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Hi Guys

My last topic was deleted for some reason but anyways,


I have  managed to fix my blurries which was mainly in the distance a little.


now my question is with vsync I am running unlimited fps as my tv refresh rate is 60hz and is set at that in nvida control panel


now do I need to turn vsync on in p3d with triple buffer ticked? or keep it off as it is ATM


or is that only if I set my refresh rate at 30hz in NCP?


and would I need to set vsync half refresh rate in inspector?




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I've tried everything P3D sucks in dense clouds! I'm running aero mode because of the tearing and i have also tried everything to get rid of the tearing.

Vernon Howells

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Luck for you. I'm running a GTX780 but going for EVGA GTX980 superclocked soon. You?

Vernon Howells

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I won't be upgrading for another 2 years or so

I will get the pascal in sli


780 should be working just fine for you


Running 2 Titans sc at the moment

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I have set vsynch to ON in both P3D and NI, but still get a slight ripple in the scenery when panning the view.. would love to know what could be improved also..


3770K@4.0 and GTX770 video card.


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I used to run P3D pre ver 3.1 in unlimited with vsync enabled. Since updating, locked internal at 30fps is best. Total mystery to me as 30fps before would have been totally unacceptable with TrackIR. This seems to be no longer be the case. LM or Nvidia must have drastically changed something. Also another thing...I am also running 2xMSAA intenally, and 2xSGSS in NI, and seems to be working again finally and is much more forgiving through the clouds.  Nothing but 4xSGSS removed the jitters for me before...crazy. 



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Rob, when testing without ag ( only photoscenery ) my smoothest settings were :

Fps locked at 26 , vsync on, triple buff on and refresh rate at 25....


With custom ag on top of the photoscenery I have VSync off.


Two days ago I was testing at AS Schiphol with 10% MT aircraft and 4 cloud layers and had 17-21 fps.

I then set the fps to Unlimited and got a minimum of 26 fps and everything was smooth like up in the air....

Then I tried with fps set to 59 and the fps dropped to 17-21 again.


Conclusion : on my system fps set to Unlimited is the way to go.

I will try with the NVI fps locking at 25 and 30 too...


7940x ( 14 cores ) : 8 cores @ 4.8 - 6 cores @ 4.0 Ghz - Gigabyte X299 Gaming 7 - 32 Gb G.Skill Trident Z 3200Mhz Cl 14 - Gigabyte GTX 2080 TI Windforce OC @1920 Mhz - 1x SSD M2 1800/1800 2TB - 2x  Sata 600 SSD 500 Mb - Thermaltake Level 10 GT case - EKWB Extreme 240 liquid cooling set push/pull - 2x 43” Sony 4K tv's in NVSurround

8700K : all 6 cores @ 5.0 GHz - Asus ROG 370 - 16 Gb 4000 MHz @ 3600 Mhz - Gigabyte GTX 2080 Windforce OC @ 1900 Mhz - 1x SSD M2 1800/1800 2TB - 2x  Sata 600 SSD 500 Mb - 1x 55” Sony 4K tv

My flightsim vids :  https://www.youtube.com/user/fswidesim/videos?shelf_id=0&sort=dd&view=0


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My last topic was deleted for some reason but anyways,

I have managed to fix my blurries which was mainly in the distance a little.


So how did you get rid of those blurries?




YSSY. Win 10, 6700K@4.8, Corsair H115i Cooler, GTX980Ti, 16GB G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200, Samsung 960 EVO M.2 256GB, ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger, Corsair HX850i 850W, Thermaltake Core X31 Case, Samsung 4K 65" TV.

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Thank you guys for the informative answers


so with a lot  testing  I am butter smooth with unlimited frames triple buffer vsync on  clear weather


as robs guide I tried most of the above post above.


now with a little heavier weather slight stutter very minimal as I am using 4xsgss


only damn problem is blurries in distance thought I had fixed it , being say only a few miles away whilst take off and landing and then clears up as I get closer or higher using ftx global


thou in distance when approaching I zoom into airport and its completely loaded but surrounding textures in distance blury


I have tried removing all tweaks and no inspector settings to no avail


thou I may try deleting shader cache havnt done so yet will keep posted



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Just had to chime in on this. Not from a simulation perspective, but broadcast.


So much changed when we shifted to the digital domain. New terms and developing standards. The point being that things like vertical intervals and refresh were all handled in the analog domain. The actual terms rarely mean the same in our new digital domain nor produce the same results. ...especially when dealing with unregulated CGI program material.


In theory and on paper, adaptive sync should work best. I don't know if it does. For now, I set my P3D frame limiter to 20, disable vsync and let the card do its job. Again, in theory, it should look choppy, but flows very smoothly instead. I'm trying to include some processing headroom for both the CPU/GPU.


Try a lower framerate. If your CPU and GPU keep up, you may like the results. Just my opinions!

Best Regards,


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Good post Mark. What is not generally realised is that with the internal limiter, it's actually not just a limiter, but introduces look ahead frames. Pre-rendered frames add a big hit to the frame rate but allow the sim frame interval to be more precise. It is that precision that helps match the frame to the refresh timing, so on a 60Hz monitor set 20 or 30, to set 21 or 31 is a mistake. But really, to use the frame rate target in DX requires 2 or 3 times more fps achieved when in unlimited mode or it won't ever produce satisfactory results. I constantly see posts relating to unhappiness with a fixed fps setting, and always set way too high to be achievable, or not set within the timing of the monitor refresh.

Steve Waite: Engineer at codelegend.com

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Thanks steve

so what would be input on blurred terrain in distance?

LOD is 6.5

affinity mask 84 have tried 244 254 84 also tried without 84 is smooth


fftf 0.01 also tried without


running i7 4790k



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