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Affinity calculator

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I noticed that a lot of people have difficulty finding the correct affinity code. I have made  a little (portable) app which calculates the codes for you. You simply mark the cores you want to use and it will generate the appropriate figures. It will generate the decimal code for use in the config file and the hex code for those who use batch files with the /affinity option.

Free to use and share.

Download here :


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Every windows calculator will do the same thing for you. You just need to go to programmer mode, select BIN (binary) and type in a 1 or 0 for the cores you want to enable disable. The AF No will be displayed under DEC (decimal).

Note: the cores will be entered backwards in the BIN (Core 1 is the last digit, core n the first).

e.g.: For a Qad core with 8 threads you will enter 01 01 01 01 to get all main cores running. The last 01 pair stands for the first core and the first thread

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Many thanks Willy, much appreciated. I've been experimenting with HT "on" Affinity values and forgot the process. This tool is very easy to use.

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Thanks for your effort.

Personally I use Process Lasso to permanently set core affinity for P3D. Always tells me which cores it's running on, select specifically which cores I want to use, avoid logical cores (HT) etc. probably the easiest solution I've come across.

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So.....how many people know which cores to use? Witchcraft.....sigh......Doug

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