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  1. Bryan, isn't there a way for you to add a keyboard command just to that FA button, since it is the only other one needed besides mute to be interactive (for Voice Commander version)? I've heard of "Key to Mouse" put prefer not to use it because with all the hardware I am using now, it would be one more problem to deal with concerning it... With a full-size home cockpit there is already enough software and hardware to make an IT person sick, so just a simple keyboard command would be awesome.Yes, I know it is not as simple as it sounds for you to do this because writing software is a major feat in its own right. However, if you could find a way, I would be very grateful to you...John Combsblueskydriver
  2. Hello Bryan,I am using the FS2Crew default 737 Voice Commander with a full-size, B737 Cockpit Simulator, Project Magenta Software and hardware by Flightdeck Solutions, and I need a way to push the FA button (on the FS2Crew Main Panel) by the use of a keyboard command or joystick button.If it could be a keyboard command (it would be better), I can then use FSUIPC to keysend and thereby, assign the FA to the ATTEND button on the FWD Overhead. Maybe, you could make this possible via the FS2CrewInputMapper.cfg, as that would be easiest. In fact, I now got the PTT for Squawkbox and SoftMute for FS2Crew assigned to the PTT Button on the Yoke, via FSUIPC and the FS2CrewInputMapper.cfg and it works great...Thank you for helping, as well as developing an awesome program!John Combsblueskydriver
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