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  1. JerryG

    x-plane 10 mix ss

    Wow - Pictures 1, 3, and 5 look like photos of actual planes - amazing
  2. JerryG

    My first Drone film...

    Amazing - looks very professional!
  3. JerryG

    Quadcopter drones are also fun!

    Outstanding visuals!
  4. JerryG

    Surreal Approach

    Very atmospheric!
  5. Thanks Christian for all the updates over these past months!It's been fun reading.Congratulations!JerryG
  6. Thanks again for these updates! I very much reading your details - it's like being at right right side in the cockpit.JerryG
  7. Chris -I get EXACTLY what you mention above -There's a simple test for the dynablurs. If the textures surrounding the aircraft are blurred, simply hit the pause key. If, after a few tens of seconds, the textures sharpen up and return to full quality, then it's the dynablurs. Some people have reported that it may take minutes, which indicates very poor texture update speeds.So - what's the fix for this?JerryG
  8. I too get the blurries - but it's mostly directly BELOW myaircraft. When I look into the distance, the textures are clear.When I look down and/or go to spot view and look directly belowthe aircraft, I have this small radius of blurred textures.Pause the sim, wait about 30-40 seconds, and you'll see thisblurred area produce sharp textures.Obviously, not a fix, but just wanted to relay my observations.JerryG
  9. Thanks again Christian for the detailed posts. I really enjoy reading about your new pilot experiences.JerryG
  10. Christian,Thanks for the detailed reports/updates!I really enjoy reading about your achievements and journeys.JerryG
  11. JerryG

    FSX RealAir SF260 is out!

    I've been a fan of Rob's models since the Fly! days.I've purchased all the RealAir products for FS9 and will be doing so for FSX.I've only flown the upgraded FSX Left Seat version for about 20 minutes, but really love it. It took awhile to get used to the right seat only mode for FS9, but I like the flexibility we have for both left/right seat versions in FSX. Of course, the FSX flight dynamics, and new features in the FSX model are outstanding.THANKS REALAIR !!!JerryG