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  1. Did a couple flights with the new FMS. Pretty cool bit of kit. Few questions. Does the FMS not load in missed approach procedures or is that a planned feature not yet implemented? Also how does the VNAV page work? It seems to bug out for me and there is no documentation on it. Additionally is there a way to "activate approach" or do an extended centerline to intercept the final approach course? I remember there was a way to do it in the UNS implemented in the Q400 but I'm not sure its in this one. Thanks!
  2. Any update on when we can use Navigraph to update the database?
  3. I'm sure hoping its soon. I just got a hold of a full binder of Lear 35/36 training/flight manuals and can't wait to put them to use. No need for the lacking Simbrief profile anymore 🙂
  4. Awesome. This aircraft is evolving into the best bizjet we have in P3D!
  5. That looks incredible! Cannot wait to see it in our sim!
  6. I'd be surprised if they still were given their mind boggling business decisions.
  7. I find for me that loading in with the default f35, switching to the lear (or falcon) and selecting "Ready to Start" from the popup seems to get the lights to work every time for me. Even loading from the default f35 sometimes the lear/falcon doesn't load in 100% every time and the Ready to start state fixes that.
  8. No worries, thanks! The Falcon is a wonderful addon and I'm so thankful you guys are on top of things and always improving! Edit: Seems to be working now!
  9. Interesting, I've just downloaded it again and opened the cab file and still no annunciator xml. Here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/4JxHfi6 I'll also give loading default aircraft a go.
  10. Also I don't know if it helps, but sometimes the falcon loads in halfway between cold and dark and a startup state. Sometimes the attitude indicator all the battery, fuel, and engine switches load in turned on, sometimes they don't.
  11. I have been unable to get this working trying everything in this thread. I'm not super knowledgeable on development for P3D, but it doesn't appear that there is any ANNUNCIATOR xml files in the Falcon_50 cab file which I assume that line in the panel.cfg is looking for.
  12. From what it seems, minimal work is required to make current products compatible, especially for aircraft. I can see scenery being a bit more of a challenge. I'm sure PMDG will find a way to charge us more money though.
  13. Who cares. It doesn't matter. Just enjoy your hobby. It's not that hard.
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