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  1. This is an old tutorial written for FSX, but the general procedure should still be the same for P3D. http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/topic/165025-how-to-use-default-fsx-vc-with-an-addon-plane/ As long as both the freeware Embrear and the Carenado 1900D are native FSX/P3D models, the linked instructions should work.
  2. What kind of GPU do you have?
  3. I'm thinking he is referring to Prepar3D users collectively. As far as I know, there are no 757/767s currently in development. However, I think it is likely that Qualitywings will someday revisit the 757 with a new version.
  4. I would assume WarpD meant the OP edited his post after he quoted it.
  5. I own the Qualitywings 757 and have had zero issues with it and FSX:SE. The Captain Sim 757 is definitely more advanced in the systems department, but personally I have had a number of issues with their products, specifically their 757 and 767. I don't even have their 757 installed anymore. I still use their 767 sometimes, since sadly the Level-D 767 has major compatibility issues with Windows 8.1. :(
  6. I am using FSX:SE with the DX10 Fixer and REX4's water refraction and my water looks normal... Are you using the fixer?
  7. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually include a physical copy of the simulator, just a key to redeem on Steam... So even with the boxed edition it looks like you still have to download the entire thing on Steam.
  8. Sorry about your crashes. I assume you have the most up to date FSUIPC version installed? FSUIPC helps reduce some cases of CTDs caused by "g3d.dll" errors, so definitely make sure it is installed and up to date. Another possibility is your are just getting out of memory crashes. FSX can only use 4GB of RAM, and if it tries to go over that limit it will simply crash. Too many detailed add ons (like Mega Airports and the PMDG 777), unfortunately, cause these crashes, and turning the graphics up makes them worse. Two ways to help avoid these are either using FSX: Steam Edition, or by buying and installing the FSX DX10 Fixer. FSX: Steam Edition is just a slightly updated FSX, which has some improvements that reduce crashes. I guarantee it will go on sale for $5 over the summer! The DX10 Fixer makes FSX's broken DX10 mode work properly, and FSX has better memory management when running under DX10. Personally, I am now using both of these together.
  9. You say you followed xxxxx's guide, did you include the uiautomationcore.dll fix he talks about? There is a bug in FSX that specifically deals with CTDs when accessing the menus, fortunately it has a simple fix. As far as the FPS drop when moving the mouse over the window, that is also discussed in Word Not Allowed's guide. Unfortunately it appears to be a quirk of FSX. As far as FSX.cfg tweaks are concerned, I personally only use the aforementioned Affinity Mask tweak, and also the "highmemfix" tweak and UsePools=0, though the last is probably not always a good idea to use. Again, I think all three of these are discussed in xxxxx's guide.
  10. In the DX10 Fixer's settings, in the bloom section, I imagine one of the slider's adjusts the intensity of the bloom on the aircraft's wings. I know there is a specific option to lesson the shining "white out" effect on your own aircraft's wings, perhaps it also helps the AI planes?
  11. Did you mean FRAPS Video Recorder? If so, before you spend any money on it, I would consider using your graphics card's built in recording functionality, called ShadowPlay. http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/shadowplay It is free and has essentially zero performance impact, personally I wouldn't spend any money on FRAPS.
  12. Do you have the Steam client installed on your computer? If so, make sure it is running and then there should be a small Steam icon that appears in the system tray. The system tray is at the bottom right of your screen, right where the time and date is (assuming you are using Windows). If you right click on this little icon, you should be able to go to your Steam settings and from there verify your email.
  13. In the first part, I believe he was predicting that this thread will go downhill and eventually lead to arguing and being locked. In the second part, he was stating that he thinks Radar Contact is the best ATC program for IFR flights.
  14. In some other threads, users posted their first impressions and a few screenshots. Here is some links! http://forum.avsim.net/topic/466670-anyone-try-my-traffic-6-yet/?p=3219660 (FSX:SE) http://forum.avsim.net/topic/466670-anyone-try-my-traffic-6-yet/?p=3219711 (FSX:SE) http://forum.avsim.net/topic/462647-mytraffic-v6-for-p3d-inbound/?p=3219118 (P3D v2.5) http://forum.avsim.net/topic/462647-mytraffic-v6-for-p3d-inbound/?p=3219366 (P3D v2.5) Hope this is useful!
  15. Awesome! I'll have to grab it while it's only $20, also glad it is cross compatible with both FSX and Prepar3D. :smile:
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