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06MAY13 - PMDG 777 External Model Preview #2 of 2

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Okay, when we left off- our trusty PMDG 777-200LR was doing everything it could to save the career of one Jason Brown...   Lets continue with the preview and see how it ended...


Okay- in this image, we can tell that he managed to get the speed under control.  I won't tell you how we know that, because I don't want to spoil the Q&A session from the previous thread...


This image gives you some great detail of the airplane as it is settling onto the main landing gear.  The landing gear animation is completely customized, and has a level of detail that you would come to expect from us...  The gear going up and down at different speeds, the rate of retraction and extension changing as the hydraulic fluid hits the restrictor valves, thus slowing the gear down as it approaches the extents...


We even have the entire alternate gear extension system modeled, INCLUDING some of the quirks you might see if you picked up your airplane at the gate after the previous crew had used the alternate extension.






Okay- moving on to a few night-time glamor shots- you can see that we have taken the lighting techniques we used on the NGX and dialed them up a bit to improve them on the PMDG 777.  The ground splashes, strobe effects, etc...  All done with incredible attention to detail...






More night lighting goodness...  One thing that is universal about the 777 is that it gives off a tremendous amount of flash when the strobes come on.  If you were #2 in line to depart behind a 777 at night, you learned to avert your gaze as they entered the runway, because if they lit the airplane up and activated the strobes while you happened to be looking directly at it- you would wind up with spots in your vision- and the night vision was completely gone...








We went through the flight test cards, and I can't find anywhere they indicate that Jason was supposed to intentionally overtemp the brakes...  If you look closely, you might notice something unusual in the image below...  Anyone notice it and feel like guessing why it is? 






Managed to grab an image of the freighter that was dispatched to bring a new set of wheels and brakes out to where Jason called in AAA and said he had a flat tire...  Or 10...


The PMDG 777F has just as much detail as the 200LR (and it will come in the same package) including a set of custom views so that your "wing view" positions properly line up with the wing viewing portals built into the side of the 777F fuselage so that the crew can do a visual inspection of the wing for ice accumulation.






For those who like such things, we are providing some "green" liveries as well.  You can see here that the rudder has already been painted with our house livery, but the rest of the airplane is covered in a protective coating.


Pete is creating "green" examples of almost all the liveries...  He thought it might tickle the airplane geek funny bone in a few of you.







Look at how CLEAN this unpainted bird is!  You can see the bluing material on the exhaust cone in this image.  The sure fire way to pick out a new 777 or at least a 777 with a new engine is to look for the blue cones...


In this image you can see a significant amount of detail on the landing gear, the engine pylon, the gear doors, flap actuators, leading edge actuators, etc.







One of the things we do at PMDG that brings us great pride- is that we look for details that are unique to an airplane.  Quirks, behaviors or identifying features that will stand out to someone who works with the airplane every day because they are pieces of knowledge that you would only have if you really knew the airplane well.


This image below shows one of those little details, buried in all of the other detail packed into the airplane...


Anyone take a guess what that detail is and what it means?  You can see it below....








Okay- that is all for tonight's update...


Next update is an in depth preview of the flight deck!


Don't wander too far off- she is nearly finished...




Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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This is great Art !


Thanks to all the team PMDG !!!

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The external lighting on those night shots... drool. :wub:

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:wub:  :wub:

Chris Ferguson

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OMG that F is sooo smoooth! I want it!!

Mauricio Brentano

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@rsrandazzo, Thanks many times for the preview cap'n it is much appreciated! Do you know the chemical name of the agent?

Flying Tigers Group



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OMG Yahoo now thats amazing WOW

Rich Sennett


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It's just beautiful work ! thanks for the previews Robert !

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looking fantastic! Is that really a gear door unsafe light I see?




Brian W

Brian W


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So happy with that night lighting - seems like the absolute perfect tone! The hot brakes feature is just incredible - we now have more of an excuse to look at the brake temperatures  :P


I said it in the last thread and I'll say it again - Jason has modelled this to absolute perfection. The texture guys have done a second to none job too - especially on the fuselage, wing & engine. Am I the only one somewhat in love with that freighter? She's going to look stunning in a FedEx livery  :biggrin: And then the reflections on the entire aeroplane, especially the underneath of the wing... WOW!  :mellow:


Three ways to describe the 777 so far:


Perfection - Precision - Out of this world!


Thank you PMDG for making one 777 fanatic very, very, very ecstatic!  :wub: 

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Super cool shots.


I havnt worked on the ramp in a long time but im guessing the light on in the main gear bay is something. but I do recall some lights on when I worked on the ramp at the time.


Are the brake lighting modeled dynamically?


Cant wait to see all these lighting effect in video action.



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Look great, the night lighting is just about spot on (and Jason doesn't appear to like taxing on the center line :P ) what I see on the ramp and great job with the blue engine cone, one of AA's 777's had a new engine and the clean blades/blue cone was a dead giveaway. Also the red hot brakes is a very, very nice touch. Cannot wait to fly her in AA's chrome!

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