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  1. Please go to the OFFICIAL LEVEL-D SUPPORT FORUM to download the gauge created by Jim Hodkinson. URL for the forum is below.
  2. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    Northridge:No kidding.
  3. The 757 is coming for FSX.
  4. Perfect. Got it in one, sir.Happy Holidays!
  5. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    Will email to you...
  6. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    PM sent with surprise...
  7. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    Dave's not here, Dick.
  8. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    Got a call in to the developers and beta team to see of we can come up with a copy for you, Dick.
  9. DShutt

    PIC 767 Patch

    Unlikely it is available on the internet because Wilco is involved. <--- KIDDING!I'll look through my files/CD's and see if I can find it.
  10. DShutt

    No gpws sounds (callouts)

    Daniel, Please follow the link below for support...
  11. Thanks for the suggestion.Unless there is something to report, there is nothing to report.http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16557&title=the-757-post
  12. > hope that nobody tries to do what PMDG has done with their NGX hypeDamned if you announce and damned if you don't.
  13. Interesting, but nope.Believe what you want - but the fact is full-time/part-time/anytime it takes to make these aircraft is staggering.
  14. >I asked the same question for the FlightSimLabs folks, but they didn´t answerYet, in your previous posted you wrote that they WERE going to implement ARINC 424... :(