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  1. Evening all, Firstly, just a word of thanks to both Ray and Ronzie for their continued support of this otherwise excellent product. I appreciate your efforts in what appears to be a reduced capacity as far as activation issues go, but...I am also (and have been for a while now) having a hell of a time activating RC4. I've followed Ray's advice in this and other threads and CC'd Doug Thomson in on my activation email and I have indeed received an email from Doug, but it appears to be an automated response instructing me to repeat the email sending procedure to 'receive an activation within 15 minutes', so no activation code unfortunately. However, I have sent that original email (thrice now, including the one I cc'd Doug in on since 28/11/17) to no avail. I can only conclude that RC4 is no longer officially supported, despite still being available to purchase. Had I recently bought the product I'd be considerably miffed, but as this about the third or fourth time I've had to go through this in the last couple of years, i'm left with more a sad sense of resignation. Which is a shame. It's still a great product, it's given me nearly 8 years of sterling ATC goodness and I shall miss it, but I think enough is enough. Thanks again to the two R's for all your help over the years. Over and out. Richard P.S.: I realise that all sounds a tad dramatic, but I'm at my wits end with this.
  2. Yes, same problem. Exactly as you described.
  3. Hi, OP, this is really down to your ASN turbulence settings I'd suggest. If you're using default, thats 70% on the Turbulence Effect Scale? Even in clear conditions i've had problems with that one. On a number of occasions I've had to take manual control in CAT III conditions due to the AT 'falling asleep' on approach and then rocketing up during wakeup mode, and thats with no wind, no apparent tubulence. Problem is I've no idea how realistic ASN is in it's modelling of turbulence. It's certainly superior to the native FSX but as I've only experienced real turbulence as a passenger i've no idea how turbulence affects the aircraft at the business end and how it affects (or doesn't) factors like airspeed. 50% turbulence effect scale in ASN is usually fine for me, but I usually fly manual throttle after disconnecting the AP anyway. After some experimentation a while ago I recall that with 20-25% TES in ASN the AT will maintain speed regardless of conditions. Obviously the wow factor of flying turbulent approaches is somewhat mitigated as a result, so 'realism' may suffer. Depressingly, the Aerosoft Airbus will hold speed even at 70% TES in absolutely filthy weather conditions, but I expect that may be due to a simpler modelling of AT than PMDG. Cheers
  4. Not possible with the blip trim Ryan. Big inputs are required to escape its pull, and then bang, you're over speeding and trimming up to compensate. Especially bad on approach and/or finals. If this is the final word I am in fear for the new 747. Are you planning to introduce a trim reference speed with that?? God help us.
  5. If you chaps think it worthwhile to move things along I'll file a ticket as well. James Bennett best describes my situation. Despite the sterling efforts of Rob Robson and co (and thank you hugely for going to such lengths to try and figure this all out guys) the technicalities of all this are a bit beyond me I'm afraid. Suffice to say, I don't find this a particularly pleasant bird to hand fly, with or without the trim ref speed marker. I have no difficulties trimming by feel in the NGX etc etc. James, if you don't mind I'll file a ticket essentially paraphrasing what you've described here, if you have no objections? Cheers
  6. Hi Ryan,Many thanks also...I was on the verge of submitting a ticket for this problem, but that fix has sorted it nicely.PMDG's legendary customer service comes through yet again.CheersRichard Wells
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