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  1. Lets compare AS EDDF with FB KSFO From Mir at Flightbeam: CHANGELOG (v2.0) - Now uses Flightbeam Manager. Couatl and Addon Manager support has been dropped. - Enhanced performance. Most systems see 10-40% performance increase - Stutters on approach have been resolved. - Dynamic Lighting feature has been added for P3D v4 (be sure to turn it on in the Manager first) - SODE jetways added: This means you can now operate dual jetways as well. - Realistic Water puddles added - Enhanced ground textures throughout airport - New lamp floodlights - Several gate revisions - Fixed issue with objects popping into sight - Added new runway: Taxiway C (Air Canada only) - many more smaller items, too many to list. This update is FREE. Cool right? Over a month of development went into this update and we listened to your feedback. We support our customers.. and we hope you support us back. Check out some of our other products and give them a spin. The more support we have, the quicker and higher quality products you receive. Already have all our products? Tell your friends about us, or better yet, gift them with a Flightbeam Airport. Thanks for your continued support!
  2. +1 And here is me thinking golf was more expensive. Have to agree, eg Frankfurt was released not that long ago.
  3. Thanks for that tip Jorge.
  4. It sure is. Maybe try a different USB port ?
  5. Noel, I have suffered that issue once, and the only cure I found at the time was to delete Standard.xml and let P3D rebuild a new one. Found in %APPDATA% Roaming/LM/P3D control folder. It means losing your settings though.
  6. I take it you read Vcarlo's post #2 ? lol Glad your back up and running
  7. Uninstall content and re install that as well. Envtex does not touch your dll.xml or exe.xml. Wondering if your exe.xml was the one offender, with ChasePlane not starting either.
  8. Vic said RENAME Aaron, hope you did not delete ?
  9. It is the paying twice that got me too. The thing I love about FSW and X-Plane, is they are great out of the box, and has cost me a fraction of what I have spent on FSX/P3D. So I agree 100% with your statement. Having said that, there are some developers who have been fantastic, and updated at no cost, and deserve a tip of the hat.
  10. Where in my post did I mention DTG ? Or developers not supporting DTG ? I was replying to Chock's statement regarding FSX and P3D V3 addons porting over too P3DV4. My example was having a go at a certain dev charging twice for the same product, like a well known cockpit addon made for a well known aircraft. You might have mis understood, or did not read what i said correctly.
  11. Well said Chock.Spot on.I have some of those greedy developers in my black book, and they will never see another $1 from me. One particular developer was so bad, it was borderline dishonest.
  12. See my reply to Charlie above.
  13. Opps, you are correct. I used the Rex downloader and pointed to the p3dv4 folder in settings. It works, but maybe the textures maybe not optimised
  14. It was released 2 or 3 weeks ago
  15. +1