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Boeing or not going

Simmarket purchase

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9 hours ago, HighBypass said:


I believe signmanbob referred to product keys, not credit card numbers. I assume the product key is the code which allows you to activate the product once you have downloaded it. If people had access to your product key and posted it out then the first reaction of the store would surely be to think that you, the original purchaser was handing out keys for free to other users... rather than you re-installing the product to another PC for example.

Or is that not the way a product key works? Either way, I will not be looking to buy anything from sim market - being in the UK I usually use Just Flight and Steam if needs be..

The issue I created a topic about is my credit card being used by fraudsters! How does this relate to using my product key? I should have never read this topic after the first helpful reply pointing me to privacy.com

On FsElite they published the paypal stopping at simmarket and the simmarket people are accusing them of "fake news!" and deleting facebook comments. That is enough for me to see the website as a toxic place run by toxic people.

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5 hours ago, fppilot said:

Odd. Same card over all that time?  Every time I have detected fraud over the years the very first act my credit card companies did was cancel the card and reissue with a different number.  100% of the time.  Who in tarnation is your credit card provider?  Honestly! Who!  because I want to stay away from that company!

Of course I had another replacement card sent and the past cancelled. I cannot take much more today of this unhelpful, off topic and unrelated, and talking down to me comments. Logging off...

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3 hours ago, Raging Bull said:


Cigarette companies made a lot of money too. Doesn’t mean they were good. 🙂

I guess I didn't realize that using PayPal can be fatal.

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17 hours ago, Boeing or not going said:

You can get credit card numbers by logging into your account? Tell me more, please.

Not credit card numbers, but product keys.  If someone gets into your account, they can see your product keys and post them on the internet.  If SimMarket finds out that happened, they will lock your account.

Just make sure that you change your password regularly.

Robert Yunque

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2 hours ago, jabloomf1230 said:

I guess I didn't realize that using PayPal can be fatal.


Can be if they don’t release your money or allow access to your own funds. 

I avoid PayPal like a plague nowadays. 

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Someone should really change the topic headline/name. 

In my opinion, it's misleading and presumptuous and contains suspicions, which isn't supported by factual evidence.

Users viewing it from the outside (or only seeing the topic) might get the wrong idea...

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18 hours ago, vgbaron said:

I have used paypal for years with no issues that couldn't be resolved. I've sold stuff on ebay, and many purchases both nationally and internationally. Associated costs a little higher? Maybe but I'd rather pay a premium for a service I can trust.

As to Simmarket and the OP's issue - I find it hard to accept that the issues is on the SM side of the transaction. I would think we'd see quite a few complaints if that were the case.Although it's possible it's entirely SM's fault I find that improbable.


When my computer got hacked with some sort of Trojan horse type virus  a few years ago, I only discovered it because PayPal contacted me to say they had frozen my account because of a suspicious transaction that had been attempted. I was lucky that I had ever only used PayPal for online purchases on that computer and I did wonder what might have happened if I had been using a debit/credit card instead. I therefore appreciate the level of security that PayPal provides, albeit at a premium for international currency transactions, and having used them for many SimMarket purchases over the years without any problems, I am sorry to see that SimMarket are discontinuing this option.



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We now know why the OP posted this topic.  For some sort of revenge against SimMarket.  This is not allowed in the AVSIM Terms of Service and I have now locked this topic. 

I have also changed the subject as "3rd fraud charge after simmarket purchase I am done buying there" was not appropriate.

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