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  1. 100% agree Pete. I am guilty myself for buying into this crap. You also get pre release rubbish that takes so long for the developer to add/fix, there is another P3D version out, and you have to wait another 12 months for it to work. And the worst are the magician developers, you know, the ones do a disappearing act for bloody years, and then re appear like magic, bring out a new version with the same bugs from 2002. Makes me wonder if some of these addons are created on a laptop down at the pub, and they are on the Jack Daniels. On the other side of the coin, you have developers like Flightbeam, FlyTampa FS Captain, SODE On Course (PF3), to name a few, no BS, deliver what they say, and always support their product.
  2. I would say through the forum Steve.
  3. Hi, We have uploaded a new version. Before we replace the official pre-release version, we will offer it to folks directly here. The link to the download is (download removed to investigate possible missing data file - Check back soon) You will need to reinstall the product using your product key or Flight1 account. We are also including new schedule data which will be current for Summer and some of Fall. Changes since .18: 1. Works natively with Prepar3D 4.0. 2. New schedule data current for Summer 2017. 3. Prepar3D v2 support dropped This does not include the new PowerPack features we are working on. We felt that we did not want to hold of P3D4 compatibility to wait for the other features to be completed. You can try installing this on top of your previous install without uninstalling. Note: If you get UTLive Client crashes upon start of the simulator, you may have a previous client already running. In this case, go into Task Manager and delete the running UTLive Client. We will work on a more graceful way to handle this in the release version. Please report any short term P3D4 issues in this thread. Once we see no special issues we will close this topic.
  4. Starting to get tired of beta testing apps that I have purchased. I know this is pre release, but how on earth did this latest version get out the door. Too many of us having the same error for it to be just a freak thing. I agree with comments above about Flight 1.
  5. That was the point I was trying to make Mir, albeit not very well :)
  6. Just like PMDG or any aircraft developer would defend their own aircraft development. Since when did Flight Beam or Fl Tampa critisize PMDG's aircraft development ? Show me a post where PMDG have had to defend their aircraft development ? In fact, sales of Flight Beam and Fly Tampa could very well take a hit because of this thread, and uninformed posts from people like yourself does not help either. And why is scenery development being discussed in an aircraft forum ? Some sceneries won't work in V4, don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out, especially addons that require a .dll or exe to run. So, yoiu think everyone should remove any scenery addons that are not 100% compliant with the P3D V4 SDK ? If your answer is "yes", then we can't fly in the default scenery either, as that is the same as the 32bit sim And complying with your very strict policy, my name as at the bottom. Hate you to miss it, and you tell me off.
  7. Another good read, and like Martin from Fly Tampa, are the experts in scenery design. Some of frequent posters on here who continue to tell otheres that their flight sim install is going to self destruct by not installing 100% compliant sceneries should read this. Instead of scare mongering.
  8. Slopey @AF2 will get you sorted. Have you posted on the EA forum ?
  9. Yes, no problem. They are both quite different in respect of simulating real OPS. FSC, is more for the airline environment, and AH2 is more Cargo, and charter ops. In AH2, you can create your own Carter airline, or Cargo, and you need to make a profit or go bust. It is also set up to operate in a Virtual Airline set up as well. FSC is more airline ops as I said, like FS Passengers, but better IMHO. Both AH2 and FSC are very well supported with great sepport from the developers. Both are good in their own right.
  10. Sorry, should have mentioned I was referring to the 777. Don't have the 747 (Yet) Yes, great fan of the Wilbury's :)
  11. It is a noted bug. Don't open the captains PFD, open co-pilot one.
  12. Airhauler 2 is great. I also use FS Captain, which has been one of my favs for some years. Dutch (FSC) will be releasing a P3Dv4 version very soon.
  13. Chock summed it up pretty well. But, I really dislike the Cockpit window geometery in the PMDG 737. Ifly one is more realistic, like the iXeg 737 for X-Plane. I wish PMDG had an option to install a non HUD equipped cockpit so the planes geometry was realistic.Even though you can disable it, as you know, the geometery stays the same.
  14. It is a well known bug, and is perfectly safe to rename the effect file.