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  1. To be honest it would be better for the aviation community and the whole world if this was some sort of freak and bizarre mechanical failure or accident vs something more sinister.
  2. 7,700NM is still a lot of range, I'd like to fly my AA birds that have the RR engines on their 200's or the legacy United birds with their PW engines (and the 200ER's serves everything from ORD-MIA (rare but I've seen it) or as far as ORD-HKG with UA.)
  3. 1. Usually on days off from work. 2. I'm not there for the whole 16 hours (12-14 hour legs is my self imposed cap), I still do other tasks around the house, play on the PS3, or sleep depending on the time of day (real pilots do get breaks). 3. Yep and partially because of that I rarely fly online longhauls, no need to worry about ATC's or SUP's. 4. PS3 is a mere 8 inches away from the keyboard (it shares the same monitor as the PC in fact) My longest flight was ORD-DOH which was around 12 hours, after reaching sunrise over the Atlantic and turning off the center pumps I went to bed and didn't wake up until the plane was about 2 hours from TOD.
  4. I've noticed that AA withdrew them from ORD.
  5. I don't see that leg on the August QR time table for the 777, they only fly A320's on that hop.
  6. I was about mention ANA, tons of short routes there.
  7. We snap an imaginary stick which signals that the GPU is broken, no point in hooking up the GPU if its inop.
  8. They only went to C/D if the turn is one hour or longer, if its a quick turn then they fire up the APU as soon as I give them the hand signal. Over here is difficult to keep the planes cool so the APU is usually left on unless its a very long turn (3-4 hours) but our 777's always have them running, they don't even bother hooking up ground power.
  9. Cold and dark might be more realistic for the regionals where the pilots shut the whole plane down to avoid using the APU if the GPU doesn't work.
  10. Am I the only person who never has a framerate issue with Ceranado's planes?
  11. Exactly, I'll still fly my AA legs with the LR but file as a 200ER on vatsim, its close enough.
  12. I'd love to get PW engines, they have that nice whine at low power.
  13. Not a huge issue for me, I often fly AA routes with a 738 when they filed for a Super 80 lol
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