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  1. I don't think that solution would work, as I have an ATI graphics card.In any case, FSX stopped crashing after I removed quite a few airplanes that I was no longer using; maybe one of them caused the problem...Thanks for your input, anyways.Alan
  2. Hello.I'm having some strange problems with FSX. I cannot go to the menu inflight and change settings without FSX CTD'ing. Doesn't matter what I want to change: weather, aircraft, controller options, flight plan, fuel. They all cause a crash.Also, sometimes the sim will crash when I go from a page in the main menu [say, free flight or missions] to the settings page, change a few things, then try and switch back to whatever page I was on. Unlike the inflight menu bar problem, this one doesn't always happen.The problems started the same week I installed FSX. I haven't tweaked the fsx.cfg except for the changes MegaSceneryX made when I installed it a few weeks back.My computer specs:Dell E1505 Inspiron laptop2.0 GHz Centrino DuoATI Mobility Radeon X1400 (had Catalyst 6.9 when FSX installed, upgraded to 7.9 months later)Vista Ultimate 32-bitFSX+SP1+Acceleration is installed on an external HD.Any help is appreciated.Alan
  3. Try this:[launch_assistance]launch_bar_pivot=11.25, 0, -6launch_bar_lug=12.25, 0, -7Alan
  4. Actually, ignore this. I was an idiot and didn't edit the cfg file correctly.
  5. Ok, I tried adding a launch_assistance section to a couple of AlphaSim aircraft, but when I attached to the catapult on the carrier, the nose of the aircrafts started jumping up and down, and I couldn't launch. Any ideas why?
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