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P3D v2.3 is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

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Hey Mitch,


I haven't installed 2.3 yet and I'm wondering how it copes w/ FTX Vector if you have that installed as well, which I have never purchased for 2.2 because performance in FTX regional sceneries was borderline and I didn't want to risk that in non-regional areas, i.e. the impact of Vector.


For reasons unknown to me I'm seeing my system having trouble keeping up w/ texture loading which I had going in spades for the longest time and I'm not sure why it's become iffy in regional sceneries w/ high autogen density.  So really, are you seeing increases in total performance, or just less stuttering w/ 2.3?

Hi Noel, sorry to not have responded sooner...didn't see this post until I back-tracked this afternoon. I have Global 1.20, Vector 1.15, and all of my regions and ORBX payware airports installed. Vector simply has never been a factor for me, either in v2.2 and CERTAINLY not in this powerhouse----v2.3.  I would recommend to you, to purchase, if that is what is holding you back. I also purchased, partly based on what was to come in v.120 when it gets here.  I did have UTX, and enjoyed that, but to be honest, Noel,....I am fully invested as others are in the Apple Culture...so am invested in the ORBX Culture...and so wanted software that plays nice in the ORBX sandbox.  The same impetus for buying the Pilot's2010FSX edition for Mesh, rather than install and pray.  So...in v2.3, it plays very nice with Global...and I am so thrilled as to what LM has done with a dated engine.  My flight today at FL270, heading towards Boston's Logan...was amazing at the least, spoken. I had so many different lighting effects happening in real time upon the naked American Airlines fuselage...the clouds were an eye-show just on their own....the haze...and let me tell ya...the haze...CHANGED its density and hue...all in mind-ripping REAL TIME. That is what has me with a hook through the cheek. This sim...mimics REAL LIFE atmospherics like I have never seen. You didn't even see this in only one sub-version back...from .2 to .3.   Now...anything goes...in this sim!  You take off with ASN feeding the wire....and anything goes!  I have almost spent as much time sitting out on the wing...as I have as P.I.C.    Don't fly near me right now...I am a danger! (LOLOLOLOL)   Seriously, this sim is a real-world mimic now...and gorgeous to the eyes, with ASN and the latest SP3 from REX Direct 4 injecting....    Your choice to put a toe in the water...but let me tell ya....for anybody, any XP'er...any FSX'er..that does not ALSO, have this sim on their hard drive...is loosing out so big...they don't even know it!   My P.O, only...but I have 'em all...love 'em all....but THIS ONE, is the one right now that would get the first button push to fly with. No dissing all the other avenues to flight simulation....I am only honestly telling you how excited I am to fly through P3D's v2.3 sky,, for it is that advanced........  I no longer have to sip my coffee and 'try' to put myself into a sense of being there...flying over it, flying through it.....nope. I fire up P3D v2.3...and DO IT!  If that isn't an endorsement to buy this sim...then I don't know what more to tell you Noel.....  No matter what platform you decided to frequent...it is all good, man., but for me.....right now,--------------roll-------lift-off----------ascend-----------cruise-----------beyond------> with v2.3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------gone! 

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With respect to P3D installers, it is specifically stated in the Estonia Migration Tool instructions that the utility should be disabled if the addon being installed has a P3D option. That being the case, if the Airbus has an option to install in P3D, then the EMT should be switched OFF. However, if the P3D installer for the Airbus is not compatible with version 2.3......... :Praying:

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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Hi Thanks for the reply,


Cannot defrag as I use SSD's I have tried very very moderate settings but hit a big airport and Bham! stutter city on the ground...why? FSX can cope and P3D is meant to better optimized.


Also when closing down P3D with airbus on screen P3D comes up with a shutting down programme crash....not related but more frustrating...it would appear if you put payware airport scenery on it does not like it...run with A2 well on default...cannot see the GC being worked very hard even with Tessellation on...


Have not tried EVGA Precision...will do as I have that card do you overclock? and do you run P3D at unlimited and limit in the Precision..


will give that ago.....otherwise........back to FSX which is a dying platform but better for me...did not like DX 10 fix as the shadows where uneven...hence went back to mdx9 then got P3d...like those shadows but mot at the performance running it is showing....very frustrating


Many Thanks

I had in the past overclocked my GTX 680 2GB...but truly, I found no ripping performance increase over stock settings. So...I have been for months at stock using Precision X...but DO have...and always have at the bottom, Precision X's FPS limiter set to 30. I had seen that this really boosted performance in FSX, and so have it running for my P3D usage.  One thing I do do though..is that with my system, I can call upon all my fans...and set them to up to 100 percent rpm, if I choose. I have a game setting that boosts all of the cage fans to 60 percent, from their nominal 6 percent...and I feel that that helps stabilize an over-clocked (4.03 GHz) i7-975 Extreme processor.  Who knows, what little things we do, to add to the successful mix...but with no over-clock of my GPU, and the stated over-clock of my CPU...I run mostly (with P3D v2.3 pretty much maxed out) between 24-34 FPS swinging through that range, depending on what is being rendered in real time. It all works for me...and I have absolutely no complaints, for the features being offered.... 

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The Law of Green Jade....


"I just took off from KMCD (Mackinac Island in the C377 (Carenado)), and funny how the law of Green Jade (becoming 'jaded'), can so quickly kick in. I set up my flight in this ORBX free-ware (thank you!) airport, and as I have object shadow engaged, this woman was walking to and from the FBO terminal...and to my utter amazement, with HDR as well on...the shadow angle of the sun played across her face and forehead, as in real life. I just sat there amazed, in how these little 'hints' of real life mimicry PUT YOU THERE...really there. Also, her shadow being cast on the ground changed as she walked, and as her profile to the sun, also changed due to her movements.  So too, the other animated characters from OBJECT FLOW.


Jaded....I'm as green now as they come....a P3D v2.3 groupie....


These facets of real world observations...well, for myself, make it just that.  I took off...with an ASN-loaded sky with towering clouds...and as I banked towards a touch 'n go....was all happening at a rate of 30 FPS.  My gawd...but is this sim is an eye-candy feast.....!!!  Back to the flight....but just wanted to share the rule of the Green Jade. It happens...and you can never look back....  <_<

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Exactly well said Mitch - for those who have not tried it man what are you waiting for - for the price of a couple of low priced addons you have a real platform

Rich Sennett


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+1 Mitch and Rich. There also the 60 day refund, so there's nothing to lose by trying it out. Couple that with trial versions of all FSDT airports, and a 7 day trial for ASN, you can test your pc's performance with some of your favourite add-ons for free. Win-win.



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Well it seems that for me I am going to be always getting great FPS in P3D V2.3 I have just about fully loaded my setting to be able to sustain a minimum of about 24FPS in the heaviest of scenery and weather and now after adding the Milviz 407 I am getting the dreaded OOM. Did'nt see how high VAS went but it appears that is my limit. I will have to back of on the eye candy which in turn will result in higher FPS. What's the Problem? LOL

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Thank you for all the videos they are all awsome. Of course I'm now air sick that I can't fly with you guys just yet. But the videos have helped my understanding of what's changed since I had to pack all my stuff away back in version 2.0 and I thought that was good!


This simulator is really starting to come together, unlike my PC which is buried amongst a mountain of boxes somewhere in my new spare room.


Thanks again for taking the trouble to post the vids.

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Well said I would report back,


Installed P3D on to a clean SSD set up with vey basic setting running the A2 at egkk default..and all I get is stuttering scenery every few seconds..smooth then stutters and when banking....fps at 30


Not sure what else to do, I think I will leave it on the drive as I still have 50 days for a refund, and wait to see if Nvidia do anything...otherwise it looks like goodbye...and back to FSX..which is a shame..


Thanks for all your help though.



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A2... FSX addon of some type?


I mean, you are sooo quick to blame the base sim for your problems... but not once have you flown the base sim with basic aircraft.


EDIT: I just did a short circuit at EGKK in P3D v2.3 using the default C172 that comes with FSX. I chose that because it's a simple aircraft and requires little for ME to do to demonstrate a flight.


I had frames of 30fps through the entire flight. I am currently uploading the video to YouTube... should take a couple of hours because my internet connect utilizes tin cans and string.

Ed Wilson

Mindstar Aviation
My Playland - I69

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Thanks Ed,


Sorry not sure what it is it's by carenedo so default model nothing third party....


Anyway will,look forward to you video and if poss your settings.


I run a i7 2600 oc to 4.5 and a gtx 770 4gb so I think I have enough grunt!


Thank you

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Flaps15 - your system seems fine so it's some setting. Use the 337 series driver. Use a clean p3d.cfg file - NO tweaks of any kind. Check for background processes like anti virus, scanners etc. Disable all you can. Start with the default P3D flight in the F22 - then switch a/c and location if you wish but start with the default.


See if anything changes.




RIG#1 - 7700K 5.0g ROG X270F 3600 15-15-15 - EVGA RTX 3090 1000W PSU 1- 850G EVO SSD, 2-256G OCZ SSD, 1TB,HAF942-H100 Water W1064Pro
40" 4K Monitor 3840x2160 - AS16, ASCA, GEP3D, UTX, Toposim, ORBX Regions, TrackIR
RIG#2 - 3770K 4.7g Asus Z77 1600 7-8-7 GTX1080ti DH14 850W 2-1TB WD HDD,1tb VRap, Armor+ W10 Pro 2 - HannsG 28" Monitors

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Cheers Vic,


Will give that a try tomorrow...


As you say three must be something in the background..





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Sorry not sure what it is it's by carenedo so default model nothing third party....


The Bonanza A36 that comes with P3D.

As far as the stutters, what lighting/shadow settings do you current have. Specifically the right pane that shows all the checkboxes for vegetation, buildings, sim objects, etc.


What is your framerate limiter set to. What AA/Ani settings.


And what traffic settings?

Nathan Allen Pinard

Virtual Pilot in Training

Composer/Sound Designer


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Ah... A36... ok. Acceptable test vehicle.


Here's my video, as promised:



Here are my settings in Prepar3D:




MSAA - 4 Samples

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic 4x

Texture Resolution - Medium - 1024x1024

VSync - Off

Target frame rate - 30

Mipmap VC Panels - checked


Level of detail radius - Ultra

Tessellation Factor - High

Mesh resolution - 1m

Texture resolution - 1m

Land detail textures - checked

Scenery complexity - Extremely Dense

Autogen vegetation density - Extremely Dense

Autogen building density - Very Dense

Water Detail - High

Reflection - Clouds, User Vehicle

Special effects detail Medium

Special effects distance Medium


Landing-lights illuminate ground - checked

Lens flare - checked

HDR lighting - checked

Shadow Quality - Ultra

Enable Terrain to Receive Shadows - checked

Terrain Shadow Cast Distance - 0m

Cloud Shadow Cast Distance - 80,000m

Object Shadow Cast Distance - 6,000m

Internal Vehicle - Cast, Receive

External Vehicle - Cast, Receive


Cloud draw distance - 80mi

Volumetric Fog - unchecked (my video card isn't strong enough for this)

Detailed clouds @ Maximum density


Airline - 0

General Aviation - 0

Airport Vehicle - 0

Road vehicles - 20

Ships/ferries - 0

Leisure boats - 0

Ed Wilson

Mindstar Aviation
My Playland - I69

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