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  1. Skyknight

    Seasons Greetings From Avsim

    Wishing all the staff and members(and their families/or relations) , a very Safe and Happy Christmas(or observed feast), and a equally safe and prosperous 2019.
  2. Skyknight

    Scenery upgrades Scotland

    Stephen, Hopefully this will work for you, its XP10, but it should work in 10
  3. Skyknight

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to say A very Merry and Safe Christmas, and of course, my very Best Wishes for a safe 2018, to all the members of the Avsim staff and forum contributors , and of course all your loved ones as well.
  4. Skyknight

    Holiday Greetings

    Just want to wish all the Members and Staff, (as well as their families) here at Avsim, a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas Holiday Season. Stay Safe and good hunting.. :smile:
  5. Skyknight

    Happy Christmas Pilots

    Elaine, Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas, and a the very best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year . I would also like to wish the very same to the families of all the moderators , staff and members here at Avsim. Stay out there Folks :wink:
  6. Skyknight

    FS2004 Terra Emergence Project

    Just downloaded the replacement textures. Thank you very much for all the work that you put in, it very much appreciated.
  7. Sorry about the delay folks Having a couple of issues with the machine on which the textures are stored, I'm trying to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. :blush: Mark Skyknight
  8. Hi, Sorry about the delay in getting back to the repaints, I have been up to my eyeball since getting home. I've been tinkering with the original repaints, only to come up with the following. Still trying to located certain areas on the paintkits, they give you an idea of what I have at the moment. I tink I migh t have to change some of the registrations before dispatch. Sorry about the delay. and form another angle.... this is the non wingleted version. Just not sure what texture works best :rolleyes: . Later(hopefully not to much ), Mark
  9. Stephen, Just ran these off just before going on a little break over the Christmas hols. There is still much to do and be straightened out before they are finished, but here is what I have done thus far Regards, Mark
  10. Skyknight

    Rfp Files

    Goran,A belated thank you for transferring the files and making a copy available . I thought I had a copy of them stored somewhere, but I must have erased them in the last drive clear out. Thank you and the best wishes to you & yours in 2009.Mark BrittainSkyknight