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  1. hypercide

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    Paraffin writes: "The fact that this thread exists at all, indicates that there is a general hope in the community for something like "FSX in 64-bits, no OOMs and I can still use all my expensive add-ons." That's basically the only selling point any new developer could offer, if they picked up the legacy code yet again." For me that's the crux of the matter. I think FSW gave the promise of that holy grail being out there. And I think it still is. Look at how deftly ORBX pivots from platform to platform, and now their embrace of X-Plane 11 is probably going to slowly shove P3D into the also-ran category. And it's the amount of money a great many of us shell out for ORBX that suggests to me that a careful developer who has learned well from the FSW fiasco will realize that a more cautious and thorough approach (keep quiet, launch a seamlessly full-featured base sim--something that neither XP11 nor AFS2 really are) will have us pulling out our credit cards. Aerosoft's slowly progressing World of Aircraft is interesting in that it seems to have the potential to be something much greater than the individual modules that will be coming along (think DCS): Aerosoft already has its own, very respected fleet as well as experience fitting all kinds of core components into the ESP infrastructure. In their forums, Mathijs Kok has said this sim is aimed at the casual simmer. Like DTG, I think Aerosoft knows that that kind of simmer is still waiting for a better, more complete sim experience than the current market offers.
  2. hypercide

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    I guess the problem with my question is that those who really do know are not going to say. One of the lessons of FSW was how not to launch a new platform. (If I were a betting man, I'd say somewhere in the Aerosoft-ORBX-Justflight triangle lies a clue, and I dare any one of them to chime in here with a categorical "not us--not now, not ever")
  3. I'm half a year into my transition to X-plane 11 after FSW tanked, and while I'm learning to enjoy XP (especially now that ORBX has begun upgrading the scenery), I find myself still occasionally reflecting on the promise FSW showed. For all its shortcomings, the sim did sport a pretty smooth UI, a small hanger of pretty high quality default ac, and an entire planet skinned by ORBX. It seems unlikely that all that coding simply disappeared, and more likely some kind of money changed hands, and that somewhere someone is figuring out how to capitalize on FSW's potential. So I was wondering whether there's any scuttlebutt in the community about what might have happened to the assets DTG had developed?
  4. hypercide

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    I came here because I was looking to see if there's any news on its future. Who knows. Upon its cancellation, I promptly dived right into X-plane. But I still find myself firing up FSW now and again for point to point 30min VFR jaunts. Elsewhere in this forum I observed, and several agreed with me, that FSW was onto something--no matter the distinct advances XP11 has made over its former iterations, its genetic twitchiness, no matter Laminar's attempts to conceal it, is still painfully evident. I'm still hoping there's someone out there who does see where DTG was trying to to take the platform and is making plans. If I were a betting man, I'd bet this story is not yet finished. (nothing dies in flightsim; you can still find people uploading stuff for FS98 over at flightsim.com; and the original IL2 is alive and well; even MS Flight still has its fans; having fun never gets old)
  5. I've recently come over to X-plane. There's a good deal to enjoy, but except for the airports, I do find the default scenery definitely "down market." I'm tremendously happy to hear that X-plane finally has ORBX's attention; as compelling as the videos I've seen on youtube may be, I've neither the time nor the patience to knit the world together with Ortho4XP.
  6. I've come to X-plane 11 by way of FSW after finally packing up a deeply unstable FSX two years ago. Like Bobu, I'd tried X-plane demos every few years and decided it wasn't for me--they didn't have the polish of the FSX. But XP11 clearly is a game-changer for the platform. On the strength of its stability, the variety of the hanger, and the visual appeal of a lot of the stock ac and airports, I'm enjoying simming more fully than I've been able to in five or six years. This enthusiasm is, however, tempered by a number of aspects of the platform that need refining: ATC, an in-game flight planner (sure there are great freeware planners, but surely the click-and-go standard set by DCS and FSW isn't beyond LR's reach), and better default world scenery. The DYI aspect of getting world scenery into XP is fine, I suppose, but life is far too short. It is interesting that one of the main things coming out of Flightsim Expo today was news of a revamped autogen and its associated libraries. Frankly I'd prefer a richly populated hi-res "plausible world" right out of the box to a down-to-the-centimeter accurate world at untold multiples at about $50 a region.
  7. hypercide

    Flight Sim World, going once, going twice

    Like Winjimon, I am a casual simmer--two decades worth. Having tired of how unstable FSX had become, I had really embraced FSW, and I found a great deal to like. I got used to firing up, clicking in a flight plan, and flying over some pretty decent default scenery. I was holding out for its growth, but so it goes. I had always stayed away from X-plane because it was far too fiddly, but I dived into X-plane 11 last month after trying out the demo and liking what I saw. It's a bit more user friendly than previous iterations. But spending some time with FSW makes the real shortcomings of the "mainstream" sim platforms really stand out. I am enjoying X-plane with its detailed airports and interesting hanger, but after FSW, and with all due respect to all the X-plane lovers, compared to even FSW's limited ATC, X-plane ATC simply sucks--its GUI is just goofy, and it doesn't handle VFR-- moreover, X-plane scenery is only passable (unless you have hours of time and tera-bites of disk space, but hopefully Orbx will slowly rectify this situation). Dovetail really was onto something that was better, especially for the casual simmer (a market P3D has no interest in). It's a darn shame DTG's pockets weren't deeper.
  8. I'd be surprised if something's not already in the works. As all the forums, including Steam, amply demonstrate, most sim buyers want lotsa stuff: lotsa options, lotsa choices, lotsa planes, lotsa right now, etc etc. FSW would have worked if they had come to market with TrueSky, IFR, built-in career mode, and a bigger hanger with a wider variety of types. I doubt they pulled the plug before having considered how to dispose of the FSW's finished and unfinished digital assets, and I suspect we'll hear something from someone before too long. If FSW does hold unrealized promise [for example, i) visually neither vanilla P3D nor vanilla X-plane can hold a candle to FSW, and ii) FSW's GUI has a lot to teach those other two platforms about intuitive ease-of-use], realizing that promise is where the money is.
  9. hypercide

    What's going on with FSW?

    They're promising an major update in January. Also, as an interesting sign of the times, Froogle has recently reviewed the Epic Approaches mission set, and in that review you can hear him say he is now eating his former unfriendly words about FSW. One of the high priests of P3D and X-Plane, his change of heart is telling.
  10. hypercide

    How to get AI Airliner Traffic in FSW!

    I don't think FSW uses the bgl file, at all. I have the Ants Tiger Moth flying in FSW, and it is regularly being used as AI, as well, without my having touched the airtraffic bgl. Moreover, I discovered this past week that the program is running a script for a Jenny, at least in the New Orleans area. That is, ATC is directing invisible Jennys both in the air and as ground traffic. (I've put a screenshot in a thread on the FSW forums). That gave me the idea of downloading the Project Jenny Jenny from the library here and dropping it, sans the panel folder, into the simobjects folder on FSW. It showed up as AI immediately. That made a light bulb go off, so I moved the FSX default C172, Mooney, Maule, Beaver, and DC 3 (first removing the panels) into FSW. The Cessna, Mooney, and the Maule are all being used as AI, but the game seems to be ignoring the Beaver and the DC3. As I said, I simply dropped them into the simobjects folder, nothing else.
  11. hypercide

    No major Orbx projects for FSW in 2018?

    I think that the absence of any reference, at all, to FSW in the ORBX roadmap suggests a pretty airtight NDA. As others have pointed out, ORBX is built into the base sim and has also made clear statements about pricing policies for anything released for FSW. The strongest indicator for our being guaranteed an eventual flood of ORBX products for FSW is the fact that ORBX is extremely agile in how they go about tying their revenue stream to the evolution of this hobby. Their very business model suggests they will not (cannot) ignore FSW.
  12. What I'd like is a broad hint about when we might expect something from DTG by way of an addition to the FSW fleet. There must be something in the works.
  13. hypercide

    DTG Flight Sim Survey

    I simply clicked LAPL and then explained in the comment box that I really only had partial completion in all of them.
  14. hypercide

    Just got into the FSW.cfg file....

    If you're trying to win fps, looking at the Traffic Manager section is also worth your time.The in game slider is useless. I have my boats and cars at 20 and my GA at 35, and I get lots of in game presence for all of them. Finding the right balance between ai density and LOD (5.5) brought my fps with trueSKY into the mid to high 20's with all the aircraft over all land class. (I have an older system, too)
  15. hypercide

    FSW and its future

    I'm not a new simmer, but I love FSW already (some old dogs dig those new tricks). Try a dawn or dusk flight (dawn might be better), fair weather theme, ultra settings, in the Super Cub from Bakersfield California north to Fresno or beyond. This is a pretty scenic flight in my ORBX'd FSX, but in default FSW: that's entertainment. (BTW, enjoying the generous conversation this thread has given space for)