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  1. Please go to the OFFICIAL LEVEL-D SUPPORT FORUM to download the gauge created by Jim Hodkinson. URL for the forum is below.
  2. When a patch applies it to projects of the new announcementy.? Already next sim is the makes so i don't wait. By the weight, who is Ponderosa?
  3. How about you read the entire post? This thread predates Level-D.BTW, I have a finger-wagging right now... can you guess which one?
  4. Bit confused..."None of my 3 (yes 3) registrations on the Level D forum are working well enough to get me to the point I need to be at to get the tutorial."You only need one (and should only have received one) registration to access the support forum.Shoot me a PM at the Level-D forum and I will sort it out for you.The 2 of the 3 tutorials for the 767 are all available at AVSIM...lds1tut.ziplds3tut.zipThe long haul tutorial is at Flightsim.com: I believe it is entitled lds2tut.zipDaryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  5. BUMP... http://www.leveldsim.com/forumsDaryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  6. Why would I belittle anyone associated with this thread? I have taken the time to explain the Level-D decision. I didn't start this "debate". I don't normally do this, but from now on I will put a smily face at the end of every sentence that I post here so you will know I'm joking and not trying to put anyone down... ;) :) ;) :) :) :)>Level d is not only ignoring their fs9 user fan base-which will bite into their profits ultimately-but also not taking them seriously.Level-D is NOT ignoring anyone, let alone the fans of the 767 for FS9, to which we have released 3 SP's. Ask end-users if the FREE Level-D SDK is useful? Is that not taking our customers seriously?Groan. ;) :)Everything must come to an end, and so must my participation in this thread. :)Thanks for the support. See you all in the simulated skies.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  7. Again, take a quote and misconstrue it. Shape what someone posts and twist it.There is really no point in trying to answer questions in these forums. I have posted here because my name was used in the post when it shouldn't have been.Not sure how you come up with my quotes all over this thread, gyrate. I have posted 4 times in this thread to respond to posts made by other users and to explain the reason for the Level-D decision, just like I am posting a response to yours. It's called courtesy.I have belittled noone during my posts in this or any threads.Finally, release dates are rarely given... but (here's some sarcasm for you) you need't worry about that, you won't be buying anything from Level-D anyway, so release dates shouldn't matter.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  8. To monsoon: You're right, it's not your decision. Build your own 757 for FS9 and make money!Most of the responses to my follow-up are choosing to disregard the fact that Wade & Laurent are the principals of Level-D Simulations, and they have made a choice to move on from FS9.It's not personal - no offence intended to the end-users who choose to use FS9 - this is a decision made by two guys who want to concentrate their efforts on ONE PLATFORM. Whether you agree or not, whether you will purchase the 757 or not, is immaterial.Finally, this thread - which began because a user chose to take one of my posts from the Level-D forum to make a point (which I feel was inappropriate) - has veered off into "FS9 is better and let me tell you why" neverland.FS9 is still here, will continue to be here, just like FS5, 6, 7 & 8...To Orlaam: I never said to buy anything, I said there were two 757 products out there for FS9 already.The fact that users want a Level-D 757 for FS9 is flattering, and we appreciate that we are held in such high esteem, but the developers and the 757 have moved on. Time for you - and everyone else - to move on, too.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  9. Due to some unfortunate "Easter eggs" (slightly scatalogical in one other MS product that shall remain nameless) my understanding is that the legal department (at MS) has recommended that such "eggs" be discontinued. Sad, but true measure of the times.FSX - nor ANY products developed or distributed by MS - does not have "easter eggs".Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  10. I realize you are joking, but I am NOT sending you off to anyone, Mark. Just pointing out that there are 757 paywares available for FS9.Visual compromises? I remember that being said by reluctant FS7 & FS8 users about migrating to FS9...You're right: the moots win.Fly FS9 till your computer grows hair, Mark. ;) Noone is taking FS9 away from you.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  11. I'm with you, Mike T. But, I'll go a couple points further: I don't believe in ghosts, fairy-tales, urban legends, or that change never happens. ;)It is comforting to see that Level-D Simulations is a company that is regarded by the community as a quality developer. Quality takes time - and the decision to not develop for FS9 any longer - is about quality control, not about making money. It is about concentrating efforts on ONE goal: a quality product at a reasonable price. Why else would Level-D offer the 767 upgrade for FSX for $14.95? Believe me when I say that IF this was about making money, Level-D's principal developers would have developed the 757 for FS9. BUT, how long would that development cycle take? Perhaps as long as it has taken PMDG (a quality developer, with excellent "dudes" working on the MD-11) to deliver the MD-11 for FS9 and FSX?Wade, Laurent or Pedro - the 3 principal developers - are interested in concentrating their efforts on one goal with Level-D products: FSX and beyond. The Level-D Simulations developers - unlike PMDG - do their FS-development-work "part-time", after their "real jobs" are completed.Development of QUALITY takes time. And time is money.So, with that, I am moving on defending the decision of Level-D Simulations. Time to get back to work on building quality products for FSX and beyond.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  12. There are 2 OTHER companies that have produced a 757 for FS9. If users do not want to migrate to FSX, they have those 2 products to choose from.As for reposting my post from the Level-D forum... a link would have sufficed.Have you all seen this post: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16581Or this one: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16516Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  13. And they will be removed as well. They contain copyrighted materials that are not to be distributed.Please respect the work of commercial developers by NOT distributing copyrighted materials.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  14. Please do NOT distribute the file. It contains copyrighted materials.It was removed from the server for a reason.Daryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
  15. No support for the Level-D 767 is offered here.Please bookmark and register for the 767 forum here: http://leveldsim.com/forumsDaryl ShuttleworthLevel-D SimulationsSupport & Documentation
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