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  1. On your bike mate!!! :( I downloaded from JF when posted above. I logged in to my account and got the voucher for the 64 bit version. Fake news, yeah right.
  2. Now available at Just Flight
  3. FSLabs. Missing cockpit shadows was a major ( to me ) that was addressed. AS one is still not released for V4
  4. For those who don't have cockpit shadows, a fix is coming next update
  5. Just installed. So glad to have this great machine back in my flightsim
  6. My missus who can't read maps
  7. Did you do the pretend purchase thing Pete ?
  8. Same here
  9. This simulating farting in the Cabin ? I'm impressed
  10. I agree. Was just joking with you :)
  11. Wowwww same as what i posted above <sigh>
  12. Less than 24 hours I would say. Read the new features, mind blowing
  13. Easier than that, just turn FTX au bgl to OFF in world scenery, it is only only one file. When you fly in AU and NZ just turn it back on Covers New Zealand too AnKH, so if you fly to/from NZ, or AU you either enable or disable. If using UT Live and you want to use FTX ai, just use Cntrl F11 and disable UTLive. Easier to combine both with UT than MT6, as with UT you can do it on the fly.
  14. So glad you did. Sorry to hear about so much negativity. I for one have no issues with your integity and support you as one of the top developers who I hold in the highest regard. Look forward to using the new shader app.