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  1. FSD Pilatus and O2A, mist coming to my eyes 😀. They were the jewels of our hobby in FS2004. But FSD has been dead for a long time now, early in the FSX era I’d say. As far as I remember the team splits, not even sure that all are still alive. A site still sells their products though but I would be wary. And I suspect that any indication there of P3D compatibility refers to P3D v1. I bought Carenado 337 because FSD O2A was a favorite of mine. Was disappointed. The aircraft is externally nice, the cockpit lighting not so great on my screen, and the flight modeling, how to say it, is bland.
  2. I've skipped v4 (still with 3.3 !) so far as it answers none of my main pet peeves. In order of priorities 1- Terrain - No repositioning of default (ie outside OrbX fat regions) airports which are for the vast majority off by 10s if not 100s of meters with the consequence, for instance, of roads, tracks, streams crossing many airport areas - No sloping runways which leads to runways partially or entirely in trenches or plateaus when you add a sharper mesh. . Tired to do the job myself with ADE (whenever possible). 2- Aircraft Water physics for floatplanes is arcadish 3- Light rendering engine dated 4- FS2K2 ATC I'll go v5 if LM does something for at least one of them.
  3. I can’t.Does anyone know how to do it or is it a missing feature ?
  4. domkle

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    Our times are indeed fond of conspiracy theories and lawyers never miss a beat to squeeze money of any situation. In any case, the old simmer that I am sees it in a simpler way. FSW died because what it had offered us so far was a rather mediocre FSX redux (Flightschool) and an early access to a not so impressive successor to FSX Also they wanted to impose a business model that had showed its limits with Flight (the Joshua Howard of marketing ?). In the same time P3D put on the market a FS 11 and then a x64 FS 12 with the same model (indies enhancing a core product). This has been the flight simulation culture for a long time now. Contrary to what some say we should be glad to see them going south. This is a small market population wise and that gives a boost to the remaining contenders for our money, helping thus in their survival.
  5. domkle

    FSD Products 40% iff

    FSD was, in the FS2k/FS9 times, the leading developer of GA aircraft. Then they disbanded in the early FSX. All these aircraft were then designed in FS9 and ported into early FSX, which makes them 10/12 year old at least.
  6. domkle

    Avsim Confusing?

    The infamous IPS4 upgrade, "well known" (being polite here) from OrbX regulars. Avsim seems not have activated the activity menu to choose the "streams" to follow and the unread option "contents items I follow" does not work. Some fine tuning ahead I suppose.
  7. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    Have you unselected all your addons (including the meshes, Vector etc.) and checked whether you still have the problem ? I would advise to do it from the scenery library, not a launcher to be sure that there is no external pollution . I am with Bob on one point, it looks like a conflict of meshes but still, with my two last hardware setups 4770+780+tess. one notch below max and 477+1080+tess ultra, I never saw Guenter's video horror story. I don't remember much FSX, too far away but had you a HiRes mesh then ?
  8. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    I never see that :smile: !
  9. domkle

    'Big news' incoming at AirDailyX today

    A great post, Ripcord, I like it :smile:. He has indeed his pet peeves, he's strongly opiniated, he uses, from time to time, profanities he could do without (to my liking YMMV) but he fulfills a need that no FS site does as well as ADX right now. Bring all or most of the hobby news, everyday. Where else can you know about an airport in the Moscow or Guanzhou suburbs :wink:​ ? In a nutshell, he tries harder. BTW, I am not sure that he censors that much because he has some hot exchanges with some commenters...
  10. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    If you have it on a large scale to the point that it upsets your pleasure to fly, something has to be looked into. Do you have it closer to SLC or all the way ? The CRM own mesh stops very soon after departure from 1u7.
  11. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    No morphing, snapping whatever you call it apparent during a brief check from Iu7 in CRM to the mountains south of the lake with OpenLC+Ultimate. Flying low at with L39. Again a rare texture loading late here and there. Looks like an installation issue or that you tax your hardware too much. Again I do have that from time to time but limited (or maybe I subconsciously hide it :smile:, you know Freud and all that ). And I do fly a lot of mountainous terrain, all the time. .
  12. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    Hi Michael I don't have these products. I just flew SCA Catalina to check, with the Huey then the L-39. Here and there a rare texture loading late No relief morphing. There are two meshes overlaid in my setup, Ultimate and SCA. You have a third one (Tim's). it sounds the same problem than for the Samoas. Bear Lake, you mean 1U7 in Paris, Idaho ? Do you see it some textures morphing from grass to rock ? As you know, when the slope is steep, the terrain engine converts the textures to a rocky texture within the LOD radius (I believe). There was a clear cut of that issue with a flaw of the mesh (a small spike)
  13. domkle

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    I see that sometimes but on a limited scale (unpleasant but not really an immersion killer), specially when several meshes are overlaid. I had that in the Samoas, for instance, where OrbX custom mesh clashed with my Ultimate mesh. P3D was obviously drawing the Ultimate first and then when I was closer morphing to the custom mesh. If you have several meshes overlaid, try deactivating one for that specific area and see whether that helps.
  14. Hi Has anybody set up the controls to move the avatar like one moves a character in a RPG like Skyrim with keyboard and mouse ? My first attempts at it are not convincing... Thanks
  15. I do not consider it as a good news per se, we will see. The first (hopefully premature) conclusion I draw is that the terrain engine ( the 1.2x1.2 km resolution, the limited number of landclass, etc.), will stay. If OrbX makes it free it means that FTx c3 will just have to redirect files and the OF .dll will only need to be slightly updated. Everybody wants a whole new simming experience but that nothing changes... It is highly probable that sales are hurt right now by the uncertainty of the date of the release. So some like OrbX are keen to confirm compatibility to restat them. Let' wait for the aircraft and weather people. If they say the same, full compatibility, v4 might be underwhelming... 64bit for less OOM ? I almost have no OOM. I would have gladly paid an upgrade fee for having a renovated terrain engine