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  1. Pineapple_Wizard

    Flysimware GNS 530

    That would be incredible, especially with an updatable database from Navigraph or something. Then we can truly do transatlantic flights on online networks! A bizjet with an FMS is all I ever wanted in P3D
  2. Pineapple_Wizard

    Very disappointed by the Carenado FA50

    Well that's Carenado for you. IMO they should stick to single engine props because they can't do anything realistic beyond that. All of their jets are mostly a default aircraft dressed up in fancy clothes. If you want a Falcon that actually functions, I would recommend the Flysimware Falcon. Doesn't look perfect but it flies like a dream.
  3. Pineapple_Wizard

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    Awesome, can't wait to see the finished product!
  4. Pineapple_Wizard

    Falcon 50 Beta 4.6 is available.

    Any preview/screenshots of the updated interior textures and such? I've had my eye on this bird for awhile.
  5. Pineapple_Wizard

    Falcon 50

    Yeah I would really love to get this plane but the visuals remind me of that freeware falcon 50 from the FS9 days. These guys and Carenado really need to team up so we can have BOTH good visuals and good systems, not one or the other. P3D is seriously lacking in good quality bizjet addons.
  6. Pineapple_Wizard

    P3Ders: Understand this please!

    People seem to have the misconception that P3D runs worse than FSX or requires stronger hardware. That's not really the case unless you are really trying to push the sliders all the way to the right. I have run both P3D v4 and FSX on my i5 4690k and GTX 960 system and without a doubt P3Dv4 runs way better. Only difference is that P3D has the potential to have more strain on your system as you can now run way more without having out of memory errors. I use very similar, if not more addons than I did in FSX and still have better performance and better visuals. P3D is just a slightly better/more optimized version of FSX. I think the ONLY reason not to upgrade to P3Dv4 is because of some addon developers charging extortionate amounts for P3D versions of the same product.
  7. Pineapple_Wizard

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    Very shady by Orbx. Their website has always said certain regions were REQUIRED for certain airports. I don't know how that could be interpreted any other way. I have very few Orbx airport as I couldn't be bothered to spend nearly $50 on a region just to use an airport I already paid ~$30 for. For example I've always held off buying KBZN because I did not want the Rockies region. It's nice to learn that it is only technically "recommended" and will work without the region; however, it certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I wont be buying any more Orbx products unless they are heavily discounted. Disappointed in how Orbx handled this as well, not once admitting fault for this, but instead claiming as if it was always known that REQUIRED products were apparently only "recommended."
  8. Any update on this now that the Airbus has released?
  9. Pineapple_Wizard

    FSL back at it again

    To be honest I'm impressed this thread has stayed open with the heavy handed censorship avsim usually sports as well as the threats of libel from the developer. That said, whether or not the files being in that location itself is harmful, even if their previous "debacle" technically didn't harm anyone, it is the principle of the thing that I dislike. Whether or not I or anyone was directly affected and the file was not harmful, the entire principle behind their actions shows a lack of respect and tact for everyone. Also a prime example of the Streisand effect, their actions in response to the discovery of this file being placed in the system folder I find is even worse than the act of putting the file there itself. Their attitude towards the situation certainly leaves one with a bad taste in the mouth.
  10. Pineapple_Wizard


    What are the AA and filtering settings used in this video? With my settings, the scenery is very shimmery as described by one of the posters above. I hope KORD doesn't have the same issue for me.
  11. Pineapple_Wizard

    C310 Redux Flight model question

    I don't know what C310s you've been flying but I can assure you they do not spiral out of control despite inputs when you lose an engine. Moderate to heavy (depending on operative engine power) rudder pressure and 5 degrees of bank into the operative engine is all that is needed to maintain directional control in zero sideslip. I was utterly unable to maintain this in the simulator. Maybe my setup isn't the same as those flight schools? Even my school's FTD sims don't do justice to the real thing in terms of handling. Having read that, I do now see why I couldn't get the engine to feather. Even so an unfeathered engine is not the end of the world. The Milviz model was essentially uncontrollable with a failed engine and a non feathered propeller. I will give it a try with a feathered engine this time and see what happens.
  12. Pineapple_Wizard

    C310 Redux Flight model question

    I am currently training in a Cessna 310 to get my multi engine rating. I have tried the Milviz C310 to help with practice procedures and maneuvers. I found that singe engine operations are not even close to the real world counterpart. If you fail an engine in the Milviz C310, it will be impossible to control and you will probably roll over and crash. In the real C310, an engine failure isn't all that dramatic and as easily countered by some rudder pressure. I was disappointed in the flight model in this regard; however, I don't believe Milviz advertise the aircraft being able to perform in non-normal procedures, such as an engine failure. I did find the flight model pretty spot on in normal climbs, cruise, and descents. It's pretty good, but not quite A2A level or what some would call "study level."
  13. Pineapple_Wizard

    ORBX 50% SALE

    I would love to pick up some of the airports like KBZN but I don't want to have to buy those regions as "prerequisite" products. It seems silly to spend money to be able to purchase an additional scenery.
  14. Pineapple_Wizard

    Aerosoft CRJ current status?

    It still can't quite fly in a straight line among other things, but now that 4.2 is out they have said an update to the CRJ is undergoing testing. Hopefully that solves its issues as I would really like to have it back in my hangar probably much like many other owners of the CRJ.
  15. Pineapple_Wizard

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    It's strange I've had the issue at Flytampa AMS before and I've also had no issues there. Today I landed at T2G LFPG and had no issues. Strange, I'll try to record my landings and post a video of when it goes wrong. Thomas Swehla