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    I primarily got interested in FSX to help my 13 year old son, he brought the 737 NGX and when he showed me I was amazed at the level of detail. I then set about learning how to fly this baby along with reading up on airport charts. Before I knew it I was hooked. Then came the dedicated PC I built just for FSX :)

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  1. Thanks Guys, I sold my 3570K, motherboard & Ram yesterday. Just picked up the 9600K, Asus Prime Z390 A & 16GB DDR4 3000 Guess what i'll be doing this weekend lol
  2. I upgraded to a 1080 TI last year for my X-Plane 11 setup. I also sold my old 980 TI on Kijiji. I couldn't be happier with the new card although I am now finding that I am a little CPU bound. I have seen scenarios over heavy Ortho scenery where I am pushing 10 - 11 GB VRAM but the 1080TI never breaks into a sweat. Enjoy your new card Richard
  3. Hi All, I have been flying X-Plane 11 exclusively with my current setup (i5 3570K @ 4.4, Water cooled, 16 GB DDR3 and GTX 1080TI) For the most part considering the processor is getting a little long in the tooth it has performed admirably. Last year I added the 1080TI and now as I expected find my system CPU bound. It isn't horrific but I now have a chance to upgrade to an i5 9600K & 16 GB DDR 4 3000 I was just wondering if you think this CPU combination would be well paired with my 1080 TI? I currently use a 42 inch 1080P LG TV and don't have any plans right now to go to 4K. I do use a fair amount of Ortho scenery along with quality payware aircraft. Looking forward to hearing what you think
  4. I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and X-Plane last August. Before I had FSX Steam & P3d alongside X-plane. I can honestly say I haven't once looked back. After the Windows installation which was very easy, getting X-Plane running was a real breeze. I have it installed on a separate SSD so all I did was re install junction link magic and create links to the other HDD my scenery is on. I could easily spend 2 days setting FSX up and dreaded ever doing it lol Go on and take the plunge :) X-Plane is really a force to be reckoned with in the flight sim hobby stakes. I now spend more time flying and zero time constantly tweaking to get the best performance. Even my aging i3570K @ 4.4Ghz still gives me a very fluid sim. I showed my neigbour the FF320 last night, he is a retired 727 flight engineer and he could not believe the realism of my setup. Happy days
  5. Well I couldn't resist and bit the bullet on the weekend and purchased this bird. I am pretty familiar with Airbuses and the transition was pretty easy. I want to learn more on the technical side and there are lots of good resources to do so. I had a great chance over the last few days to put it through it's paces and I love it. I get consistently solid performance on my system without making any changes to the settings. The only thing I found is that during the middle of a pushback using "Better Pushback" my CPU usage rockets and the result is frames drop to around 17. It doesn't last long and then returns to normal but it did happen every time. When I get more time I will try to update the plugin or go back to the default. Other than that no issues apart from my own mistakes lol I have to say though the FBW on this aircraft is incredible. I have never flown a real A320 but I can honestly say this is the closest I will get. It is simply a joy to hand fly with my X-55. It even taxi's like a dream. My last flight yesterday evening was a late afternoon departure from Valencia. I use Ortho 4XP scenery, stock clouds which by the way are fantastic now (SMP has been retired!) It really was a magical experience. It is the most realistic I have ever seen my hobby looking. The only reason I hit the AP button was so I could look around as I followed the SID up the coast before heading north over the mountains. Staggeringly amazing. Cannot wait to get some more hours in this incredible addon. It is going to be a while before the rest of my fleet get in the air lol Richard
  6. Thank you, I Think I am going to hold off for the time being.
  7. What is the performance like compared to the FF 767 V2 & FF 757 V2? I have both and they perform really nicely on my rig. I feel my wallet twitching lol
  8. Richdem

    FlyJSim 737-200 V3 released!

    Where is the discount for original owners? I don't see anything
  9. Happy Christmas to all, Heading to see Santa with the last bunch of children as we speak in the FF 757 :)
  10. I have been having a blast in the Zibo modded 737X. Add the sound mod and texture mod and for free it's pretty damn amazing. Constantly updated, sometimes so quickly I cannot keep up lol. It has been out just over a year and now has a dedicated group developing and improving with every release. I have 6 other very nice payware airliners and have been flying this more lately than any of the others. For GA I can highly recommend the Aerobask products. I picked up the Pipestral Panthera and love it. It is a single engine GA with full glass cockpit and full SID/STARS capability. Handles beautifully as well. Just my two cents, Welcome to the community you are in for a treat. Wait until you discover Ortho4XP you will be blown away. I retired my FSX & P3d V2 about 10 months ago and now have a dedicated XP11 machine. Oh and by the way if it ever goes wrong it is so easy too fix !
  11. OK sitting at KLAX 07L weather set manually to Scattered Zibo X737 - 35 fps FF 757V2 - 40 fps Both the above tested in XP11.10. Rendering settings: Visual effects - HDR Texture quality - Max(No Compression) Antialiasing - 8X SSAA+FXAA (I normally run this all the time) Number of world objects - Medium (I run a lot of Ortho4XP scenery) Reflection detail - Minimal No parked aircraft No shadows on scenery Lateral field of view - 85 I normally set my vsync to half refresh rate in Nvidia control panel as I use a 42" 1080P TV and find locking to 30fps gives me the best results With the settings above I do find my i5 3570K can definitely lag a bit behind the 1080TI. I am considering a CPU upgrade next spring but I have to say 11.10 is the most fluid version to date
  12. Sorry I have just seen this and i am heading to bed. I will be away from home tomorrow and back on Friday. I can try this for you then
  13. I have both aircraft and a 1080TI with an i5 3570K and don't see any issues. I lock my frames to 30 as I use a 42" 1080P TV and can achieve that pretty much all the time. The recent 11.10 is the most fluid to date on my system. Have you tried deleting everything in your preferences folder apart from joystick and key settings?
  14. Richdem

    Best Aerobask for XP11

    Thanks for the reply Bill, I was kinda leaning towards the Panthera as well. It certainly seems to be a nice general aviation choice.
  15. Hi There, I have been thinking about adding one of the Aerobask planes to my hanger. I have narrowed it down to the following: Panthera V3 Eclipse 550 NG Velocity V-Twin Epic E1000 I want something I can fly whenever I do not have 3 - 4 hours for a 767/A330/737 flight. The problem is the aircraft I listed above all look fantastic lol and I cannot make up my mind so I would love to hear what anyone out there thinks who owns any of the Aerobask products I am considering Happy Friday