitude the VS or FLC will turn off and the ALT will automatically turn on. Hope this helps.
  13. I get similar results on my 3 year old laptop. It all comes down to expectations and perspective. Like you I fly in less congested areas and mainly in the props and get 23-30 FPS which as you say is flyable. Its the, “I want it sharp all the way to the horizon at 4K and 60 FPS no matter what” crowd that have an issue.
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