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  1. This product is not dependant on you having *any* Orbx products installed. It upgrades FSX/P3D1/P3D2/FSX:SE default tree textures as well as FTX Global and FTX region tree textures. You get about a 10-15% FPS improvement and slightly less VAS usage. It's our first product which also works for default non-Orbx installations.
  2. I endorse FSX:SE fully. There is clearly a performance and VAS usage improvement, anyone trying to downplay that is wasting internet cycles, just ignore them. There were improvements made to the very old code and some glaring bugs fixed. This is not news to anybody and the evidence is tangible. At their invitation, I visited Dovetail Games in Kent UK yesterday and came away impressed. Good guys there and they have a vision for flight sim. FSX:SE is now installed on my dev PC and it's my go-to sim now. Enough said. We are deep-testing objectflow.dll now, hopefully we'll release the FSX:SE very soon, stay tuned.
  3. Orbx has released over 200 freeware airports for FTX Global in the past year alone, just grab them from our website. These utilise all our libraries and include animated people and objects, 3D grasses and hundreds of clutter objects at each location, so they are substantially better than just a coat of lipstick. The free airports we're releasing for Europe are pretty much payware quality. I think developers have a responsibility to give back as much as they get, to the community that feeds them. In our case since 2008 we've given away four times as many free airports as payware ones and also spun off a freeware group called AussieX which has given away countless airports, sceneries and repaints. I'm not trying to solicit a slap on my back, just saying that payware developers have a responsibility to continue to maintain their roots in what makes the FS community great in the first place.
  4. openLC NA is coming along nicely, should be out in first half of 2015; we spent a LOT of time improving openLC EU 1.1 That is good to know. I am visiting Dovetail's office the week after next so I'll give them some headspace to try and convince me. It's going to be a big ask to sell a $99 DLC to someone who paid for a $7 sim, lol!
  5. We love that DTG breathed new life into FSX with SE but we're not offering our products as DLC for Valve and DTG to take margins off, it's just not a good business move for us, especially when they run 80% off snap-sales. We just don't want to compete with Steam for the same business. What we have found though, is that Steam users know how to use Google and we're getting a bunch of incremental business anyway because regardless of whether DLC is on Steam, customers will look for 3rd party addons from wherever they are available. And yeah, continually changing exe version numbers are a PITA. With P3D it generally only changes quarterly or less, and we can re-sign our DLLs quickly for that, but FSX:SE is proving a little trickier. I am more interested in what DTG does next. That should get my interest, not FSX-redux.
  6. Incorrect. Orbx has updated all its 3D lighting to the autogen based lights which don't have 3D light pole objects attached and do have correct light splashes underneath. We also offer a control panel to change the colour pallette and sizes of lights. Additionally we also have intersection brake/red/green lights and neon lights near shopping centres. Since our lights are autogen there is zero FPS impact if you use your same slider setting for autogen density.
  7. I can answer #3. A. You can try this freeware shader fix here at AVSIM: http://library.avsim.net/login.php?Location=%2Fdownload.php%3FDLID%3D185080 B. Or purchase Steve's DX10 fixer tool (highly recommended) Either way, you'll need to run DX10 to fix our 3D lights, unless someone has a DX9 fix we don't know about.
  8. Yes LM are using the latest version of Visual Studio.
  9. You can install Orbx products directly into FSX:SE as long as it is installed after the original FSX. Dovetail uses the exact same Windows Registry key for the root FSX folder location, so all our addons install fine. Caveat: you will need to use Steve's DX10 Fixer to resolve the FTX Global lights showing up as black squares. Also we'll need to release a re-signed version of our ObjectFlow.dll library, but other than that our initial tests suggest all our stuff will work fine. Of course if you have legacy FSX also installed on the same PC, I can't speak to that situation since I've only tested on a virgin PC with a virgin FSX:SE install.
  10. With new tech coming up the line (which I cannot talk about publicly yet), yes we can make a GTAV style entire world. To be honest, visually we could do a job pretty close to what Rockstar did using current gen tech, given the small size of their game world. A lot of our recent releases are bigger in square miles and have a very high level of immersion at ground level. I'm talking about P3D though, FSX is frozen code that has been extended about as far as we can take it with our custom tech.
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback on Norway! The GTAV video is pretty, but let's put things into context: GTAV is the most expensive video game ever made in history, with a budget of $250 million and hundreds upon hundreds of developers spending 5+ years to make it. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_of_Grand_Theft_Auto_V It's also set on a tiny island a percentile fraction of the size of Norway. The Orbx FTX Norway team varied between 5-7 people, mostly part-time and they took just under a year with a six-figure budget. No comparison really That said, give me $250,000,000 and I promise you Orbx could make GTAV style scenery for the entire planet, probably with $190 million cash left in the bank!
  12. Right, I checked your history and yes, totally OTT reaction to FTXG's USA SW which was subsequently addressed anyway. Looking at your post(s) you really went to town on us, quite appallingly actually. You now have access to the limited user support forum restored (not the full forums). I'll move the technical issue you raised to that area. Olli and Alain are a perfect example of why I don't generally bother visit and post on this forum; I was linked to the OP by one of my staff. Dont expect Orbx support issues answered here at AVSIM, it's not the place to request it.
  13. Thanks for the info, we'll check our records and I'll be in touch. Not sure why you got yourself a ban, usually that happens for anti-social behavior or aggressive posts, so let me check that also. If you are a genuine buyer then we'll offer support, no problems.
  14. You were banned because we could not find proof of your purchases on our database and your quoted someone else's product keys. That violates both our forum and product EULAs therefore yes indeed your rights are forfeited. Read the license agreement and forum terms of use again. We have a zero tolerance policy on piracy and our full support services are reserved for customers who purchase legitimate licenses. If you want to redeem yourself, purchase a legitimate product and email your order number to info@orbxsystems.com and we may review your support access.
  15. Hi Peter, We did not touch waterclass in FTXG so not sure what is influencing the Thames water colours for you to be honest.
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