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  1. Caaront posted a thread identical to this one on the Orbx forums. There was only one reply (from HiFlyer) and I assumed it was you. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/138667-can-you-turn-off-the-rift-or-just-let-it-sleep/
  2. Oops, my bad! I went to the thread with the same title as this one and assumed WebMaximus' just used a different username.
  3. For those without access to the Orbx forum, here is WebMaximus' reply to the OP over there (hope he doesn't mind me sharing it here at AVSIM).
  4. There are new updates which got pushed out today! I am downloading them as I type this.
  5. I suggest you read what websites you are buying stuff from carefully. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/509465-digital-combat-simulator-though-steam/ You bought the DCS software from the Steam Store, which is run by Valve Corporation which is not Dovetail Games or Eagle Dynamics. Your customer service problems you had with the Steam Store had nothing to do with Dovetail Games... Dovetail Games has nothing on "their website" related to DCS, and in fact they don't even sell their own products on their own website!
  6. The DCS line of products is made by a completely different company than DTG.
  7. I wonder if Froogle meant that the move to 64-bit isn't notable because it should be a given for a new platform, not that 64-bit doesn't make a difference in the sim.
  8. What is the difference in "default autogen" and OSM scenery generated using tools like W2XP? I thought the default scenery in X-Plane uses data from OSM...
  9. This is an old tutorial written for FSX, but the general procedure should still be the same for P3D. http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/topic/165025-how-to-use-default-fsx-vc-with-an-addon-plane/ As long as both the freeware Embrear and the Carenado 1900D are native FSX/P3D models, the linked instructions should work.
  10. Last week I installed it and had the same issues. Turns out the FlyTampa installer only added the FlyTampa libraries to the Prepar3D scenery library and not the actual St. Maarten scenery.
  11. If you delete the shader cache P3D will rebuild it, but it rebuilds the cache from the currently installed shaders.
  12. I manually emptied the ShadersHLSL folder and repaired Prepar3D 3.2, and it restored the original shaders.
  13. What kind of GPU do you have?
  14. I'm thinking he is referring to Prepar3D users collectively. As far as I know, there are no 757/767s currently in development. However, I think it is likely that Qualitywings will someday revisit the 757 with a new version.
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