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X-Camera 2.1.1 is Available

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X-Camera 2.1.1 is Complete

We have competed the beta testing of X-Camera 2.1.1. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our beta test users for helping us make 2.1.1 a reality. The major new features in 2.1.1 are:

  • Introduction of targets and target following cameras
  • X-Plane 9 like chase view
  • Integration with Scenic Flyer

You can see the changes in action by watching the X-Camera 2.1 part 4 tutorial witch can be found on our tutorial page.

There are also numerous refinements and some bug fixes. You can read about the details in the manual on our download page. Here is a brief list of the changes in 2.1.1:

  • Fixed a bug where transition seconds was not being properly applied to Bezier transitions
  • Improved documentation by adding direct links to tutorial videos
  • Fixed a bug with the way camera angle and position was being calculated for external cameras. The problem was severe with extreme roll angles.
  • Collected current community aircraft files
  • Integration with Scenic Flyer
  • Considerable changes to the way free and airport cameras are handled mostly oriented around keeping the cameras properly aligned with an ever changing X-Plane coordinate system. Beta testers, we really need your help testing free and Airport cameras to make sure we didn’t break something.
  • Added a setting that will allow you to lock camera control from the keyboard if the control panel is not visible. This allows arrow commands which are typically mapped to general/up and general/down to go to the ATC window rather than always being captured by X-Camera and causing camera movement.
  • Fixed a bug where the mini control panel was not enabling the selected camera if X-Plane was in circle or chase view.
  • Fixed minor bug in the settings dialog where speeds were being displayed with more digits then what the edit field allowed you to edit.
  • Added zooming with the scroll wheel on external cameras
  • Added a Mouse Move Zoom command what allows zooming with the mouse
  • Added Target Following Option to External Cameras
  • Added Creation of Targets from Airport Runways and View Points
  • Added a command to not only restore cameras from the camera file but also select the first category and camera
  • Added a feature to auto select the next nearest airport camera
  • Added an X-Plane 9 like chase view
  • Added camera roll offset
  • Corrected a design flaw in airport cameras that was starting to cause problems with X-Plane 10.4. See the release notes for more information.
  • Improved TrackIR diagnostic messages
  • Added support for the mini control panel to open on start
  • Added support for optionally manually enabling X-Camera per aircraft
  • Fix a bug that was causing you to click twice on a control the first time the setting dialog or control panel was opened
  • Fix a bug that prevented the license file from being found of X-Camera plugin directory was renamed to something other than X-Camera

You can download X-Camera from our download page:





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This is a must have,   cant  fly with out it , thank you so much for this

i7 4777k 4.6mhz, 32gddr3, GTX 760 4g sci ,Saitek x52,yoke and quadrant, 60 Led . SSD


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Amazing product and better than EZdok in that it uses a mini menu for selection so I don't have to use the keyboard all the time. 

Paul Grubich 2017 - Professional texture artist painting virtual aircraft I love.
Be sure to check out my aged cockpits for the A2A B-377, B-17 and Connie at Flightsim.com and Avsim library


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Indeed, best and unmissible utility for X-Plane. Thanx so much for your work.

Riccardo Viecca

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