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ORBX PNW coverage? good flight plans?

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I just recently bought the amazing ORBX PNW region haven't flown it much (waiting for my yoke to come in) I am new to fsx and wanted to get a good starting place for fsx so while they were on sale i got:


- ORBX PNW region


-REX essentials plus with overdrive 


-FSUIPC 4 (not on sale)


- and will be getting a2a c172 after i get used to the default 172


So that was just a bit of a background, What i would like to know is what is the coverage of the pnw region? does it cover half of British Columbia and all of Washington? i am from Canada so i would love to fly in the Canada part of it but i also don't mind flying on the US side it would just be nice to know what side of the border im on.


I was also wondering if anyone who flies in the region often what are the best airstrips to get familiar with for a newbie and short vfr trips between some. I am more into the GA aircraft and i don't usually want to do long flights maybe a nice 30 minutes to an hour flight. 


Hopefully i made sense, thanks for any responses looking forward to getting my yoke and finally flying on fsx :)

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This is a tour of PNW that was suggested by ORBX's John Venema...


KHQM Bowerman
KCMW Cushman Meadows
2S1 Vashon Island
2W3 Swanson
1WA6 Fall City
W16 Monroe Firstar
S43 Harvey Field
1S2 Darrington Muni
3W5 Concrete Muni
WA56 Israel's Farm
KVBS Skagit Muni
74S Anacortes
KORS Orcas Island
OS9 Jefferson County
2WA1 Diamond Point
KW28 Sequim
KHQM Bowerman


another great flight, if you also have Southern Alaska is:













Great fun, use the charts from skyvector.com

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Also check Ozx NA :) It is freeware and meant to work with PNW. Quality stuff ;) A lot of Orbx developpers are originally  from the Ozx crew from my understanding (?).

And yes it does cover part of BC,WA and OR.

I havent got it myself but I'll probably get it someday. I only fly in australia but im so amazed by the videos and screenshots from PNW. Beautiful country you live in :)

And also https://www.fullterrain.com/locations for a map :)

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In the title you also ask about flight plans and for short VFR flight, you might want to have a look at Plan-G. It's free and works wonderful for planning of VFR flights:




I've got ORBX PNW, PFJ and NRM, which is a beautiful area for VFR and Plan-G gives you a complete overview of the region (and the rest of the world) with all airports, VORs and NDBs and makes planning very easy.


And you mention the A2A 172, which is a wonderful aircraft, but when you´re at it, you might also want to have a look at the A2A C182. It´s about the same aircraft, just slightly bigger with quite a bit more power, which makes it perfect for mountain flying.

The C172 is a trainer and the C182 is more of the work horse version of it.

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For flying in Canada, Northern Rocky Mountain package is also interesting.

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A freeware program you might find useful is Destination Finder - destfn20.zip. You input any ICAO code you like and, optionally, specify details of the sort of flight you are looking for. The program then finds all destinations which approximate to your requirements. You can specify many details but, if you just input the ICAO code, you get a list of all surrounding destinations together with a full description of each. You then select your destination, note down the details, start FS and input your flightplan.

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While the Airports are on sale.. grab a few.. I really like KORS Orca, 1s2 Darrington...

You can grab  KHQM Bowerman for free... 

Also 2S1 Vashon Island and I think WA56 Israel's Farm are also free.

The Airports are all there with PNW, but the paid versions are really nice, really adds to the immersion, and on sale the prices aren't to painful.

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