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  1. chelmo

    Scenery.ini again.

    And when you tried xOrganizer did you ensure that "Auto save" in the top left corner was set to on? If you didn't then any changes you made were automatically undone when you closed the program.
  2. chelmo

    Locked threads

    What particularly annoyed me when reading through that thread was that a moderator posted his opinion three hours after it had been locked with the clear intention of having the final word. That is simply abusing the position.
  3. chelmo


    By "arranging" software I take it you mean xOrganizer? If you haven't tried it then you should. You also need to ensure that auto save is turned "ON" in the top banner. Then you won't have any problems.
  4. chelmo

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    It really does amaze me that so many people seem to take such great delight in seeing FSW fail. Okay, it may not be to everyone's taste but then neither are X-Plane and even P3D for that matter. Isn't a little bit of variety and perhaps seeing a company introduce something a little different exactly what it's all about? Or is it that people hate Dovetail so much that they simply aren't prepared to give them a chance?
  5. chelmo

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    I wouldn't say it was the sole reason but it certainly was the biggest one. They had gone for years with their Train Simulator; then at virtually the same time (July 2014) they announced the deal with Microsoft which would lead to both FSX Steam and FSW, they announced the start of development on their fishing game and work also started on Train Sim World. Three big development projects which would clearly take time, effort and above all lots of money before they could hope to make any return. Knowing what they were due to pay Microsoft I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at their business meetings planning for this. In the end I'm afraid they should just have stuck to trains.
  6. chelmo

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Whilst there were obviously some crazy managerial decisions Dovetail's insurmountable problem was who they were. Their reputation gained through Train Simulator came before them and they were simply never going to live that down. If this had been the same sim but called "Aerosoft/PMDG Flight Sim" everyone would have loved it and said what fantastic promise it had. But with the Dovetail name attached it had zero chance.
  7. Indeed it is greed. It's also totally untrue. But what the's Dovetail.....
  8. chelmo

    Farewell FSW

    Just stick to posting on the Steam forum where it's a case of the ig***ant leading the blind.
  9. Maybe they could but that would mean re-negotiating the terms of their existing contract with Microsoft for FSX Steam; in other words, paying out more money. I would suggest they probably have little stomach for that.
  10. Which is what I said on the previous page.....
  11. Check the original announcement (still on Dovetail's website) from July 2014. They are separate licences. FSX Steam is totally unaffected by all this and will remain as is.
  12. At the risk of repeating it for the umpteenth time it's got nothing to do with Dovetail; they bought from Microsoft a licence to use the technology but it doesn't become their property to sell on until they paid in full. And as they have not the licence reverts back to Microsoft after 24 May. Microsoft may well have no interest in flight sims but they do have considerable interest in technology which has some value. So who knows.... It would certainly be a great shame to let this simply fester and die.
  13. In theory anything is possible. However, as things stand after 24 May Dovetail will not be able to sell the product as their licence will have expired and after that date what you will essentially have is a core technology owned by Microsoft and a sort of "extra" technology owned by Dovetail. Each of which then is pretty useless without the other. So someone, again in theory, could step in....but good luck to them.
  14. Love the use of "rites"......
  15. Why would they even consider removing it from Steam when it's subject to a separate licence? I would imagine they pay for the FSX Steam licence on a pay-as-you-go basis based on the number of units sold so I can see no good reason why that shouldn't continue.