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18JUL14 - PMDG 777-200LR/F SP1 and PMDG 777-300ER Released

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About six hours ago we released both the SP1 and the 777-300ER, just as we had said we would earlier in the week.


I would like to apologize to Tom and the crew at AVSim- as we normally give them a bit of warning on our release plans, but in the workup toward the release we completely forgot to make sure that Tom was aware and had a chance to alert his server techs...   Sorry, Tom.


On the up side, the technical side of the release was relatively smooth, and for the most part we aren't seeing anything major/glaring in the early feedback from all of you!


There isn't much to be said at this point, except to say thank you to all of you for your patience while we put this one together- and to encourage you to go and fly the airplane and enjoy it this weekend.


We will be monitoring things during the course of the weekend, but please do not expect too much from us in terms of a feedback loop until Monday when we have a chance to start collecting data and looking at anything you guys might find that needs addressing, clarification or just good old fashion laughing at.  B)


In the mean time- I have put together this very partial change list for your reading amusement.  I think there are two important points for you to take away from this list:


1) It is incredibly long- and it is a direct export from the software we use with our technical team and our beta testing team to track their reports and our fixes based upon their reports. 


2) This list only accounts for changes that were made based upon THEIR reports to us... it does not include about 430 additional changes that were made because we were aware of other defects through other channels.


Altogether we estimate that there are more than 1200 changes to this version... most of them subtle... some quite significant.


Either way- I feel comfortable calling this the ultimate simulation of the Boeing 777....  we hope you enjoy flying it!


Change list follows.....



PMDG 777-300ER Extension / 200LRF SP1 - BUILD 1.10.6036 (Released) [includes 300ER changes/reports/updates]


- 0003277: [General - Engines] Eng Oil Qty indication issues (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003279: [FMS - Initialization] 300ER engine type on IDENT page (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003272: [systems - Fuel] Fuel Remaining Discrepancies (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003223: [FMS - Initialization] ROUTE REQUEST still showing NO ROUTES AVAILABLE (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003247: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Rapid porpoising while turning, descending and slowing (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003261: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Texture Leak Under L/H Sliding Window Handle (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003274: [External Model - Geometry] That yellow thing... (hint FCOM 1.50.6) (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003273: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Ground Ops pages issues with the 300ER (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003268: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] 300ER max ZFW can't be manually entered (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003232: [systems - Fuel] Fuel to remain value is wrong in the -300ER (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003275: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Auto throttle automatically re-engaging (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003245: [General - Engines] Provision for large ISA devgiations in EGT start up model so that value does not seem to get stuck (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002101: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] RTA is not working. (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003264: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] THR HOLD mode after take off (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003262: [General - Flight Model] Thrust dependent TO Trim model for large derates (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003242: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] LNAV in missed approach past arrival runway without go around activated (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003255: [AFDS - General] Possible VNAV speed value erroneous display during DES decelerations [CDU and speed tape] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003246: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Blue physical throttle arcs not moving (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003256: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Issues with GW and ALT options (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003258: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] ECL shows weather radar checked OFF when it's still ON (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003249: [FMS - Performance Pages] Following a CRZ SPD restricted WPT PROG page always displays SEL SPD instead of ECON/LRC/RTA as appropriate (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003252: [General - Unsure] Payload page error (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003244: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Artifacts on transponder panel (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003253: [External Model - Geometry] Left side cones protruding into ground (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003243: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Separated standby instrument frame dimensions (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003240: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Leak under clipboard in 300ER (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003202: [Main Panel - ND] WX radar mode information should show in the ND VOR and APP modes (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003225: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] Erroneous green pixels on upper EICAS (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003241: [systems - Fire Protection] Fire bottle discharges during test on ground (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003239: [FREEZES - All Types] Unreal Object Collision On Pressing CAM (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003233: [External Model - Geometry] Cables from the ground cart are going throught the Forward Cargo (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003234: [External Model - Geometry] Ground Aircondition unit and stairs conflict (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003227: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] FSX PLN FILE FOR WXR option name (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003228: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] VFR APP results in extension waypoint with same altitude as runway (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003231: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Version number on -300ER (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003229: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] 777-300ER Camera Crash (jbrown) - closed.

- 0003214: [systems - Hydraulic] With crashes enabled landing gear cannot be lowered (mkaprocki) - closed.

- 0003197: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] COLORS page is corrupted (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003220: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Right recirc fan korry switch missing plastic/glass texture (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003221: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] No smoking/electronics rotary still present when selected "Not Installed" (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003222: [External Model - Geometry] Artifacts hanging off flaperon or flap canoe on both wings (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003217: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] WPT SPD constraint is deleted if WPT is also altitude restricted and altitude value, only, is entered from scratchpad (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003136: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] RAAS should only give runway warning once (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003219: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Fire handles on aft electronics panel too short (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003218: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Reversed behaviour linked with AUX FUEL Switch and Shutdown checklist (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003209: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Altitude Alert sounding when parking brake is set (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003204: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Freeze when overflying approach and then trying to pick different one (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003208: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Light leaks around the Master Caution/Warning lights (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003207: [General - Documentation] Edits to 300ER PMDG House cfg entry (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003205: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] No APU to Pack shouldn't be an option for the 300ER (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003189: [General - Engines] APU to pack takeoff thrust settings aren't being saved with panel states (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003062: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] AT and FLCH in FS turbulence [handling + to - 2 g's in 2 seconds] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003201: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] OBS Audio and RNP settings on PROG page 4 not saving with panel state (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003199: [systems - Electrical] GEN OFF messaging not working for ENG or APU Generator inflight (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003144: [AFDS - Roll Modes] Tailwind model for turn anticipation, magenta drawing for large turns for 3000NM legs, < 0.5NM Xtrack error LNAV correction (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003196: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Captain's floor seat track alignment numbers are reversed (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003203: [Main Panel - ND] TERR should also display in APP and VOR modes (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003146: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Bank/turn compensation at low speeds for VS/FPA modes (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003153: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] FBW response to out-of-trim-ref conditions too slow and path hold behaviour in turns (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003070: [FMS - Performance Pages] inputs should not be subject to "delay" (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003191: [Main Panel - ND] ADF radial shown on ND (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003192: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] LEGS key wrong with LEGS RTE DATA selected (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003183: [Main Panel - PFD] Altimeter read out on PFD (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003174: [systems - Fire Protection] APU Fire on the ground (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003167: [Main Panel - PFD] Implement simulation option to show trim reference speed on PFD speed tape (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003173: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] TOGA selection above AA [sets GA thrust limit and reverts to TOGA|TOGA AFDS modes] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003182: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] CDU Buttons flickering (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0003131: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] GND PROX RUNWAY OVRD switch should not show if the airplane is not equipped with RAAS (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003095: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] route loading issues (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003179: [FMS - Failures Pages] APU AIR TURBINE STARTER FAILURE (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003172: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Flickering textures on RH CDU (vscimone) - closed.

- 0003112: [sounds - Internal/Cockpit] Sound When Disconnecting Autopilot (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003143: [General - 2D Panels] WX radar 2D panel L/R button artifact. (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002367: [FMS - SID/STAR pages] Unable to change APP while flying an already selected APP and APP/RWY filtering after STAR selection (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003155: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] No GEAR CONFIG when Flaps set to 30 with Gear in transit. (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003156: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] Doors cannot be armed/disarmed or otherwise operated while aircraft is in motion (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003129: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] EICAS status messages (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003163: [General - Engines] EGT cooldown rate after engine shutdown (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003160: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Added level decel after ToD when DES speed lower than CRZ speed (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002652: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] AUTOTHROTTLE DISC EICAS message wrong with engine severe damage selected (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003161: [FREEZES - All Types] Path solver provisions for baulked climb flightd ending in VECTORS (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003015: [FMS - Performance Pages] Added time delay following flightplan/perf entry modifications for descend path indicator (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003166: [AFDS - Roll Modes] AFDS does not follow magental line (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003154: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Margin for A/T automatic reconnect (if armed) while in THR REF (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003117: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] takeoff bump inop (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003108: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Radar Test Function (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002488: [General - Engines] EGT curves during engine start built from real airplane data (previous was lvl-d sim) (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003114: [FMS - Performance Pages] Speed target should be magenta in PROG page in VNAV w/ SPD INTV (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003120: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Some A/T related items in VNAV Path DES (rmaziarz) - closed.

- 0003138: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Airway integrity following user manually defining 180 flightplan turns (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003133: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] FMC MENU page first 4 lines flash when lowering/raising yoke (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003121: [FMS - Performance Pages] RCMD ALT for short trp with CRZ ALT set to higher than MAX (!!!!) should be bounded (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003137: [General - Engines] When AT in HOLD N1 protection should extend to max N1 limit (amber) not FMC limit (green) (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003119: [FMS - Initialization] Inertial Automatic Realignment in add-on sceneries [FSX might return positive VS on ground] and drift reset (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003148: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Landing gear down goes green too soon on ECL (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003005: [General - Engines] Indicated engine oil qty variation due to N2, flight path and engine state conditions (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003116: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] rte uplink loading msg is not replaceable (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003128: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Leak/hole under clipboard in VC (vscimone) - closed.

- 0003124: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Request to have overhead CVR cap removed and add brake accumulator texture (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003127: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Forward cargo fire ECL faulty (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003109: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] VNAV speed restriction blanks following SEL SPD entry on ground (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003107: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Rapid porpoising in FLCH (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003092: [Main Panel - ND] Issues with planned step climb S/C point location + ND datatag (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0003118: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Mapping ENG Start Selectors (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003105: [General - Unsure] Ailerons shouldn't drop with Flaps 1? (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003093: [Main Panel - PFD] Collision between long minutes timer and CHR with electronic clock option (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003103: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] It's possible to select AUX tanks for the 300ER (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003111: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Yoke position freeze (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002650: [FMS - Performance Pages] Step altitude(s) based on current CRZ ALT both on ground and in flight (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003071: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Too low flap warning on go-around (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003086: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Compass light inop (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003006: [FMS - Initialization] CDU MSG Light and MSG display if CDU not connected to FMC subsystem (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002874: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Chronograph should keep counting after 59 minutes (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002672: [FMS - Performance Pages] INSUFFICIENT FUEL message triggered by both MOD and ACT RTE's (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003096: [systems - Electrical] No Master Caution when removing AC power from aircraft (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003074: [FMS - Performance Pages] VNAV DES page 4R fields before DES (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003115: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] auto reporting does not occur during climb and descent (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003065: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] nav aids selection wrong (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003061: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] wind request wrong (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003064: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] wind data loading immediately (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003012: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] Unable to map A/P disengage switch (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003047: [General - Unsure] A lot of failures after launching ASN (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0001960: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] N1 magenta ref/target indication shown in EICAS progressively rising after level off (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003030: [Main Panel - EFIS Controls] Problems mode switching between TERR and WX (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003100: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] Saving a panel state in the 200LR results in erroneous EICAS messages in the 777F (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003101: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] ECL skipping before start (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003113: [Main Panel - PFD] TCAS test no red lines on the ground (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003094: [FMS - Performance Pages] PERF INIT entry fields still completely blanking out after shutdown (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003099: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Strange black lines on the FO lights panel knobs (rmaziarz) - closed.

- 0003097: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Thrust mode handling while reversing from climb to descend in FLCH (without changing pitch mode) (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003051: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Switching 777F option to allow ADFs does not remove the INOP decal on the EFIS CPs... (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003052: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] 777F VC is missing the radar click spots (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003050: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Switching to digital clock does not remove analog clock from 777F VC (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003067: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Hold entry leg distances too long (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003060: [External Model - Geometry] Tailskid option for 300ER (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003028: [External Model - Liveries] Aft Strobe Light Housing Color (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002804: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Chart/worktable light doesn't work (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003040: [systems - Flight Controls] Speedbrake operation in Secondary and Direct mode (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003041: [FMS - Performance Pages] Revised math for checking object at position abeam another position on fixed heading to accomodate extremely long legs (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003037: [General - Unsure] 300ER aircraft.cfg has 200LR text at top (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003089: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] Possible freeze on APP if WPT before DEST is speed restricted at value less than ARR RWY (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003063: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] forecast descent winds is not a separate request (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003057: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] Invalid Wind Data Uplink (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003072: [Main Panel - EFIS Controls] WXR and TERR button behavior while one mode is active (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003073: [Main Panel - ND] TERR/WXR sweep should be visible when motionless on ground (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003042: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] Reference N1 green caret moving in TOGA mode (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003055: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] AT Target speed after TO/GA (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003056: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Back up generator failure ECL (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003088: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Authothrottle engaging for take off with only one A/T switch armed (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003053: [FMS - SID/STAR pages] Calculation of INTC points uses only shortest arc [was try both ways if shortest fails] (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003043: [General - 2D Panels] Grainy 2D Pop-Up Panels (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003084: [Main Panel - Standby Gauges] HDG flag in polar regions (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002915: [systems - Electrical] R backup generator does not feed left x-fer bus (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003075: [FMS - Performance Pages] ECON SPD and REST ALT fields should not show in VNAV CLB page during cruise (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003058: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Report send (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003045: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] frequent altn list uplink & unable ALTN (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002984: [Main Panel - PFD] Pitch Limit indication on the ground (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003087: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] AUTOBRAKE change of setting delay (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003076: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] dep/arr arrival airports not on alternate list (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003046: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] digital clock selected, missing texture (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0003077: [FMS - Performance Pages] RTA page label issue (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003079: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] On RTE page dashes for waypoint after ORGN with undefined RWY and on reload dashes after last WPT (was DIRECT) (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003081: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Dashes missing from RTE page during route entry (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0003069: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Undefined <CTR> label position in LEGS page if first time entered ND selector in PLN Mode (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003078: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] N1 amber line missing with engine off (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002830: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] Request for Squawkbox 4 compatibility for transponder (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002461: [systems - Engine Start Controls] Engine Start Issues (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002444: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] HOLD Page Layout and default best speed fixes (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002809: [systems - Flight Controls] FBW Pitch has trouble maintaining reference speed (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002582: [systems - Flight Controls] Normal Mode Pitch Control (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002850: [systems - Flight Controls] Pitch up momentum during flap application in manual flight (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003039: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] CTD when running an Inhibited Checklist (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002638: [systems - Lighting - VC/2D] Request for option to adjust brightness for ALL FLOODLIGHTS ON/OFF keybind (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002756: [systems - Pneumatic] Pneumatic Grd air dies after first engine start (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0003022: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Auto Cruise speeding up to ridiculous rates like 128x (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002858: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] Auto time compression jumping to high speeds on its own (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002404: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Go around thrust management (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003032: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Possible CTD after deleting start or end of SID/STAR/APP procedure (as appropriate) (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002882: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] AP / AT mode behavior on VNAV approaches (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002862: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Enhanced logic for forced turn direction in LNAV after an overfly waypoint and DTO to next (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0003025: [systems - Flight Controls] Failure bit should only valid when flap/slat use is commanded. (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0003013: [External Model - Liveries] Need New Bump Map for 773ER (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002995: [External Model - Liveries] 300ER Bump Map (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0003020: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] It is possible to trigger 777F cargo door warning messages in the passenger 200LR (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002896: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Implementation of Estimated Further Clearance [EFC] functionality for holds (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002793: [General - Engines] Engine Indications jump around w/Add on throttles with A/T armed on the ground (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002945: [General - Engines] Engine protection related EICAS messages in EEC Alternate Mode (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002827: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] THR instead of THR REF maybe announced after switch from FLCH to VNAV SPD [climb] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002244: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] New amber (EEC maximum) N1 limit model (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002941: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] A/T response tune up during flap and gear extension/retraction (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002938: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Reduced sensitivity of V/S + FPA modes to reduce small oscillations around target V/S particularly following thrust changes (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002894: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Improved response of FLCH/VNAV SPD pitch modes on large thrust changes (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002992: [FMS - SID/STAR pages] CTD while changing STAR in build 5523 (SP1 test build) (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002829: [FMS - Performance Pages] Fuel flow prediction accuracy increased from within 2.5% to within 0.5% (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002996: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] Re-calibration and fixes of IRU drift model (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002955: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] FIX page should not accept .10 inputs for miles (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002993: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Backlighting appears on flap track and O2 Mask logos when it should not (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0002994: [systems - Electrical] Sequential Load shed air/ground logic suppressing proper behavior (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002910: [systems - Ice & Rain Protection] WAI Inoperative in Engine Out Conditions (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002899: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] VC mini panel issue?? (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002258: [FMS - Performance Pages] Variable time delay for updating various CDU VNAV Page fields (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002676: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Glareshield Top (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0002962: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] Flap Speed tape markers missing on Alternate Flap Extension (with switch) (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002684: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] DOORS MANUAL message with doors actually in AUTO (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002746: [systems - Electrical] Power transfer from GPU to APU set QNH to 1013/29.92 (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002951: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Unable to select different STAR and APP while flying a previously selected STAR [CTD] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002859: [systems - General/Not Sure] Reverse thrust operation (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002898: [systems - Fuel] Center Fuel Low Pressure light indication (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002893: [systems - Fuel] Fuel Balance issues EO (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002931: [systems - Electrical] MD&T issues (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002890: [systems - Fuel] Fuel Temp not adjusting for OAT (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002919: [systems - Hydraulic] Autobrakes do not work on Saved Flights (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002732: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] ECL completion state lost when transferring from APU to battery power (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002959: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] CTD in case of importing saved flightplan with no longer valid SID and change of runway (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002733: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] Default Thrust Reduction As Flap Setting rather than Altitude (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002579: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] RTO Checklist (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002957: [FMS - Failures Pages] Door 3L failure produces DOOR 2L Eicas message (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002792: [systems - Lighting - Exterior] Logo Lights do not work with saved panel states (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002946: [Main Panel - PFD] LAND 2 annunciation error (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002748: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Payload values not saving (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002912: [FMS - Performance Pages] CTD going from ECON to LRC while in a step climb (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002718: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] FMA Annucniations in VNAV EO Driftdown (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002870: [systems - Electrical] Inflight BUG Behavior incorrect (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002918: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] LOC Position updating not working with GPS disabled (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002933: [systems - Electrical] AC Bus Failure issues (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002871: [systems - Electrical] Engine Generator Synoptic (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002757: [systems - Electrical] Generator Slow to take bus after start (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002924: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] MCP Speed window opens to Wrong Speed without A/P F/D active (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002911: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Possible Issue with Airway Waypoint Selection (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002932: [Main Panel - ND] Wind Component on ND with Weight on Wheels (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002934: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Box Around AFDS Pitch Mode Without a Change in Pitch Mode (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002913: [General - 2D Panels] 2D MCP Knobs are slow to Decel after mouse scroll use (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002909: [systems - Flight Controls] Manual Stab Trim still operates with Cutouts active (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002886: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] V/S and FPA level off or climb when on NP Approach (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002885: [Main Panel - Standby Gauges] Arming APP on the ISFD should show LOC/GS scales at all times (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002814: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Seat armrest artifacts in DX10 at night (vscimone) - resolved.

- 0002851: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Time delay between MCP ALT DIAL set and target update (useful when setting missed approach altitude in APP phase in VNAV PTH) (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002883: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Users reporting ACT WIND pages not ordered correctly (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002884: [FMS - Performance Pages] After exiting a constant speed cruise segment, PROG page still shows SEL SPD (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002880: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Enhanced handling of LNAV and/or VNAV arming with active/or armed APP roll mode (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002666: [AFDS - General] LNAV and VNAV should show armed for approx 1.5 seconds before engaging at all times (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002857: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] N2 indication disappears in compacted mode. (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002865: [systems - Flight Controls] Stab Trim indication units incorrect (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002848: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Speed restricted waypoint prior to arrival inserted through legs page might result in a CLB SPD restriction (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002861: [External Model - Geometry] Texture Bleed Thru (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002839: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Can we default CDU MenuVirtualPower to 0 when saving a panel state? (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002807: [systems - General/Not Sure] Door operating problem (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002852: [systems - Electrical] Single FMC operation at startup (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002817: [systems - Fuel] Fuel Imbalance message comes on too early in KG measured airplane (rsrandazzo) - resolved.

- 0002717: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] VNAV EO CRZ Page Header and Items (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002741: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Engine Out VNAV Climb Page Header and missing entries (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002770: [FMS - Performance Pages] Sim Freeze/Crash when changing FMC step climb value from RVSM to 2000 (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002771: [FREEZES - All Types] FSX Crash and failure to reload (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002772: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] Runway/ILS error message with cold and dark panel state (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002773: [General - Unsure] FSX Landing Lights key event continuously triggered (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002774: [systems - Lighting - Exterior] External Lighting not visible to FS Passenger clients (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002778: [Apps - PMDG Operations Center] OC behavior with non installed aircraft (mkaprocki) - resolved.

- 0002782: [Main Panel - ND] CTD when selecting PLAN mode with ND displayed on lower EICAS (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002794: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Unable to start APU when switching from Short panel to Cold and Dark (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002795: [sounds - Internal/Cockpit] Sound loading causing short stutters on TO and landing (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002798: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] When DES EARLY function used, VNAV overspeed after VNAV path resumes (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002799: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] F/O Display disable doesnt't disable CDUs when loading saved panel state (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002803: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Request for auto-cruise to suppress crew alertness monitor (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002805: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] ACP Controlling FSX function in PMDG Options not saving (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002810: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Unable to enter specific waypoints ending in three digits on the LEGS page (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002813: [FMS - Functionality Problems (General)] Unable to load saved flightplans with negative departure altitude [e.g. EHAM] (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002815: [External Model - Liveries] Errors for Emirates Livery (psterling) - resolved.

- 0002819: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] TAI ON ALT on Decent page will not accept entries (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002820: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Alternates not displaying properly on ND (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002821: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] TCAS RED Box missing from test (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002822: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Fix Page issues (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002823: [General - Engines] Engine start from panel state causes problems with start display values (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002825: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Request for sound option to let sounds continue playing without FSX window focus (abashkatov) - resolved.

- 0002826: [General - Unsure] Set default FSX variable for seat belts switch (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002828: [FMS - Performance Pages] Use of reversers should remove V speeds and derates (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002832: [External Model - Geometry] Bulkhead sticking out of fuselage on Freighter (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002833: [General - 2D Panels] Additional clickspots to toggle CDU pop-ups (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002834: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Thrust reversers work in-flight w/ mouse (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002836: [FMS - Performance Pages] Calculated Fuel issues after engine shutdown (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002840: [External Model - Geometry] Issue with the left main gear door (jbrown) - resolved.

- 0002869: [systems - Flight Controls] TAC computer not occuring with Flight Control DISC switch active (emvaos) - resolved.

- 0002527: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] FIX ETA while holding model (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003004: [FMS - Simulator Controls/Commands] Mispelled words in Internal Lights FMS setup page (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0002766: [Main Panel - ND] Active waypoint label z-order on ND (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002881: [FMS - Performance Pages] Assumed temp curve too high compared to real world (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002689: [General - 2D Panels] 2D popups for disabled displays still show them (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002878: [FMS/AFDS - LNAV] Customer claims there is a math problem in FMC calculation of route segments (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002982: [External Model - Geometry] Missing texture errors from customer (jbrown) - closed.

- 0002968: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Reproducible case of A/T going to SPD at wheel touchdown during autoland (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002452: [Main Panel - ND] Deceleration circle and VNAV speed target handling prior to waypoint in final approach (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002926: [AFDS - Roll Modes] unable to select roll mode below 400 Feet. (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002740: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] RWY waypoint does not cycle when landing (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003023: [FMS - Performance Pages] V/B & V/S values blank after overflying waypoint (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002873: [AFDS - General] INOP sticker missing (vscimone) - closed.

- 0003014: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] Issue with Throttle setting when having FSUIPC thottle config. (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002818: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] 777F should not have the aux-tanks option (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002785: [FMS - Setup/Options Pages] Request for A/T override in flare only (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002974: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Allow change of destination runway altitude (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003033: [General - 2D Panels] Could we add the radar controls to the radios/TCAS 2D popup (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002976: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Couple font/digit issues for SP1 (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003036: [Main Panel - ND] Radar/TERR corrupt with time compression on (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002283: [AFDS - Thrust Modes] APU to Pack function INOP (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002411: [FMS - Performance Pages] Variable time delay for updating various CDU VNAV EO Page fields (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003016: [FMS - Performance Pages] Waypoint/altitude entry on VNAV DES 3R should be allowed in all flight phases (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002927: [FMS - Performance Pages] IAS/MACH crossover altitude in VNAV does not depend on ISA (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002155: [FMS - Performance Pages] CRZ Page fields after route and before DEP rwy and PERF INIT complete entries (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002769: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] RTE WINDS DATA Uplink enhanced simulation (ACARS like...) (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002958: [systems - Air Conditioning/Heating] Lower Cargo Settings Do Not Save with Panelstates (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002640: [General - Comms/Navs] ADFs Inop on 777F (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0001782: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] Go-around mode revisited (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002824: [FMS - Performance Pages] Fuel Disagree on turn around (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002935: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Fuel Low QTY master Caution (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002854: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Radio Altimeter/2500 call out intermittent (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002888: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Too Low Flap warning/Flap Override switch not working (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002973: [FMS - Failures Pages] Incorrect EICAS Messages with Flap slat control failures (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0002937: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] Engine Low Oil Pressure Failure (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002801: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Spurious Master Caution on engine start won't reset (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002972: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Error with Eng Lim/Surge/Stall R ECL (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002816: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Overspeed warning inop (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002975: [systems - Flight Controls] Ttrim switch action inhibits related to flight envelope protection in PFC NORM mode extended to all FBW submodes (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002897: [FMS - Failures Pages] APU electric starter fault (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002875: [FMS - Performance Pages] Speed info on 2L of VNAV CLB page should keep showing ECON speed when speed is intervene (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002500: [FMS - Performance Pages] ENG OUT values do not appear instantaneous (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003024: [FMS - Performance Pages] RECMD value not displayed on short flights (emvaos) - closed.

- 0003018: [Main Panel - PFD] ILS text with NAV PERF scales off option. (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0003010: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] 1000 callout (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002682: [Main Panel - ND] ND informations should have a "mask" so the symbols scrolling underneath are not shown (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002987: [Main Panel - ND] raw data radial/distance (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002670: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] Press ALT selector during climb should clear all speed restrictions (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002872: [systems - Fuel] APU does not feed from DC fuel Pump with left fwd fuel pump failed (rsrandazzo) - closed.

- 0002738: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Sensed items issues on ECL (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002586: [Main Panel - Aural/Visual Warning Systems] Unable to disconnect AP without hearing the wailer of AP disconnect sound (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002988: [Main Panel - ND] vor identifier behaviour (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.

- 0002986: [Main Panel - ND] GPS POS (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002178: [AFDS - General] turning on F/D with ADIRU switch off on the ground the TOGA TOGA modes has amber horizontal lines, which should not be there (emvaos) - closed.

- 0002967: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] Sensed items should not be clickable (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002979: [Main Panel - Electronic Checklist System] first step missing on HYD PRESS L ECL (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002990: [FMS - Performance Pages] lat/long in pos ref pages (emvaos) - closed.

- 0001858: [Main Panel - Synoptics] Comm page (abashkatov) - closed.

- 0002781: [General - Documentation] Single Class configuration mentioned in documentation (rmaziarz) - closed.

- 0002943: [External Model - Geometry] 300ER - Tail goes wonky at night with logo lights illuminated. (jbrown) - closed.

- 0002999: [AFDS - General] AT Arm mode not synchronized with MCP switches position on power up (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.

- 0002791: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Numbers on floor reversed (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.


Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Thanks, Captain. Already bought the -300ER and couldn't be happier with all my 777. 

Really. Thanks. And big thanks to the rest of the team!

Gabriel J. T. Rodrigues

My mods in the library

My photography (site updated!)

English isn't my native language. Sometimes, I'm going to make mistakes or sound strange and for this I'm sorry. Please feel free to correct me at anytime. Thanks for your comprehension!


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Thanks Team!

Just bought the -300ER and finish downloading now.


Thanks again fro the efforts!




Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (SUB-ID)

System: P3D v5.3, Intel i7-3770K O/C to 4.7GHz, Noctua NH-U12P SE2, Nvidia GTX 1070 16Gb Corsair Vengeance, Corsair 850W PSU, SAITEK Yoke and Throttle, X52 Joystick Pro Flight™ TPM, Switch Panel, Flight Sim Yoke CH, Armageddon Pixxel+ HD Curve

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What an intelligent bunch! Flabbergasted at the depth to which your team dives in order to get things right!


I wasn't going to buy the 300ER, but I will now, largely in support of your teams effort to give us the best possible product.


Brian Nellis.

Brian Nellis

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In one word: fantastic. Just flew my first flight with SP1 installed VHHH-EDDP at 4x acc. The weather radar is just too cool B)  Data link is a great feature. I've noticed a significant improvement in smoothness running FSX vs. pre-SP1. And the fixes I was most interested in are all there. Thank you for your hard work. Next week my paycheck is in and I'll get me one of those -300s for only 29.99 good price :BigGrin: .

Well I'm off flying again.....


Harro Lippmann



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You guys release a major update, give it for free, and then say "thank you for your patience". No wonder ppl think they are entitled  :Just Kidding:


Kidding aside, Thank you for the free update. Job well done guys!!  :clapping: Time to go  :p0502:

Charan Kumar
FSX/XPX vPilot
VATSIM ZOA and Oceanic Controller (Pacific)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead

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Thank you PMDG! Well done!

Cheers Jan 
 i7-8086K @ 4.6 GHZ | Asus Strix 3080TI OC | 32GB G.Skill RipJaws | 1T + 250GB Samsung 960 Evo | Windows 10 | MSFS


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Thanks. When I get home Sunday the very first thing I will do is go download SP1 and then purchase the 300ER. Fantastic work guys, I am glad that it worked out in the end!

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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The product is fantastic however, it still freezes at 15-20 intervals at 5-10 minutes per interval. I have no weather or scenery addons. My FSX is very basic to say the least. 

Sean Franklin 



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Thanks. When I get home Sunday the very first thing I will do is go download SP1 and then purchase the 300ER. Fantastic work guys, I am glad that it worked out in the end!


I know the wait is KILLING you  :lol:

Chris Ferguson

PC Specs(Rebuilt 1/11/19): i7-9700K - Non-OC'd, EVGA RTX 2080ti, G.Skillz 16GB Ram 3000mhz, EVGA SuperNOVA 1000w PSU, Cooler Master ML360R, ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 MoBo, 2x 2TB HDD, 1x 1TB Samsung EVO SSD, 1x 220GB WD SSD

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Thanks RSR. That is all I can tell you. Suddenly I felt hand flying is super immersive ( heck i don't know about fbw differences between previous and current sp1 release and I honestly say I enjoyed rtm version as well). Cheers for your team as well.



Dravid Kenyala

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The product is fantastic however, it still freezes at 15-20 intervals at 5-10 minutes per interval. I have no weather or scenery addons. My FSX is very basic to say the least. 




I think what you mean is that "it freezes ON YOUR MACHINE."  It is important to make that distinction because it is a behavior that we have been tracking since release that only effects a certain type of user/machine and we obviously didn't catch what causes it ON YOUR MACHINE.


Rather than repeating your plight in every thread in the forum- get a ticket opened with support and lets see if we can't get some diagnostics on what is happening with your install.

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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I was supposed to go to work this morning but I think a EGLL-KIAH flight with sp1 is in order!!


Thank you PMDG :lol:  :P

Chris Howard

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Guess I'm waiting till after the Farnborough air show today to have a play :)


Thanks to all involved in fixing, tweaking, adding, subtracting, multiplying, testing lol your work is deeply appreciated!

Alaister Kay

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