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  1. I think it is related to the infamous tree draw distance bug. The further north you are the worse it gets.
  2. I think, by this point, we all heard about the tree range issue in the northern regions. What Im starting to understand is that this isn't only affecting the trees, but the textures in general as well. I do hope that the fix coming by the end of the month will fix both issues.
  3. I get exactly the same issue as you. Sim looks like word not allowed now. And it's not intermittent. Is permanent. Probably exacerbated by the poor LOD in the northern regions. It's a blurry mess! I have the same specs as you: i9-10900k @4.9ghz, rtx2080ti, 32gb ddr4 @3.2mhz, nvme m2, 1gb line.
  4. Hi 🙂 I just wondered what is the best way to use LNM with celnav to create line of positions? Would you just use ctrl leftclick to make a range line, and then manually do the math to make perpendicular LOPs, or is this something that LNM can do automatically?
  5. After an update, ALL your liveries except the default with PMDG painted on it will be corrupt. You just go to your Ops Center and uninstall a single one, and reinstall it, and all of your liveries will be fine. Dont need to reinstall all of them.
  6. So this is quoted from the PMDG forums regarding this issue: So my takeaway is that not being able to ignore custom aircraft when spawning multiplayer or AI aircraft is not the same issue as "isaitraffic=0". I dont know what the difference is, but it means that the current function in the sim is a bit unintuitive, and that we dont really have a function yet that allows us to control what multiplayer or AI uses to spawn in as yet. It's the livery layer of this process that causes issues, and is why it must be set to zero. It doesnt, however, give you any control over the base/default model being used.
  7. I see, @Bad_T. I haven't gone under the hood as much as you have, so it is very possible that you might be right! 🙂
  8. This is with Navigraph. Which shouldn't really matter. As long as a VOR is coded as H, it's max range should be the same. I dont think Navigraph increases the range of VORs, it just codes which VORs are T,L, MH and H differently based on Jeppesen. If a VOR is coded as H in both default and Navigraph, then pilots with either database should pick it up at the same distance.
  9. Just to chime in, Ive had contact with H vor about 180nm out in good conditions. Other times, its a bit closer to a 100 nm ie in hilly terrain.
  10. Ive definately had the feeling that several of my CTD were multiplayer related. Sometimes from the ingame multiplayer, sometimes from Vatsim. I dont have a clue how to problemsolve which one(s) are the culprit. It's not like I can remove them and try them one by one and get a CTD on demand. These types of CTD dont work like that. It's likely a constellation of issues that come together with liveries being one part of it. I just know that after I removed all my other liveries for my old girls, and put quite a few in for the DC6, my sim has been very stable. Maybe coinsidence. I have no idea.
  11. I agree with the body of your post, but the title of your post indicated that seasonal textures are out (aka released)?
  12. Sorry, a bit confused by your post. Is there a link, or are you posing a question..? 🙂
  13. Hmm so DX12 is postponed. I guess many of us were expecting it to be released alongside the xbox release. Too bad, but such is life. We move on. Out of all of this (only read @ChaoticBeauty's transcription - thank you) Im most happy about the tree line. You might find it funny that I care about such trifles, but it is actually a big part of the visual fidelity of MSFS. If you remove the trees, what you are left with is often the SAME smudgy textures you find in P3D, and what good is that when MSFS forte is VFR? I dont mind the smudgy textures so much when it got trees on it - cant see it then, can I? 😉 Now, let's hope they fixed it so we can have our tree fix addon back! Give me trees to the horizon plox!
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