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  1. So after reading some forums, tried a reinstall of the latest drivers but ticking "clean install", no crashes since.
  2. Have to say, never seen this before a very recent update to latest nvidia drivers.
  3. Well I hope is an external simulation engine that can interface to whatever sims they want to, that would leverage the network effect other developers bring to those platforms. XP11 would be nice too.
  4. Incidentally I'm using an Asus Mobo, P6T (i7 920 @ 3.8Ghz) with an ASUS STRIX 970. Since am looking to build a new rig within a couple of weeks and will be migrating my PMDG fleet into P3D (fresh installs into fresh OS) then there is no point submitting a ticket at this time for me.
  5. Fantastic, especially as this already looks to be better fps wise than the 777 when it will come to release. My next rig will be running P3 V3 and the first installs will be the PMDG line of aircraft. Will be good to see your first modern airliner on x-plane as well but that's a discussion for another time, not of course that I won't be flying the DC-6.
  6. Not sure what all this talk of a release stopping anyone else entering the X-Plane market is about, not like we don't end up buying and flying (if we get the time to actually do this ) everything anyway!
  7. No worries Kyle, I've PM'd Schmo as well in case he remembers.
  8. That's a lot of spend and planning to down the line now that memory management is a lot better but in the meantime I just wondered if someone had found a fix for Schmo before submitting a ticket.
  9. Sorry to necro this thread but apart from finding a repaint that works (and haven't installed a new one in a long time) I have exactly the same symptoms. In the 777 everything works fine and I've looked at SimConnect settings as well as shifted the viewpoint around. What was the solution to this issue please?
  10. Just saw this "CX750 3.0", outstanding and although going through a bit of an x-plane phase can't wait for this baby!
  11. Hopefully you'll get this far but here is what I would like: 64bit Platform level thinking in its design so things like versioned APIs, script engines and so on the reason being this gives it legs A base free or low subscription cost model DLC with auto update encompassing both payware and freeware Low cost add ons To give some back ground with FSX I have probably spent £2000 on its ecosystem, MS got FSX Delux and Acceleration. If by building an ecosystem that could thrive and focused on volume ala Steam sales model (where they make more money for the developer) then to me this would be a platform that I'd happily invest in. Think if aircraft and airports sold for a £1 how many people would buy them on speculation and if developers paid 10p of that pound to distribute how much DTG would make. In terms of content then for me: configuration for controllers ala FSUIPC / DCS With X-Plane the killer troika for scenery is G2XPL, World2Xplane and the HD Meshes. At least the latter two can be stunning so leverage OSM and so on as it can give a VFR experience. Some good base scenery and planes but I never fly them when I buy a sim I buy the high end stuff, maybe not a typical user but then I spend more than 50 typical users on my sims.
  12. As someone who is enjoying X-Plane 10 on a modern computer am looking forward to this especially the automation as in the good old days a single person trying to fly a plane like this on their own would be considered madness,
  13. Not bad for a plane that was originally scheduled to go before the 1st Gulf War.
  14. It works for me, mouse in top left, get a boost, happens with all planes.
  15. Feelthere 135/145 and the QualityWings 146 collection are both getting a lot of my time right now. Would recommend either.
  16. Helen, you might want to have a look at VoxATC as it also has VFR and the selling point for me was that it uses speech recognition so I'm talking to ATC and getting the responses back, I bought it to learn how to live on VATSIM and I'm starting to reply to ATC without having to look at what to read so it's already working.
  17. I'm now downloading the latest version thanks to Bryan, outstanding support!
  18. Thanks for the reply, it says I have updates available but the get updates link takes me to the FS2Crew page which then tells me to download again from the third party which I just did. The versions in the installer offered by PMDG are: Config Manager: 1.2 Button : 1.5 Voice: 1.4
  19. Have just bought this from the PMDG store and it is the old version, how do I update to the new one?
  20. Would be interested to hear how it compares with VoxATC.
  21. For me would be the flight one Mustang as it's a bit like a high maintenance gf that you know you should walk away from but just can't. Bought it when I had XP, then because of OOM errors was restricted where I could fly it, no photorealistic for example. This prompted me to do a completed fresh install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and it's the only add on I have that won't run. Really like this aircraft when I can fly it where I want and will do again when a patch for Windows 8 compatability comes out. It's regretful because it's caused a lot of frustration but you keep sticking with it as you know it's good when everything's just right.
  22. And now I have one of my favourite FS aircraft of all time back with its clothes on, awesome and thanks very much. Fixed a few AI Orbx planes too with their textures I noticed about 30 mins ago when flying over Sydney.
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