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  1. All, I tried this out by sending a PM to Ranger75 (aka Wayne S.) and was really happy with his mod and the additional support he provided. Installing the mod was straightforward. Although it did require some familiarity with file management and editing .xml files, nothing extraordinary. I had a couple of quesitons about modifying a couple of defaults and Wayne was quick to reply with all the information I could use. So, a nice mod package and a really nice guy who contributed to the community this way. An additional change Wayne included in the package but not described above; ILS Approach Localizer (LOC) and Glideslope (GS) switch from white to green upon capture. Thanks, Wayne!
  2. Your best source for support for any Orbx issue is their dedicated support site at https://orbxsystems.com/forum/
  3. Edit: Looks like the rules changed and PMDG is no longer connected here. PJHP, you'll have to go the new forum here for PMDG related assistance. This site is now users helping users only.
  4. I suggest you ask this in the new PMDG forum site that was opened over the weekend. It seems to get more attention from the resident experts as the Avism site will wind down soon. Here's a link to the new one. You'll need to register since it's not connected to this one, but it's the future for PMDG support, so you'll want to sooner or later. Here's a link to Capt. Randazzo's announcement on the site. Worth reading. Cheers!
  5. The Forum sign-in page is at https://carenado.zendesk.com. You do have to register, but it doesn't seem like you to have to show ownership of a Carenado aircraft to do so. However, that may be because their system knows I own one of their aircraft. Unfortunately, once I checked the forum section and all the FAQs, I didn't see anything about this issue or a fix.
  6. I inserted the 4.3 comment because that requirement is occasionally missed, based on my experience as a moderator on the Aerosoft site. I'm simply trying to help people just thinking "4.x" to know they need to be at 4.3, since many are still holding off on moving from 4.1 or 4.2. As for the asked question, as you pointed out, it's not about what version of P3D is required. The question in the first post was indeed about the "Professional" in the product title. The link I provided is Aerosoft's official statement on that subject. Nothing wrong with your answer, it's just that Aerosoft's is the very best answer.
  7. See Poppet's very helpful post here.
  8. At the moment, P3Dv4.3. There is some functionality in 4.3 that was needed and not available in 4.2 or less. Their reasoning for using "Professional" in the title is explained in this link. See the third paragraph.
  9. Scenery will sometimes work. Add-on aircraft might work on P3D 1.x through 3.x, hardly ever on 4.x. If you want to know more, you can find it in this forum or this one. What you really need to do though, is start your own thread, since your questions are basic ones and this thread is about a narrow topic.
  10. It's here. But then it's pretty out of date.
  11. When the CDU (FMS) is expanded, I see the "Push cursor" as described on page 00.0.50 of the Intro manual when the mouse is over any LSK. I see an arrow when it's not over an LSK. Moving up and down over either row of LSKs does sometimes cause a very momentary visual artifact to the right of the mouse position. It's not more than a brief flash of something that I can't even see what it really is. At any rate, it's hardly what I'd call a bug and I didn't even notice it until you wrote about it. I don't know if cursor shadows affect it or not (I use them too, like you), but it's so minor, it doesn't seem worth the time to run it down.
  12. It's not weird at all and certainly not a bug. See page 0.00.51-54 of the Introductory manual, which you'll find on the PMDG Operations Center. If you had, you wouldn't have asked this question. As has been noted more than once in the earlier messages, you simply have to read the Introductory manual and fly the tutorials to operate this aircraft successfully. Your previous experience with the included 737 in the sim counts for nothing. If you want people to help you, please help yourself first by reading the manual and flying the tutorials.
  13. Tried the change in this post? Also, take the time to go through all the comments in this thread on the Orbx Compatibility forum to see other things you should do to make the two cooperate well. After making the adjustments from the Orbx site, I found they really do play well together.
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